Dead bodies of the Khojaly inhabitants were found not Why did the Armenians choose Khojaly as their target? The night (Feb. 25-26, 1992) the Massacre began, I ran for my life with my brother, into the freezing woods, and got captured and taken to the torture camp. No, they are not being imprisoned or investigated for Khojaly or other crimes against Azerbaijan, but for the crimes they committed against Armenian people. questions. Walker J. Christopher (1996) The Armenian presence in mountainous Karabakh. By doing the only right thing and making peace with Azerbaijan, Armenia can experience a brand new world of opportunity and can stop wasting its extremely limited funds on a criminal war. Pandemic Times Episode 100: Who’s Better for Israel, Trump or Biden. And we still wait. Transcaucasian boundaries. …, I have visited this town [Naftalan] where I have spoken to hundreds (I repeat, hundreds) of refugees who insisted that there had been a corridor and that they had remained alive owing to this corridor … But a part of the Khojaly inhabitants had been fired upon by our own [troops] … not by [some] mysterious [shooters], but by provocateurs from the NFA battalions … [The corpses] had been mutilated by our own [soldiers] …. Durdane is a survivor of torture and a passionate advocate for peace. In late 1991 and early 1992, armed hostilities and Armenian attacks on Azerbaijan intensified. Some refugees managed to escape to Agdam, some, mainly women and children (the exact number is impossible to determine), froze to death while wandering around in mountains, some were captured near the villages of Nakhichevanik and Pirjamal.[22]. you resigned? In Azerbaijan, the effects of the conflict continue to be felt to this day. In all, the assault and capture of the town took the lives of 613 of its people, including 106 women, 63 children and 70 elderly. Add account by Thomas Goltz's Azerbaijan Diary. One of the most debated events of the war is the clash nearby the little town of Khojaly, where allegedly just over 600 civilians, including women and children were killed. [76][77][78] Turan's ambassador activities are aimed to raise awareness about this issue and promoting world peace. 1994. In October 1991, the Nagorno Karabakh forces cut the road connecting Khojaly and Aghdam, so that the only way to reach the town was by helicopter. Melkonian particularly mentions the role of the fighters of two Armenian military detachments called the Arabo and Aramo, who stabbed to death many Azeri civilians. Someone first shot at legs so that people could [17][18] According to Thomas de Waal, Khojaly has been the focus of a large resettlement program by the Azerbaijan government in the late 1980s and early 1990s. My hope is also that the new leadership is aware of the dire position of Armenia, economically devastated and diplomatically isolated, in need of friends. Home Affairs. 89–111. Undoubtedly, what happened in Khojaly was the largest massacre of the conflict. She mentioned that she was hit by an Armenian soldier who took her for one of the captives, when she was helping a woman who was falling behind the crowd with four children, one of which was wounded, and the other one was newly born. Наиглупейший прокол арменпропа – известные миру фотоснимки представлены как "геноцид армян в Баку, "1NEWS.AZ. Indeed, neither our report nor that of Memorial includes any evidence to support the argument that Azerbaijani forces obstructed the flight of, or fired on Azeri civilians”. NKR officials also noted that, several days prior to the assault, leaflets had been dropped on Khojaly from helicopters, urging the Khojaly population to use the 'free corridor'. An additional 1,275 people were taken hostage by the Armenian forces, of which 150 continue to be unaccounted for. At least 161 civilians are known to have been murdered in this incident, although Azerbaijani officials estimate that about 800 perished. Bloodshed in the Caucasus: Escalation of the Armed Conflict in Nagorno Karabakh. Answer: The minister himself. Дочь войны. The airport was of vital importance for the survival of the population in Karabakh, which had no land connection with Armenia and was under a total blockade by Azerbaijan. [11] Other theories proposed by the Armenian side were that Azeri Popular Front soldiers had massacred 100 Azeri and Armenian civilians and then proceeded to mix the bodies and lay blame upon the Armenians. If such a “corridor” had existed, people would have been aware of it. that somebody is interested to show these sequences afterwards, For a longtime helicopters flew into Khojali and it wasn't clear if anyone thought about our fate, took an interest in us. The Memorial report says: According to the officials of the NKR and those taking part in the assault, the Khojaly population was informed about the existence of this 'corridor' through loudspeakers mounted on armoured personnel carriers. Example: Yes, I would like to receive emails from Jewish Journal. Some had been taken aside and shot individually; in many cases whole families had been killed. Others, mainly women and children, died from frostbite while wandering in the mountains. — М.: Права человека, 2001., p. 54. 2.04.92. Kristen Eichensehr, William Michael Reisman. [66] The fact that this information had been received by the Azerbaijani side and transferred to Baku is confirmed by Baku newspapers (Bakinskiy Rabochiy)[56], Armenian fighters claimed to HRW investigators that they sent ultimata to the Azerbaijani forces in Khojaly warning that unless missile attacks from that town on Stepanakert ceased, Armenian forces would attack. nearby to watch the developments there. responsible, too? ( Log Out /  Create a free website or blog at This page was last edited on 11 February 2013, at 16:34. [15] Estimating the number of the civilians killed in the massacre, Human Rights Watch stated that "there are no exact figures for the number of Azeri civilians killed because Karabakh Armenian forces gained control of the area after the massacre". Hugh Pope, "Sons of the conquerors: the rise of the Turkic world", New York: The Overlook Press, 2006, p. 59, ISBN-10 1-58567-804-X. Once the assault began, around 2,500 remaining inhabitants tried to leave with the hope to reach the nearest area under Azerbaijani control. New York. [3] The official death toll provided by Azerbaijani authorities is 613 civilians, of them 106 women and 83 children.