@SausseImages Thanks! Any updates? @comcast @ATT @GetSpectrum whichever one of yall provide his internet, disconnect it rn, I called them so many times, they gave complaint number and what not. @ATT I am not even sure what to do other than having my entire family switch off this network to @Verizon or anyone else who actually solves problems. #Unacceptable, @comcastcares all my neighbors have ATT gig speed and have not experienced an outage. @ScottChevalier8 @KirstenPowers Yes. @Shannon48190062 @WOWCare is there an outage in zip code 60005? There was no service disruption for Comcast customers in the same area even though same storm passed over. @HeatherAndKids As the letter explains, if @ATT goes through with its plan to disconnect DSL, then "All told, at least 207,000 Americans will have no option for internet aside from mobile or satellite service if disconnected." @anneindeed Have wasted over 10 hours on phone with customer support over it. We were without internet for 2 weeks. @YourMemeCommand @AppleSupport @TwitterSupport @VerizonSupport @SamsungSupport @OnlyFansSupport @ATT @sprintcare @SonySupportUSA @NintendoAmerica @MicrosoftHelps Hey its not working ive tried everything, please can somebody help its not loading, Hey @ATT, is it your company policy to only hire idiots for customer service? @ATT I need to report an outage in Agoura Hills CA zip code 91301. The address of the Grovetown Museum is: 106 E Robinson Ave, Grovetown, GA 30813 Is power in power outage an adverb? NO CUSTOMER S…, RT @GLingsch: @ATT Please let this power be fixed by Monday. Problems with disconnections all they long @ATT Grovetown, Ga. (WJBF) – The City of Grovetown experienced damage and power outages following heavy storms Wednesday evening. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. The worst service i should switch to att. @ShieldVoC Please let this power be fixed by Monday. @brittmariemays @BHB_CG @stevelackmeyer @ATT Hi, please be aware that most service providers in your area are having issues regarding the ice storm and the damage that it's done. ATT neighbors are up with no issues. @Xfinity - how about getting with the times and getting out service back up. @att still no help. So there must be an @ATT outage in and around #Atlanta right now... anyone else experiencing a total lack of service? Neighbors around me have ATT and service is working perfectly. Canada, News, Paganism, US, Witchcraft. The fix time was 6pm..no further info from xfinity just ASAP. Been a customer for many years. Strange thing is some people in my street have it working and some@of us don’t. @ATT your customer service is horrible. Why am I paying for “business internet” when there isn’t any 24 hour support. @Verizon. Internet outage for over 9 hours now. @comcastcares 36 hrs without service. @Junksterr_CTR @ATT Any update as to when services will be restored in Atlanta? Just awful service especially since most of us are working from home. @Uverse It’s 12 hours now with out internet that’s AT&T fiber the supposed top of line internet in 30024 zip code. I’ve been with AT&T since 2008. @dminjur @kenteth88 Customer support and chat not available. @Talk2Windstream internet have not been working all day,can I get some help. Call center transfers you around haphazardly. Work and school for my area is now down completely due to this outage. How is it people we know who have @ATT and satellite are up and running &pay much less, RT @RickIngraham: Hey @ATT, is it your company policy to only hire idiots for customer service? @Verizon won't let us use our hotspots anymore!We're being throttled.We have 75% data left.They're trying to force us into a separate hotspot subscription.We work from home but @Windstream is out.Can't get a tech till 11/3.We can't work thanks to horrible tactics. Power restored in few hours. @ItsOnATT My uVerse service in Winston-Salem, NC has been down for internet TV and phone since Wed. Oct. 28 at 9:30. @msthierry110 @ATT Your app’s Send Code function is not working. @ErvieBeth @ATT IS there anyone to address customer issues? Please download the app and sign up for text notifications.”, I’m not tripping over no power but @ATT phone service has been TRASH!! @AT&T-ATT Fiber internet has been downfor 32 hours in zipcode 30024. @jamiemay819 Is anyone with ATT cell service having issues in Chalmette/Meraux [70043/70075] @Justin_Florio @AT&T-ATT Fiber internet has been downfor 32 hours in zipcode 30024. @comcastcares still no service. Its the same thing everyday that I call. @EASPORTSFIFA @woodyinho @RomeluLukaku9 @PSG_English Anyone had an issue with the Turkish kit sbc? Working from home and 4 children doing online school-looking at other internet options based on the lack of communication. Is anyone with ATT cell service having issues in Chalmette/Meraux [70043/70075] My satellite has been off all day, through no fault of mine. Grovetown Public Safety is directing traffic at Robinson Avenue and Katherine Street. out of 6 bills only 3 have been correct and it's super super frustrating. Thanks! Problems with disconnections all they long Its ATT not working in OKC atm for me. @ATT 4 months + 4 modems + 8 calls to customer service + 12 different cust. @ATT it’s great to have no phone service all day this is crazy. Verizon as soon as I can! If you are experiencing an outage and it is not shown on the map please call us at (512) 930-3640 to report it. It takes a LOT to beat Comcast at poor customer service but by Gor AT&T has done it. Spent $500 including accessories and when I get home I get an email saying my phones will be in December 7. Send your complaints or troubleshoot here: Click to read about how @Dudleys_OnShort is #LocallyLexington and why you should stop by and try one of the Chef’s Nightly Features! , @WriteAsRae Ugh. Since Zeta yesterday? Hey @ATT @ATTHelp @DirecTV My family is having BIG issues with service appointments. @cesmith78 @sambunnell I think he is referencing transgender issues but he Is a card carrying egalitarian who calls himself a “soft” complimentarian. But obviously I don’t use it. I'm still waiting for the upgraded equipment I pay for every month. @ATT wassup bro. My internet has been down since last night and I can’t get anyone on the phone. Visit https://t.co/bTtsIlVV2x to find out more and pledge your support! Adding to this, the DMs being requested by @comcastcares for more information are not helpful. I’m literally considering on moving to ATT. ...Sorry, Matthew, no I don’t want to upgrade to digital as I don’t have a house to live in, thanks for asking. Why is this happening and why do you need 24 hours to fix a simple outage.

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