The women were supposedly kept in a large harem while others worked the island and were to be ransomed off. You get in a chase/shootout with Lenny Finkelstein and his gang. Caesar stayed on the island until it received independence from France, then set off to make his fortune at sea. He recruited more pirates and they started to attack ships on the open sea. The radio includes $5000, morphine, Ottie's number card, 4 ounces of marijuana and a Ramez Removals sticker.†. Caesar went below to blow up the ship but was captured as he attempted to follow Blackbeard's last order. The iron ring is long gone, of course, and only the legend remains. Boe Pent, who was born in Key West in 1810 and lived to the age of 105, boasted of having seen Black Caesar.

This was the start of his life as a pirate as the two operated for years in the area.

The days of small-time piracy and the longboat ploy were over for Black Caesar and he started to build a piracy business. ACCORDING TO PENT'S RECollections, Caesar was an African tribal chief widely admired for his enormous size and magnificent appearance -- the Arnold Schwarzenegger of African princes. Caesar won by killing his long-time friend. Separating the apocryphal from the absolute truth about Black Caesar proves as futile as Commodore Monroe's search for the pirate's treasure trove. On the night of 6 June he tried to steal food from Zachariah Clark, the "house of the colony's assistant commissary for stores", and was caught by a convict named William Saltmarsh.[3]. The correct symbol order is gathered from the "Strange doodle" clue discovered at the crime scene (Cherry, Bell, WIN). In the case of Blackbeard’s demise, Black Caesar was to light the gunpowder on the ship but was halted by Maynard’s men. When you are investigating the junkie's apartment you will find a piece of paper with a 'strange doodle' drawn upon it (in fact, easily recognisable slot machine symbols, specifically: cherry, golden bell, and the word "WIN"). Caesar Le Grande, outmanned and out-gunned, shouted dire threats, but loaded his people aboard ship and set fire to his camp. Fortunately for Caesar, a ship's mate took a liking to him and supplied him with food and drink. That didn’t stop some opportunists from rising from the fog. Surprised when the ship's crew attempted to take him prisoner, Caesar fought ferociously but was eventually overwhelmed. Found inside the radio after discovering the secret stash. The ship left Africa with the defeated prince chained in its hold. SOURCES Caesar escaped from custody in December 1795 and led a gang of absconders in the Port Jackson area.
No one ever knew how he had procured the boat or how he subsequently managed to build a fleet of trading vessels.

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