These safes have fire rated gypsum interior linings with a 1 hour 45 minute / 1250° Degree Fire Rating, making them one of the most secure fire resistant safes in its class. One of the most convenient features on the Dakota Safe is the use of a power strip right inside your safe. With the addition of the Slip Clutch the inner bolt works are safe from this kind of attack. The motion sensor works easily enough when the door is opened, it senses the movement and turns on the lights. The Slip Clutch essentially slips out of gear when the Handles are being forced in the opposite direction of the main functionality of the safe. . Dakota Safe Company wanted to bring a bit more appeal to the look of our Dakota line of safes. In reality, they are true. Terry Pratt with his wife Toni Pratt and their daughter Alyssa (who is the model of the site) pictured in the Fresno Bee newspaper. Dakota Safes have the Anti-Pry Tabs attached to the bolt works on each end of the interior bolt works. However, if you’re looking to purchase high quality gun safe, you must explore an array of Dakota safes being offered at This will always be the case. Essentially a secondary lock that engages during a drill attack and thus properly named a Re-Locker System. This allows you to lock the dial in the open position so that you may be able to open the door throughout the day without having to dial in the combination each time. The exterior of all Dakota safe products have a durable textured powder coat finish that is sure to last the test of time. Having a gun can provide you with many benefits including protecting yourself and your family from odd situations. This allows an ease of access you will not get with a 90° degree open door. Product Finder: What Is Important To You? Terry takes the time to educate his customers on buying safes and share his expertise. He has had some training in fire investigation by one of the premier fire investigators of California during the time he experimented/tested his fire safe. Existing User code 1234 then press # to enter 2. All safes come with gray fabric interiors, including the gun and storage shelving. Because we are truly manufacturing the safes here, we are capable of doing many customizations the majority of gun safe manufacturers can't do. All of these features combine to give the Dakota an impressive 1 hour 45 minute at 1250° degree fire rating. The Dakota Line of safes uses a continuously welded body system made from 10 gauge steel. The most any safe can do is "Resist" fire as long as it can. Most safes come with a small hole in the back of their safe so that you may run a cord through to power a light kit or dehumidifier. This feature is more important than most would think, but those of you who have had shelves with out this type of support you will know the result all to well. The Dakota safe power strip has three 110 plugs available with the addition of two USB power supply ports as well. Dakota safes are built with heavy 10 gauges steel and come in one color, Textured Gun Metal Grey. Even though the safe may not actually be in the fire the house will get smoke damage throughout. Terry was an industrial machine repairmen at another compa. The addition of decorative hinge caps adds to the overall feel of the safe and makes it more appealing in general. Provided the purchasers home owners insurance fails to cover the more . If claim is found to be valid, we will send a replacement or repaired safe to the customer, freight prepaid. Each Door Organizer is made of durable nylon and is fully attached to the inner door panel and fastened to the board with screws and screw caps for an added level of completeness. Dakota Safes come standard with a light kit installed and a door organizer system. The only exclusion is the DS10 which has a 90 minute 1250° degree fire rating. The line of Dakota Safes features a Keyed Combination Lock in its design. Liberty Gun Safe - Presidential Series 25 - USA Made 22 Gun Safe - 2.5 Hours @ 1200° Fire Rating. He is more than a jack of all trades, he is someone who utilizes his talents on an everyday basis. It is recommended that you change both of these codes prior to use. Terry has done tremendous amounts of prototype work for safes, tool boxes, and oil field separator tanks. American supplies are also purchased as much as possible. This is a simple plug and play feature that Dakota is happy to offer to all those who choose to purchase a Dakota Safe. Word of mouth keeps us thriving, so when you get your Sturdy Safe, be sure to spread the word and help us out. On lower range safes, the hinge side of the door only had dead bolts which are inactive. There are many safes out there that claim to be fire "proof". The proof is in the welds and Dakota sports proof of fully continuous welds in every safe they build. When exposed to heat Palusol® expands with the development of a fine-porous, compression resistant, non-combustible seal creating a foaming pressure up to 5 times its thickness. This light kit can be purchased separately and installed with ease in any safe. Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. With this kind of feature your safe will hold more than you would have thought possible before. The "Active" phrase refers to the fact all the bolts on each side of the door "move". The company is currently being ran by the 4th generation to be working at the property. All safes come with expanding door seals made to expand at higher temperatures and a cold smoke seal to better seal your valuables from smoke and water damage. Dakota Safe Company has had its fair share of ups and downs when it comes to the look of our safes. The capacity and use of your shelves are completely up to your and your taste. Damaged safe must be returned to Dakota Safe Company or its authorized agent for evaluation, freight prepaid along with a full police or fire Marshall report. The Dakota safes feature a five spoke Black Chrome handle and Combination dial. By listening to customers, understanding work environments and paying great attention to detail, Dakota has crafted a full line of quality workwear, safety footwear, non-slip shoes and work accessories. Each safe provides enough shelves to make the racks on the wall side of the safe into three separate shelves. Experience has shown that this is the most appealing type of carpet to have in the interior of our safes. This feature comes standard on all shelves that span the full length of the safe. When the bolt begins to bend the Anti-Pry Tab attached to the back end of the bolt works will make contact with the door and effectively stop any further movement of the bolts. You can read and watch many videos showing how easy it is to break open a safe with only a hand sledge. The underlying material has a problem of bowing out of shape when kept under constant pressure. We also have no costly markups because we have low overhead costs since we own the buildings and machinery. These door organizer systems provide an extra amount of usable space to stretch out the, at times, limited space that is already available and gives you the means to organize your items in an even better fashion. The steel support fits on the the existing shelf support system and provides a never wavering amount of strength to the shelf, giving it the added capacity to hold more weight indefinitely. However, if the gun isn’t kept safe, then there is a strong possibility that someone could get to it and the results could be harmful. Aerial Shot- 2 of 4 warehouses of Sturdy Gun Safe Company. American supplies are also purchased as much as possible. Each safe will come with adjustable shelving heights. By Gun-Safe-Guru, on July 26th, 2017. in earning every dollar with hard work, and that dosen't give us much time for vacations. Without a Slip Clutch, the handles could be force-ably maneuvered to then break the inner bolt works of the door and allow the bolts that secure the door to fall away or be pushed out of the way to gain access to the safe. The "Cold Smoke" seal which essentially creates a vacuum seal for the interior of the safe. Quick View. General Information: Sturdy Gun Safe Inc. is one of the best commercial gun and vault door manufacturers in the USA. No more running and cutting and installing plug heads on a piece of wire. Sturdy Safe is a stepping stone of experience for people looking to get jobs in steel fabrication, so Terry takes the time to teach them as well.

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