The fair-catch kick line for the kicking team is the yard line through the most forward point from which the ball is kicked. Item 1. Out of Bounds. The Referee is to have general oversight and control of the game. Recovery and Advance. During a kick from scrimmage, only the end men (eligible receivers) on the line of scrimmage at the time of the snap, or an eligible receiver who is aligned or in motion behind the line and is more than one yard outside the end man, are permitted to advance more than one yard beyond the line before the ball is kicked. A Down is a period of action that starts when the ball is put in play (3-2-3) and ends when the ball is declared dead (7-2-1). If the offense snaps the ball before the defense has had an opportunity to complete its substitutions, and a defensive foul for too many players on the field results, no penalties will be enforced, except for personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct fouls, and the down will be replayed. If the foul is by Team A before possession changes during a scrimmage down: Loss of down and loss of 10 yards except for a foul by Team A beyond the line of scrimmage during a scrimmage kick, in which case there is no loss of down. Note: It is not necessary for a player to pull the runner completely to the ground in order for the act to be illegal. "The emphasis for most teams has always been to try to get a touchback, and I think the kick return teams will be told to stay in because the scoring percentage for an offense from the 25-yard line is a little bit better than scoring from the 20-yard line," Novak said. If the foul is by the defense, it is also an automatic first down. If both teams foul after the last change of possession (Double Foul After Change of Possession), the penalties are offset, and the team last in possession shall retain the ball at the spot where its foul would be enforced if it was the only foul. Touchback in the NCAA/College Football – If the touchback occurs after a kick-off or a free kick (after a safety), then the ball is placed on the 25 yard line. Among the types of activity that are prohibited are use of tobacco products (smokeless included) while in the bench area and use of facial makeup. If the offense commits a foul in the defense’s end zone prior to scoring a touchdown, enforcement is from the goal line. The Forward Progress of a runner or airborne receiver is the point at which his advance toward his opponent’s goal ends and is the spot at which the ball is declared dead by rule, irrespective of the runner or receiver being pushed or carried backward by an opponent. If the second team scores a touchdown on the down after regaining possession, it is the winner. All offensive players are required to come to a complete stop and be in a set position simultaneously for at least one full second prior to the snap. An Approved Ruling (A.R.) A kickoff puts the ball in play at the start of each half, after a try, and after a successful field goal. Only one captain is permitted to indicate the team’s penalty option. A realistic chance of completion is defined as a pass that is thrown in the direction of and lands in the vicinity of an originally eligible offensive receiver. A runner touching the ground with his hands or feet while in the grasp of an opponent may continue to advance; or. The ball touches any part of the end zone. If the ball has not been touched by a player of the receiving team beyond the line of scrimmage, it is dead immediately, and the result of the play is a touchback, when: it touches the ground on or behind the receiver’s goal line, it touches a player of the kicking team who is touching the ground on or behind the receiver’s goal line, it touches a player of the kicking team who has touched the ground on or behind the receiver’s goal line and has not re- established himself in the field of play.

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