Collaboration for teams, Business application, Knowledge Base, Intranet, Extranet, Corporate website, Support etc. XWiki, au contraire, est un logiciel Open Source. Ceci apporte un grand nombre d'avantages. Just drag and drop. LDAP connectivity is not available for Confluence Cloud. Support optionnel à 2000 € par an pour 100 utilisateurs, $4000 pour 100 utilisateurs + $2000 /an pour le support. App within Minutes will take care of the rest. A tool that can be used across your business. XWiki counts amongst its clients big companies, such as: Amazon, AFP, EDF, DCNS, EMC, EADS but also SMEs and associations. In combination with the nested pages features of XWiki, it will drastically improve the navigation and search capabilities. You choose where you deploy, what services you use and what features you need. XWiki SAS offers service… In terms of business usage, Confluence is used by one or more teams to share, find and interact with information. Collaboration en équipe, Applications d'entreprise, Base de connaissances, Intranet, Extranet, Site internet, Support etc. Confluence is mainly used as an enterprise collaborative tool. XWiki is the Open Source leader while Confluence is the proprietary software leader. If the project "takes off" and the other departments want to use it, then XWiki can "evolve" and become a true Intranet. Confluence is sold as either on-premises software or as a hosted solution. Both are developed in Java and include many features by default. Confluence is used by many companies around the world: Facebook, eBay, Adobe, etc. Open Source protects your investment through reversibility and extensibility. In terms of features and technologies, XWiki and Confluence look very similar in appearance. General Features XWiki Confluence; Version: 12.7.1. Confluence is proprietary software which sets the price based on the number of users. Optional Support at 2000 Euros per year for 100 users, $4000 for 100 users + $2000 / year support. It is no longer possible to edit, copy or see the wiki syntax because the content is no longer stored in the "wiki format. XWiki est un logiciel 100% Open Source (développé sous licence LGPL), contrairement à Confluence, un logiciel propriétaire. Confluence is a business-oriented professional wiki with advanced features. We believe software needs to adapt to its users and not the opposite. Data export is available in many formats (. Windows, Linux and Unix variants, MacOS and all platforms supporting JDK 1.8 or higher, Knowledge base, Collaboration for teams, Business application, Intranet, Extranet, Public website, Support, Documentation, A wiki for teams, Knowledge base, Documentation. Login; Register; WikiMatrix. Atlassian est un "spécialiste des outils" avec une base de client étant principalement des équipes de développement. Tandis que Confluence est un logiciel propriétaire plutôt rigide (i.e. Beyond the advanced set of features you can expect from an Enterprise Wiki to have, XWiki has some more that will help you better organize your information. suited for different use cases. XWiki Procédures; Comparer les versions d'XWiki; Services Standards; Touts les Standard Services; XWiki Cloud; Support; Installation & Configuration; Formation; SUR MESURE. Vous pouvez l'utiliser librement et modifier son code pour personnaliser l'outil. XWiki can be deployed both on your server or on our cloud, but the best thing is that you can change your mind at any given time. XWiki SAS offre des services et des solutions pour ses clients qui sont, à services équivalents, moins chers que les coûts de la licence et du support de Confluence ou des prestations de services des partenaires d'Atlassian. General Features Confluence XWiki; Version: 5.2. XWiki provides multiple ways to completely alter the, BASIC, only possible via extensions or using Java, The programming capabilities allows XWiki to adapt to the project's needs increasing the project's success. comparison of Confluence vs. XWIKI Collaborative Work based on data from user reviews. La grande différence réside essentiellement en la capacité de personnalisation et de développement du logiciel. L'achat de licences dépend du nombre d'utilisateurs. Taking into consideration the collaborative needs are becoming more prominent in the modern-day business environment, software allowing extensive customization on both UI and structure becomes a productivity advantage crucial in the marketplace. XWiki XWiki SAS offers services and solutions that are known to have a better price/quality ratio compared to the market’s offerings. Login; Register; WikiMatrix. Les capacités de structuration des informations de XWiki permettent d'augmenter la valeur de l'information pour les utilisateurs et de simplifier les contributions. WYSIWYG editing, rights management, file attachments, PDF exporting are just few of the ones that are, but compared to Atlassian Confluence, XWiki allows you to increase the organization of information using its structured data model. Retour au menu; Solutions sur mesure; Solutions sur mesure; Exemples de Solutions; Base de Connaissances; Gestion de Procédures; Extranet et Communautés ; Workplace Digital; Applications Personnalisés>> … Hosted and managed by. XWiki et Confluence ont des business models opposés. Adaptez le logiciel à vos processus et non l'inverse. From version 8+, XWiki uses CK Editor, one of the best WYSIWYG editor with advanced features. 