My report was fact right out of Australia. Or California?”. There’s yet another failure in your thinking. My statement stands. The only real right you have chicken done right offered by KFC. This is just nonsense. “But the Chinese understood gunpowder’s potential very early on.” By A.D. 1150, Song soldiers were using bamboo and wood proto-guns known as fire lances that were essentially flamethrowers. “You obviously flunked History courses as since the beginning of civilization the rich and powerful rule all countries of the world including the good old U.S. of Hay. RCC your words reflect exactly what all Governments do when they ban guns. Sadly they were all lost in the floods of 2014. This is why Socialism is the dominate form of Government in every industrialized Nation in the world including the U.S. its just that we do not have near enough of it. They were cheap and popular for several centuries sometimes being used in racks to defend cities and remained in use until well after the Ming period. What party is responsible for outrageous corporate tax rates and unionized inflated incomes forcing corporations to relocate overseas? Er. That support is contingent on government’s meeting its half of the bargain which is to make support worthwhile. At best, you have become a fugitive from justice. You are advocating for more government regulation. Believe whatever nonsense you want to believe. “The Supreme Court is the ruling elite which grants power to the people”. A leathal firearm can be made from matches, a pipe, a whasher, three screws, a bolt, rubber band and a chunk of wood. Not one single iota. But, “a lot” remain in Australia, and even legally so. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In typical nonsensical Progressive fashion, you speak just enough fact to appear like the rest of your illogical nonsense is well thought out. Your email address will not be published. America declined because the working man was stabbed in the back by the super rich who shipped all the manufacturing jobs overseas. . A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America. By the way, I think we are STILL waiting, after several months, for some citations to some illogical nonsense you posted way back when. It would be a lost cause from the very beginning. Two early metal cannons that seem to have functioned as guns have been unearthed in China’s northwestern Gansu Province, the domain of the Western Xia (A.D. 1038–1227). I wonder if the inventors of gun powder ever would have thoughtr that one day it would be used to propel projectiles accurately for over a mile in a man portable package, and over the horizon if you include howitzers and navy deck guns. Again you people ignore history. There are hundreds of millions of serviceable firearms in the U.S., and tens of millions of citizens who cherish their gun rights. The top supplying country or region is China, which supply 100% of fire lance respectively. Have you never read any of the US Founding Documents? Hope and pray the law abiders comply and when they plant the flag in the moral high ground giving the collective finger to the legislative, then they are no longer governed by consent. We won’t “give in.”. They bear no inscriptions, but based on the area where they were excavated, they may date to the early thirteenth century A.D. One cannon was even discovered with an iron ball and a measure of gunpowder still in its barrel.

When the powers that be make the penalties severe enough and then make a few examples out of people who did not obey the rest turn them in like sheep. I’m still waiting for you to name ONE SINGLE society for which Socialism solved ‘it’s problems.’ I mean, a real one; not the fantasy ones you dream about at night. I was halfway on your side but you went off the rails with that comment.—————————————————–quote. Guns spread throughout Asia in the wake of the Mongol conquests, reaching Europe by A.D. 1326. Required fields are marked *. 2020 Archaeology Magazine, a Publication of the Archaeological Institute of America. Australian people are human and reacted in exactly the same way Americans would to such a law, its called “the survival instinct”. We’re not all Statist little Leftists who jumps when .gov says jump. Spoiler: No, they did not blow themselves up. All one has to do is look France and Germany where carry permits are non-existent to the proletariat but the rich and powerful have no problem getting one. Nah. In the ruins of Xanadu, the summer capital of the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan (r. A.D. 1260–1294), Chinese archaeologists unearthed one of the world’s earliest surviving guns. Keep repeating yourself and quoting statistics that are meaningless. Then try to figure out how not to do it. Chinese Rapid-Fire Cannons History. “People often think Europeans were the first to understand the military implications of gunpowder,” says Emory University historian Tonio Andrade. They transcend courts and any arm of government. Criminals would remain unaffected by a ban on private ownership of firearms. More people drown in swimming pools than die in firearm accidents. Peoples Constitutional rights have always been a “fantasy” and the Supreme Courts rulings have proven this time and time again.

