Here is what the billing address looks like, and is structurally what I’m looking for:, Here is what the shipping address looks like:, Here is what the shipping address fields are setup as using WooCheckout: Second we need to create own query variable, And then we can catch out query and to use in the pagination like in an usually loop =). (I am using the plugin Woo Commerce Account Pages and will actually have up to 20 links, and I need the custom link to be 12th in the order), I really appreciate the help and thank you in advance, 1. $title == 'My account' when I change it to $title == 'My Account' your code changes the title. I can publish a tutorial about that, if you want, but it will be on Thursday. how can i add new menu (endpoint) to my account page, let’s called ‘Confirmation’ (in this menu, i want my customer to upload conformation for their payment, i.e. 2. Thank you so much Misha! Log out)', '[nextend_social_login provider="google" return_url="url to redirect"]', '[nextend_social_login provider="google" redirect="your url here"]', // Add new button link to "My Account" page in Woo, // SOURCE -, // Content for the new page in My Account, woocommerce_account_{ENDPOINT NAME}_endpoint, 'woocommerce_account_group-registration_endpoint', //unset( $menu_links['edit-address'] ); // Addresses, // here you have to decide which fields are required, // make the account dashboard menu not accessible, redirect to the edit account page. I think it is allowed. This is where the WooCommerce Social Login comes into play! But one question, for an external url added in $url = (‘myurl’), I’m afraid JS/jQuery is the only option at this moment…. When you click the links the h1 tag changes (ie. Regarding the easiest part the tutorial – Removing Tabs from the My Account Menu. =). I already have 8 tabs and I would like to add a customized tab on the 3rd position. and thanks for the function. Ah never mind. How can I open my custom link in another page? Thanks for this really appreciate the help! Nice blog. Example I have done one page with name The plugin also has various options to configure the look and feel and texts, or the actual user experience. how to change all sidebar menu item name like we want to change order,membership,subcription. Add new My Account endpoints and restrict the display based on user roles. 2. they have to upload transfer recipe Subscribe below if you want to receive new awesome WordPress and WooCommerce-related content once a week. I mean at my side content part is below navigation links (this is important for me) and i can not see any icons on my navigation items. However, in the case of a WooCommerce powered store, a user will need to visit the ‘my account’ page to create an account or check whether he is logged in or not. Did I understand you correctly – do you want to change “Orders” menu link anchor? We'd love to get your comments so we can keep making this post better! We are creating a Rewards program with YITH’s plugin and I’d love to have a child tab under theirs on the dashboard. I want to hide the dashboard an make another menu-point the first one. It does not appear anymore but after logging in the default text of the “Dashboard” item is still displayed… Is it possible to directly display e.g. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. I want to show the user_id before the navigation but it does not work. Discriminant of characteristic polynomial as sum of squares. Currently the only way to see the discounted products is to go through a very convoluted path to get to them. Now you can see that the Login/Logout option is being displayed in the top menu of your store. Add Items with custom URLs or Add Items with My Account subpages. Hi Misha thanks pretty much for this post. What about hiding the menu items based on user role? By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. Dealing with $wp_rewrite or something like that. If you would like to create a log out link in your main menu there is a very simple way to do this using the WooCommerce plugin. hi misha, thanks for your great article, it helps me well. I love WordPress, WooCommerce and Gutenberg so much. All’s well. Please clarify what titles would you like to rename? I tried it again from scratch and this time it worked. */, /* Jim. Memberships > click view button under the membership tier you are a member of > then you finally get to the menu I would like to move. This also returns true for every submenu of account as well and thus leads to an infinite number of redirects / loops. But please note, that remove_action in this situation could remove something useful added by another plugin. Hey, have you ever done a child tab? I would like to change the URL of the "Downloads" link that appears on "my-account" page created by WooCommerce. I have a membership site being driven by woocommerce memberships. Include links to endpoints to catch customer’s attention to specific pages like new product pages. We do however generate some income through recommendations of products. Just like with most functions, you'll find that there is also a plugin that can be used to generate a WordPress Logout Shortcode. I have a booking website that does’t sell any products and this widget has stuff like top seller, out of stock, in stock etc confusing my vendors. Hi Misha, thank you for this tutorial. For example, what should I do if I want to link a tag like instead of the usual URL? Hey Misha! Custom My Account For Woocommerce helps you solve this latent issue by allowing your users to have all the important records like ‘Dashboard’, ‘My Downloads’ and ‘My Orders’ and Editable information like ‘Address’ or ‘Account’ Details, under single section titled- My Account. here is the short code put in the form-login.php folder: This info was very helpful … thank you! Ok, I managed to get a menu item to the my account menu. Try this code in your functions.php to remove Expires and Remaining downloads columns: Thank you! In the first part of the code we will add a new element to menu items array (if you have experience with adding columns to admin Dashboard earlier, this code will be familiar to you). I am a Japanese student and I am not good at English or programs. But it is not linking to woocommerce-MyAccount-content part of the my account page Hi Misha, this is great. The way I've done that in the past is to change the endpoint URL via the Woocommerce woocommerce_get_endpoint_url filter, like this: Obviously, change the $url variable to suit your environment. What is the name of file where add this code? Author(s) Featured On:                  and many more ... CollectiveRay is a website that helps companies who use their website as a primary channel for the success of their business. -Mario. Thank you! Here is a link from my site’s my account page: But this may not be ideal situation for your customers who typically would now have a account, so such functionality would be useless for them. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. https:///wp-login.php?action=logout. This is how My Account menu looks for me now: Well, this part of the tutorial is also simple enough and consists of 4 steps. I have edit some of your lines like below. I wish you all the best in 2018 too! Podcast 282: Stack Overflow’s CEO reflects on his first year, Woocommerce login and logout menu options, Woocommerce My Account Navigation not Working, Wordpress login page redirecting to Woocommerce My-Account Page for Normal Users, Change the order of custom field for Woocommerce variable products in admin area, Changing the titles on My Account pages in Woocommerce, How to add a linked item to another page in WooCommerce My Account menu, How can I edit the text in WooCommerce /my-account/, WooCommerce: Display My Account link only for specific user role. So, how to add an extra “tab” to the My Account page, and how to add content inside it? But once you did it, go to Permalinks settings and just click Save Changes button. So, using the action hooks below you can add any text or HTML code just before and just after the menu