Prodigy A Math game #To catch Shivertusk in Prodigy - YouTube Posted: (22 days ago) Posted: (2 days ago) Shivertusk made a return at 2020 in Crystal Caverns This pet was considered as one of the rarest pets in Prodigy until Prodigy updated the game. Plantelement spells 3. The battling area can either look like a snowy clearing bordered with ledges, snow-capped trees, and rainbow quartz crystals. ^_^ Inside of the caverns, battles look to be inside of a crystal cave. The area from the map appears to be from an alpine region completely bare of vegetation and full of steep cliffs and snow. I finally got Shivertusk! The overworld area actually has caves, trees, outer areas, furniture, statues, castle walls, and more. Stormelement spells 2. Crystals of many different colors dot the area as though the entire mine ran on quartz. Fireelement spells 2. Winston Von Loot(even though it's a boss it's listed as an NPC as well) Astralelement spells Waterelement spells 2. It took 3 tries, I couldn't figure out how to get rid of my Shades, the od pet book was so much more simpler. This pet is weak against: 1. Shadowelement spells This pet is powerful against: 1. Iceelement spells This pet is neutral against: 1.

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