Where I live, an estranged husband doused his wife with gasoline and burned her to death. The American Revolution also paved the way for World War I. Germany would have been much less likely to start WWI if America had still been part of the British Empire, but since America had fought Britain twice previously Germany believed it would not intervene in WWI. And then its over for you period. “There is no way to stop people from owning and, if needs be, making guns.”, Well California in any event is trying to outlaw “ghost guns” (unserialized home built firearms). They really have no other option. Two possible outcomes: We lose our rights as Australia has slowly over the next couple generations or we fight every single 2A infringment that comes from any athority be it Federal, State, or Municipal. All muzzleloaders are exempt, both smoothbore and rifled.

Doing away with this document would in no way eliminate Constitutional Rights as they have through the years been codified “in law” just as British rights have been. A court case resulted as to when they could use such a device but lets face facts the Edward Snowden revelations proved the Government seldom obeys its own laws. For example, two cannons were placed on a movable table or cart. Ditto for the San Bernardino killers last fall.

In return, we pretend to work.”, A successful society depends on support from the productive people who live in it. Geez, will you just stop with this Socialist propaganda? It may take the form of a demand for draconian measures to suppress crime. There are enough black market firearms to keep them supplied. There are millions of “legal” guns in Australia. The deluded truth accorded to jlp on the Internet. I admit I could be wrong instead of 99 per cent it was probably closer to 99 3/4 per cent. No real biggie. Who do the third world immigrants vote for? The idea that Americans will surrender their guns is laughable. The powder would In other words it was Americans killing Americans all over again. The Constitution is not worth the paper it is written on and the Supreme Court has done whatever it has pleased for decades.”. We are capitalists. A sovereign nation must scrutinize its immigrants in order to protect the fabric of the nation. I was halfway on your side but you went off the rails with that comment. Homework assignment of the Day: PLEASE look up non sequitur. You not only flunked History but ignore human nature as well. I was referring to the guns that were turned in because they were banned not the legal guns. The immigrants have yet to find that out. All according to you…a bona fide, self admitted socialist. When the Commander in Chief, swears to uphold the Constitution, then passes a gun restrictive law, thats grounds for impeachment. A wide variety of fire lance options are available to you, such as 10#-45#, q195-q345, and a53-a369. If you left Podunk Junction for once and got out into the world you might just learn something.

The reality of History is that the State does grant you what freedoms it and it only desires. That year, the first known European illustration of a cannon appeared in a Latin treatise on the proper behavior of kings. People are FLEEING those places in droves, just like they have done every socialist “Utopia” that has ever been tried. The Chinese word for gunpowder means “fire medicine,” but Song Dynasty officials were soon using the compound to construct simple explosives such as fire arrows and, in time, bombs. America has an aging population. Thats all cool, but what needs done is some house cleaning.

Have you ever heard of the word honor. Well…wishful thinking can work, right? “And yes Americans would turn them in by the millions”, Like they are doing in CT and NY? They had to fight for those rights. I keep thinking you’ve posted the stupidest nonsense you could come up with, then you type something like this. This weapon paved the way for further improvements to gunpowder weapons and is the direct ancestor of the modern-day firearm and artillery. Wake up and look around you at what has been going on in the Industrialized World of Socialism in the last 120 years. Can’t stop the signal; you can only reduce the amplitude.

I don’t know man, if the Northern Irish had it in them, I would be ashamed to not show similar spine. I don’t even read your propadandist screed anymore. We don’t rule our lives by what some other failed systems have done as something to emulate. Its only through struggle and protest directed against “the ruling elite” that the “common man” can get a fair share of the economic pie. There is no icon to create them. I hope for your sake it’s in a nice leftist haven. You STILL won’t get it, though.

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