12.9. Furthermore, market leaders such as Amazon are using XWiki and benefit from the expertise that our professional team possesses. Office documents import/export and Office/PDF viewers, XWiki offers the ability to import from various formats and syntaxes, including Microsoft Office documents. Both solutions support lots of extensions (Macros, Blog, Forum, File Manager, Ideas, Meetings, Calendar, Tasks, etc.) Other strengths include flexibility and scalability. Because of the LGPL license, you own your wiki and its data. The pages created by the user or by XWiki extensions on behalf of the user. Being an Open Source software, XWiki supports full customization, allowing developers to exactly meet the needs of any enterprise or individual. XWiki allows teams to organize information & collaborate. Compared to Confluence which is addressing mainly technical users, XWiki allows development, support, sales HR and marketing teams of all sizes to use XWiki as Knowledge Bases; Collaborative intranets or External resource centers to increase efficiency and better serve their customers. XWiki is free to use and download due to its Open Source nature, while Confluence is a proprietary software which defines its pricing by the number of users. The wikis decide if they want to share or not users, extensions or customizations. Even if you might want to start small with the software as it is or you need a fully customizable tool, our team of professionals can help you on every step of the journey. Compare XWiki and Confluence feature by feature and find your best Wiki software! XWiki is a "Knowledge Management and Collaboration specialist" and aims to answer Enterprise Information Organization and Collaboration needs. L'achat de licences dépend du nombre d'utilisateurs. For advanced users, Wiki syntax editing is more efficient and, when creating pages for public display, it allows fine-grained control over the page. You choose where you deploy, what services you use and what features you need. By using, XWiki's unique structure feature will enhance the value of information for all users. La fonctionnalité de structuration des données propre à XWiki renforce les flux d'information tout en augmentant la valeur de l'information pour tous les utilisateurs. XWiki supporte également la syntaxe wiki, alors que Confluence a été critiqué pour ses dernières versions, qui forcent les utilisateurs de l'éditeur de syntaxe wiki à utiliser l'éditeur WYSIWYG de Confluence. Last modified by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) on 2017/10/05 16:18 Manage; Copy; Actions; Export; Annotate; Print preview; View Source; Viewers; Siblings; Attachments (1) History; Information × Export. XWiki is an Open Source project supported and developed by the XWiki community and by XWiki SAS. We believe Open Source is about your own choices, making it the safest path from an investment point of view. For example if you install, say, the Blog Extension, you'll be able to customize every single aspect of its UI, add more buttons, move them around, etc. If you are a Confluence user, it is possible to import your data into XWiki with our import modules. Furthermore, market leaders such as Amazon are using XWiki and benefit from the expertise that our professional team possesses. Unlike Confluence, XWiki is very extensible. On the other hand, Atlassian Confluence is a "Tool Specialist" with its main client base being development teams. It is developed in Java and distinguishes itself from the other wikis by offering enterprise-oriented features. XWiki's features, extensible capabilities, and data structure model allow making this happen without too much struggle. XWiki is the Open Source leader while Confluence is the proprietary software leader. Un logiciel doit pouvoir s'adapter à ses utilisateurs, et non l'inverse. Confluence has workspaces which are limited in functionalities and customization possibilities. XWiki offre plus de 170 macros pour mettre en forme le contenu, afficher des données sous une certains forme, créer des tableaux de bord, entre autres. XWiki is developed thinking of extensibility, adaptability and flexibility. Last Release Date: 2020-09-03 (7 days ago) 2013-08-12 (7 years ago) Last Update here: 2020-09-04 (6 days ago) 2013-08-22 (7 years ago) … Both XWiki and Confluence make us of an Extension Directory, but what differentiates XWiki is the ability to create your own apps in just a few minutes without technical knowledge. While Confluence is proprietary software that is distributed as-it-is and provides limited hosting options, XWiki is an open development platform adaptable to any business requirement. Extensions and plugins are available and they can extend other functionalities. une solution standard pour tous les clients / à prendre tel qu'il est) et peut être hébergé par Atlassian ou par soi-même, XWiki est une plateforme de développement complètement ouverte pouvant adaptée à tous les besoins des entreprises. La connectivité LDAP n'est pas disponible pour Confluence Cloud, Chaque sous-wiki peut être personnalisé totalement et indépendamment, Confluence possède des espaces de travail avec des fonctionnalités et personnalisations limitées.

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