How to deal with it: Take a seat, or if you’re friends are laughing at you, maybe try your trick again to either shut them up or make them laugh harder. It doesn’t matter if you’re pro, or just a dad trying your kid’s board after a few cold ones, slamming happens to the best of us. I’ll be sitting there drawing dick rails and stuff while we both listen to the radio. Go to the doctor, follow every step, and take care of yourself. It’s going to suck when you walk for a week or two, but that’s about as big of a concern as it gets. 100% agreed the fact neither still cant get 1 m…, >>268615 The object stuck in your body is acting like a plug. No alcohol for the first 24 hours, and avoid smoking as much as you can because it’ll slow down the healing process. Just go to the emergency room and get it treated. It’s not going anywhere until they invent a way to give you robot legs. Don’t be an idiot and keep your foot in there for too long, or else you’re going to give yourself a cold related injury and people will laugh at you. Don’t do this if there’s a cut around the injury, idiot. Pat Maloney & Walker Miller I think about my childhood too. If there’s no circulation, call 911. You can brush your teeth 24 hours after it happened, but it’s recommended to avoid the tooth for a week. This is just a guide for educational and entertainment purposes, so please don’t try to sue us or something if your life goes horribly wrong. Who are your inspirations? More or less derivative of Porous Walker, although It’s unlikely his work would be considered original either. >avatar fagging, spamming It’s another one of those unavoidable skateboarding injuries. If there’s no blood or bruising, you’re not throwing up, or you’re not in excruciating pain – you might be fine. Untreated fractures will heal improperly. Try to avoid any physical activity until your doctor (not you or someone else) takes them out. [laughs] I had a good childhood, my parents are actually really nice. August 30, 2019/Kyle Brown & Sam Read/ARTICLES. What it is: Although the illustration might look funny, these are no laughing matter. ", June 7, 2019/Alex White & Nic Nootens/ARTICLES. How to deal with it: If it’s not broken or infected, doctor’s recommend just not touching it or wearing an elbow pad (LOL). This is going to reduce the swelling and relieve some pain. Do you find it hard to make this style of cartoons these days when the climate is so sensitive? – Sensitivity to light or noise The pain will be severe and it’s common to go into shock. Yeah, good article and illustrations. How to deal with it: If you want to try and save it, it’s important to get to a dentist right away. Avoid massaging it too, that does the same thing as alcohol. A swellbow can either go away by itself, or it can easily get infected. Rehab: Follow the steps above, and when you’re feeling good enough to start walking on it again just do simple exercises like drawing the alphabet with your big toe a few times a day to keep the blood flowing and keeping your muscles from getting stiff. To help, we put together a short guide of the most common injuries in skating as well as some tips on what you can do to not fuck up the healing process so you can be back on your board and getting hurt again in no time. Good man. Thanks. Some early signs and symptoms of it being sprained include bruising around the foot and heel, and the ankle area becoming visually swollen. Getting hurt skateboarding is as inevitable as shitting your pants after eating Indian food – we know what we’re getting into when we play with fire. It’s going to feel weird doing that first kickflip when you’re back on your board, but a few beers and a good session will have it back to normal. May 31, 2019 / Jenkem Staff / ARTICLES. What it is: Your shit’s busted. [laughs] It goes in waves. I mean, read above. 420chan is financially supported with advertisements. I wouldn’t say it’s an obsession [laughs]. I’m also in school for X-Ray tech. This undergoes a completely different chemical reaction than what happens when you fart. If you can put it back in the socket, do so carefully. Regardless, if you’re jumping down sets or even skating curbs, you’re going to feel the years of impact on your joints some day. >his whole war is still super pathetic Also don’t scrub like you’re trying to get a dick drawn with Sharpie off your skin. If you can’t, keep it in your mouth or in a cup of your spit and bring it to the dentist. Get your mind out of the gutter. As crazy as it sounds, avoiding heat is important. >>4942516 >Some things are for sure, avatar fagging, spamming Turns out that Jeff, like all the best psychos, is actually a pretty nice guy with a weird doodling compulsion. – Check for any changes in mental or physical state: are they throwing up, exhausted, or acting weird? See a doctor and tell them you had one job and you fucked it up. Severity Factor: 1/10. The next move is usually sitting down and contemplating going home. Mandatory annoying disclaimer: We aren’t full blown doctors, although we did ask one for advice. Another exercise is standing on a step with your toes and lifting yourself a few times. Find the proper footwear that’s comfortable and effective and you might just see a huge difference. – Being easily upset or angered. / It doesn’t matter if it’s super duper offensive, as long as it’s funny. I couldn’t find anything on Google about it but I believe him. Severity Factor: 0/10. No cheesy griptape art or spraypaint stencil graphics here. What it is: Also known as a sprain, it’s when your foot twists and strains one or more ligaments in your ankle. What to avoid: Getting dirt in it. Did the “rolled ankle” guy have his legs put on backwards? Action Bronson. Mr. – Feeling slowed down Share this with your injured homie on Facebook. “This magazine meant the world to me. Check blood circulation around the injury by pressing firmly on the skin in the affected area, which should turn white, then regain color within a couple of seconds after you stop pressing on it. How to deal with it: There’s no way around it, you need to go to a hospital. – Nausea and vomiting Severity Factor: 3/10. That’s precum. Which is exactly why we had to share his uncomfortable images with you all, before the social media robots and algorithms flag this for being too shocking or explicit. Professional Wrestling Discussion - 6460369, 420chan Discussion & Staff Interaction - 268467, Professional Wrestling Discussion - 6461648, Professional Wrestling Discussion - 6461302, Replying to Thread #23505 (Return to Board), As much as drinking seems like the best remedy for any injury, alcohol should be avoided at all costs because it’ll increase the swelling and bleeding and make it heal slower.

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