Adds release version action and fixes bug with deleting some rules. We've fixed an issue where the Epic Link field would sometimes not work as expectd and Curly got a slight facelift in this version! Minor improvement to add hovers for truncated multi-select values, Bug fix around smart values support for JQL trigger. Other cookies, which increase the usability of this website, serve for direct advertising or simplify interaction with other websites and social networks, will only be used with your consent. Read more on our blog. This release contains a fairly large change in the way we handle rules internally. Added multi select field and checkbox support for issue condition field. We had a mistake in our licensing logic, that meant Automatin for Jira would stop working for customers running with a server app licenses in Jira Data Center instances from the 10th of September 2019. Meet Curly, our new Automation robot! We've fixed a number of smaller bugs in this release and made some engine room improvements to do with how users are identified internally. Creating issues now skips screen checks for most fields. For more details on how to get started with extensions, please see our release blog!

Franky has automated 100 million rules in the last few years and a well-earned retirement beckons (she's been having this terrible pain in all the diodes down her left side if you must know :). * Fixes bug where conditions cannot be added to branches (Pro only), * Adds the ability to search for agile boards in sprint components (Pro only), Bug fix for possible errors on add-on initialisation. We've fixed some bugs around deleted transitions and transition names containing accented or umlaut characters. It suddenly stopped working and now is not even showing on the menu. When installing through UPM > Upload an app, the process hangs.,,,,,,,,, The SLA threshold breached trigger now supports more time ranges for limtis, Helper functions to URL encode text in in smart-values and provide an issue's url, Ability to select link type for related linked issues, Fixes for the 'Add customer' action in how it looks up users by e-mail, One broke the add-on during upgrade when certain data was present (AUT-851), The other caused problems with text input in the JQL condition field (AUT-827), Javascript error in the UI when navigating away while adding new components, A number of multi-project scope related issues, A bug with the user condition and multi-select user fields, An issue with the move issue trigger configured with 'any' target project, SLA details can now be accessed via smart-values (, Is customer user condition fix with missing participants field (. With this release, we added a small improvement that allows you to check if a field doesn't contain a particular value.

As of version 4.0.0, Automation Lite for Jira (the free version) is no longer supported in Jira Data Center. Brand new in this release - a persisted automation rule execution queue! This release also includes our first draft of French translations! This version adds support to update the 'Epic Name' field in the simple form anywhere you can update fields (edit and transition issue in the Lite edition - upgrade to Pro if you need to create epics!). We've also fixed some other issues in this release: New performance insights for rule statistics feature added to the "…" menu in both global and project admin. Automation is now available natively in Jira … More details #Platinum Top Vendor 2019 #20,000 customers and counting This is a free version of the award winning Automation for… Automation for Jira - Server Lite | Admin tools | Categories | catworkx Licensing Service Center We also fixed a small bug in this release: AUT-1163 - Unable to edit a rule that has duplicate names in Global mode Edit Issue Labels action can be now configured as case-insensitive, Split of the audit log and rule errors in the user interface for better overview, Ability to clear values of fields in edit/transition actions, detail view of a rule now scrolls with the list of rules (useful for longer lists), rule status was not displayed properly in some cases, added "Issue Property Set" event trigger (Jira 6.2+), added "Set Issue Property" action (Jira 6.2+), added new option to override global synchronous/asynchronous event processing on per-trigger basis (default is "do not override" global setting), [DEV] added support for showing actions/triggers only in compatible versions of Jira, fixed a long outstanding issue when updating the addon could cause issue event handlers not being unregistered.

You can now copy rules directly from the rule list! A workaround will be added here when available. This is a Pro feature only. Fix bug where transitions can leave issue in bad state, Bug fixes and renamed 'Re-fetch issue' action, Native support for Riada Insight custom fields, Bugfixes for scheduled triggers and delete attachment actions, Better debug logging to provide a more streamlined support experience, Fixes a critical issue introduced in 3.12.11, Fixes bug where conditions cannot be added to branches, Adds if/elseif/else flow support (Pro only), Fixes bug where manual triggers fail in issues panel, Bug fix for Transition Trigger firing incorrectly, Fixed critical upgrade issue and link type filter, Contains some more serious bug fixes with rule execution flow and Oracle DBs, Bug fixes including custom fields missing during a transition and more. This includes more performance fixes for busy server instances. (. This means when users visit the view issue page, there'll be far less database queries to lookup matching automation rules!

These cookies are necessary for the basic functions of the shop. You can now select groups in a dropdown in the edit and or transition issue actions. You just click what you want from our populated drop-downs and fill in the blanks. We've fixed a hole number of things in this release: This is a recommended upgrade for anyone currently running 3.4.0 & 3.4.1. This is not needed for those who have are already on Automation for Jira - modern version. Automation for Jira - Cloud Lite This app provides core functionality to one or more Atlassian products. I have read the data protection information. Finally we've also add the ability to perform partial regex matches in our compare condition to check if a bit of text *contains* a regular expression match. We've released a ton of new features: Better management of SLAs in Jira Service Desk! when using Jira behind a misconfigured reverse proxy that reports requests to Jira as 'http' instead of 'https'). In this release we did a major internal re-factor to allow us to continue shipping features and improvements in the new year at the same pace you're used to from our team! All event and schedule based rule executions are now persisted to a database backed queue. IT is installed but we cannot get to the Automation menu. Issue assigned & commented triggers now trigger regardles of how the issue is assigned or commented. Date function to calculate business days between 2 dates. The related issues condition would exclude the trigger issue when using JQL to gather related issues. This may have caused increased log messages, should fix the issue when in certain condition Transition Issue Action could fail due to permission/condition/workflow validator checking, ability to set 'synchronous' mode for processing rules.

This is a great release with a cool new feature - the ability to evaluate math expressions. Setting entity properties through create/edit did not work. We fixed a number of small bugs in this release around rule execution errors and some smaller issues in the UI. We've also improved performance for busy server instance for event based rules. The exact impact this will have comes down to your instance and specific Jira usage profile. This version is a recommended upgrade for large instances of Jira running many automation rules. We've included a number of smaller improvements: We've further improved performance for large server instances in this release! This release fixes an upgrade problem when upgrading from a really old (Atlassian Labs) version of Automation for Jira. We've spent the past few weeks coding, testing and refining this upgrade, and we're now pleased to offer the brand new Automation Lite for Jira Server completely for free! For more details see If you're interested in an update, renewal or downgraden you should give us the service entitlement number (SEN-Number) of the license. This will for complete rules to run quicker. Better German translations and bug fixes! This release fixes a deadlock that can happen with MySQL under high load scenarios. We've added support to edit original and remaining estimate fields on issues now. Third party extension APIs - we've added some new APIs to allow third party extensions access full rule details in their actions. Who would have thought that correctly detecting if an issue has been transitioned could be so hard! Text fields now also support case sensitive matches. New field to copy text field values from other issues and fields. Group pickers in simple forms!

Jira ServiceDesk request type can be set again in the advanced block in edit issue, We also fixed a third party extension API serialization bug, Single and multi group pickers anywhere you can edit these custom fields (transition action, edit action, etc). This release includes a bugfix for the issue deleted trigger (AUT-720). Slack service URL prefix could be changed via tenant property named slack.notification.action.url.prefix.

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