Дар давраи Истиқлолият иқтидори истеҳсолии соҳа бе назардошти НБО «Роғун» 1520 МВт зиёд шуд | АМИТ "Ховар, "Crisis Looms as Bitter Cold, Blackouts Hit Tajikistan", "Uzbekistan resumes gas deliveries to Tajikistan | Eurasianet", "Tajikistan Hit By Three-Hour Nationwide Blackout", "TAJIKISTAN EXPERIENCES ROLLING BLACKOUTS AMID FREEZING WINTER TEMPERATURES", "В крупных районах Душанбе сегодня отключат электричество", "Alstom Wins 500 kV Substation Project Using GIS Tech in Tajikistan - The Gazette of Central Asia", "Water in Tajikistan, abundant yet challenging", "Tajik and Uzbek specialists clear 'Big Gissar Canal, "Антимонопольная служба объяснила, почему вода в Душанбе подорожала | Новости Таджикистана ASIA-Plus", "Ҳамаи боғҳои Душанбе дар як харита | Хабарҳои Тоҷикистон ASIA-Plus", "ПРЕЗИДЕНТ ТАДЖИКИСТАНА ОТКРОЕТ ПАРК ИМ. The population also increased with thousands of ethnic Tajiks migrating to Tajikistan from Uzbekistan following the transfer of Bukhara and Samarkand to the Uzbek SSR as part of national delimitation in Central Asia. Duschanbe trug von 1929 bis 1961 nach Josef Stalin den Namen Stalinabad (Stalin-Stadt), erhielt aber nach der Entstalinisierung unter Nikita Chruschtschow seinen alten Namen wieder zurück. During the 1930s and 40s, the population was decreasing around the same rate of -1% during the years of World War II. The 14 fish species of Dushanbe live in the rivers, lakes, and ponds of the city. [195] In 1925 4 books were printed, which grew to 13 in 1926. During World War 2, plays were focused on the war and historical themes from the 1950s onward. In the 1930s, constructivist architecture began to gain prominence along with the building of larger structures, often made out of concrete. [74], Islam was introduced to Dushanbe in the 8th century[99] and today the majority of the city follows Shia Islam. The first, Lahouti theater, was built in 1929. The building of 9 modern hotels, with room for more than 1000 people, is being planned. He fled to Afghanistan after the Red Army conquered the area the next year, 4 March 1921. Music, primarily shashmaqam before the Soviet invasion, took off in the city due to Russian influence and local opera houses and symphonies. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Shokhmansur is the last of the five main cemeteries and saw 65 burials over the 9-month period. [106], Official orthodoxy - namely the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC Central Asian diocese of the Moscow diocese) recognized by the government in Tajikistan, and is the second largest religious community after Islam. 1991 löste sich die Sowjetunion endgültig auf, Tadschikistan wurde ein unabhängiger Staat und Duschanbe dessen Hauptstadt. Das Gebirge erreicht andernorts eine Höhe von bis zu 4643 m. Durch die Stadt fließt der Fluss Duschanbinka, der sich aus den beiden Flüssen Lutschob-Darja und Warsob zusammensetzt. The Yaghnobi people live in the mountainous north Tajikistan and number about 25,000. [172] The food processing industry also has a presence in the city with many wineries, dairy and meatpacking plants, canneries, and bakeries all in the city. [69] Most of the Russian population fled the capital during the violence of this time period while large amounts of rural Tajiks moved in; by 1993, more than half had fled. The 29 Armenians were quickly evacuated on an emergency flight after shots were fired. [218][219], From 20 to 23 June 2018 the High-Level International Conference on the International Decade for Action 'Water for Sustainable Development' was held in Dushanbe, which discussed the upcoming decade for action with regards to water. List of cities in Tajikistan by population, Численность населения Душанбе. The magnitude of earthquakes is predicted to be a maximum of 7.5-8. [185], Sculpture was first introduced to Dushanbe in the 1920s and throughout the Soviet period was focused on combining modern culture and a classical heritage. [169] In the first half of 2020, the GRP of Dushanbe was 20.7% of the GDP of the country. [195], In 1977, locally created radio broadcasts were able to be transmitted from Dushanbe thanks to the construction of the Radio House in the city. The slow growth rate of the Tajikistan is so close to zero and even slowing so that the population is projected to begin decreasing by 2022. The life expectancy at birth is about 66 years old today, while the infant mortality rate is 37 per 1,000. All-populations.com used data from the number of the population from official sources.

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