[4]. Human Rights Watch, 1992. Khojaly is an outrageous case for several reasons. Due to the Nagorno-Karabakh War and the population exchanges between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and Meskhetian Turk refugees leaving Central Asia and subsequently settling in Khojaly. It is time for us all to do better. However, the general background He is the editor of opposition newspapers in Azerbaijan and criminal charges were brought against him in Azerbaijan for the following "Karabakh Diary" texts (for full texts, see Blogian). Refugees from the enclave town of Khojaly, sheltering in the Azeri border town of Agdam, give largely consistent accounts of how their enemies attacked their homes on the night of 25 February, chased those who fled and shot them in the surrounding forests. ISBN 1-56432-081-2, ISBN 978-1-56432-081-0, p. 20", "Report of Memorial Human rights center (In Russian)", "Виктория Ивлева: "Дана Мазалова лжет, ссылаясь на меня в разговорах о "гуманитарном коридоре" в Ходжалы", "The February victims near Aghdam are a consequence of criminal actions of Azerbaijan's political elite …", " a target of hacker attacks from Azerbaijan", "New Website Exposes Azeri Propaganda; Sets Record Straight on Karabakh Liberation War", "1NEWS.AZ. very corpses were scalped. [1][23][24], According to Memorial, part of the population started to leave Khojaly soon after the assault began, trying to flee towards Agdam, and armed people from the town's garrison were among some of the fleeing groups. The whole area up to the horizon was covered with dead bodies of women, elderly people and boys and girls of all ages, from newly born to teenagers. The captives were later exchanged or released, and in 2011 Ivleva found in Azerbaijan that woman. Rachel Bloom is transitioning from a crazy ex-girlfriend to *NSYNC super-fan. [48] In the article that she wrote for a Russian newspaper she described how she saw a large crowd of Meskhetian Turks from Khojaly, who were led to captivity by the Armenian militants. Secondly, when the attack broke out it was just the beginning of the interstate phase of the military hostilities; so undoubtedly, Armenia intended to intimidate Azerbaijani civilians to gain psychological advantage for pursuing its subsequent acts of aggression. When a civilian helicopter was brought down over the city of Shusha, killing 40 people, helicopter traffic also ceased. According to international observers, soldiers and officers of 366th regiment took part in the attack on Khojaly. More than a million of its citizens are internally displaced as they cannot return to the occupied region. Victoria Ivleva. According to the Azerbaijani side, as well as Memorial Human Rights Center, Human Rights Watch and other international observers,[1][2] the massacre was committed by the ethnic Armenian militants, reportedly with help of the ethnic Armenians ex-soldiers from Ex-USSR/Russian 366th Motor Rifle Regiment. documents unmasking them in fascist actions. [6] Prior to the attack, the town had been without electricity and gas for several months. A look back at the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict, Davutoglu says Turkey stands by Azerbaijan in Karabakh conflict, Clashes erupt between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Azeri serviceman killed in Karabakh clashes, Russia calls for ‘peaceful solution' to Karabakh tensions, Why the 2020 election is the Boomers' last stand, In pictures: US President Donald Trump's four years in office, Demand for gold reaches its lowest in 10 years, A new international group aims to return Western nationals from Syria. The position of the bodies indicated that the people had been killed in cold blood, calculatedly, there were no signs of resistance of attempts to escape. The first step towards achieving recognition of Khojaly genocide in the USA was taken on 25 February 2010. [10], At the same time, some Armenian sources admitted the guilt of the Armenian side. [26][27] However, the obligation to protect the civilians was likewise breached by the Azerbaijani side. It appears that the NFA battalions strived not for the liberation of the Khojaly civilians but for more bloodshed on their way to overthrow A. Mutalibov [the first President of Azerbaijan] …. This site uses cookies. Mr Eynulla Fatullayev, is an Azerbaijani national who was born in 1976 and lives in Baku. The Khojaly massacre is not a war casualty. What happened at Khojaly? Follow us on Instagram. Some forces far from Aghdam. It did not happen as a result of the armed conflict. We never believed they could occupy Khojaly""[57]. say that I am telling lies about them. Running refugees came across Armenian military posts and were fired upon. In January 1992, Azerbaijani forces began attacking Stepanakert with Grad missiles, which are jet-propelled rockets intended as anti-personnel weapons. That 20-year old girl could never have imagined that one day she would be a survivor of criminal warfare, that she would have to endure spinal surgeries to repair the damage inflicted upon her by torture, or that she would go through so many things and yet still come out of it strong.

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