It's whipped up wind gusts as high as 160 kilometres an hour and waves as big as 10 metres in the Cook Strait. High winds lifted roofs on some Wellington homes. Jacky Charms’s boyfriend, who was driving along a motorway in Fontana, California, filmed a … Fierce gale-force wind wallopped Wellingtonians on Thursday, including a cyclist who was blown around by the coastal gusts. As for the worst spots to be, Wellington City Council's most recent data divides the city into five levels of windiness. A tree also came down in that area of the gorge on Thursday morning.

", As whitecaps cover the ocean in the background, one of the men helping the woman attempts to return to the car, but struggles as the gusts continue to pummel the area. A powerful storm has caused chaos across the Wellington region - felling trees, lifting roofs and damaging a grandstand at a Lower Hutt sports ground. The infamous Wahine storm of 1968 saw gusts upwards of 200km/h, while over the hill in the Wairarapa, windswept Castlepoint and Cape Palliser have seen peak gusts in the same territory. A gale force wind is a sustained strong wind, registering between 7-10 on the Beaufort Scale, which indicates wind speeds of between 50 and 102 km/h (32 - 63 mph). Live: All Black Richie Mo'unga causing havoc for the Wallabies with two tries in six minutes ... read more, Election 2020: Green Party votes to be part of next Government with Labour, Election 2020: Labour caught selling off state homes to tenants after rubbishing National policy, Man killed, 11 injured, at off-roading event in Otago, Death by appointment: Mum went out the way she wanted to go, Moving day at Matatā - the end of one family's fight against managed retreat, Silver Ferns star Katrina Rore announces pregnancy, Quiz: Afternoon trivia quiz: October 31, 2020, BNZ customer quit bank, refusing to believe his girlfriend was a scammer, Covid-19: Seven new cases in managed isolation, none in the community, Kelly Osbourne shows off 38kg weight loss at birthday party. Passenger Kelvin King filmed the waves of Wellington Harbour smashing over the train tracks as he rode into the capital from the Hutt Valley. Wellington writer Miraz Jordan lives about 30 metres from the summit of Mt Victoria, near Alexandra Rd.

Contractors were keeping an eye on it. And we haven't had anything like the one excruciating Wellington October where the city saw 30 days of winds surpassing gale force. Those kinds of freak speeds, recorded on Hawkins Hill near Brooklyn, are easily in hurricane territory. People sit and eat outside in some spots now where once that was preposterous. A time for blossom on the trees, new growth, hope. To mitigate such conditions, Donn has helped Wellington develop serious building rules around wind over the past 25 years. "All of the sudden this woman came along," Jooste told Newshub. I mean, a) it's a cool city, b) it's windy, and it allows them to get out and sail.". Otaihanga Domain in Paraparaumu was closed due to surface water and ponding. "Last night was horrific, I thought my house was going to take off in Miramar," one person said. Victoria University school of architecture senior lecturer Michael Donn agrees. Bicycle would've been hilarious," said another. "You can't do much about it. Gusts from thunderstorms may also come from a different direction than the average wind direction. Read the … A Christchurch family visiting the capital found themselves stuck there until Friday night after their 11am flight was cancelled and nothing else was available.

It gets very windy at times – like today. It landed on its second attempt but a steering issue was noted while taxiing to the terminal. Auckland's winds, by contrast, get over over 65km/h on only about 50 days of the year, while Christchurch averages 60 such days and Invercargill 90. Video shared online shows a female cyclist attempting to hold onto her bike, which is being thrown around in the wind along Evans Bay Parade in Wellington.

The main highway in and out of Wellington reopened in both directions about an hour later after the sign was secured. Surface flooding was reported on Sylvan Ave in Waikanae, Kents Rd in Reikorangi and Waitohu Valley Rd in Otaki. It's not just suburban areas that have to deal with high winds. And who cops the worst of it around town? Giant waves are breaking over the road at Lowry Bay, Eastbourne, making driving treacherous. Winds on the city's streets can whip above 23 metres/second  a speed the city council's wind design guidelines labels "totally unsuitable for walking". Lyall Bay homeowner Gorges Dawood originally from Iraq, with a section of the neighbours roof that was blown onto his house during the storm that hit Welington in 2008. "We have people moving from overseas for that simple reason. Multiple flights in and out of Wellington Airport were cancelled on Thursday, leaving passengers stranded. Sculptures on Cobham Dr on the way to Wellington Airport celebrate the city's windy reputation. How windy is your street?

Wellington is celebrating its gusty reputation afresh with the ''Wellington  Blown Away'' sign set for the hill beside the Miramar cutting. The Featherston St-Stout St intersection, where a woman was filmed falling over in a gale earlier this year, has got worse. And there are warnings of heavy rain. I'm sick of seeing pictures of trampolines today where they've obviously not been secured and so they've taken off like Mary Poppins," he said. It's made a difference in the central city, he says. The southerly storm caused flooding in Discovery Drive, Whitby, as it hit the Wellington region. Commuter trains did not fare as well, with delays on all lines during the morning rush on account of the adverse weather and fallen debris on train tracks. Wind and rain lash the road at Moa Point and Lyall Bay. Keen windsurfer Danny McPhee says there's no shortage of times or places that are suitable for the sport in Wellington.

''It's way above comfortable for walking.". Police were warning people in the Wellington region to avoid any unnecessary travel.
So how deserved is all the ''Windy Wellington'' notoriety?

"It's pretty much the windiest city in the world, as far as strength of wind and average amount of days go.". Tom Fitzsimons reports. We just happen to be at the windiest part of it.". Aimee Feck and Greer, 9, battle the wind to get to holiday accommodation in Lyall Bay, during the Wellington storm. A truck has been filmed being blown over and crushing a car in gale force winds. Metservice meteorologist Daniel Corbett says lakeside Chicago has an average wind-speed of about 18km/h, where Wellington Airport's is 29km/h. Ropes were once necessary on an intersection like Taranaki St and Courtenay Place, but changes to nearby buildings have improved the area. Based on the 40 per cent rule of thumb, the table below shows the potential gust you could expect for different forecast average wind speeds and associated wind warning category. Our reporters around the country give the latest. 248km/h  The highest gust of wind ever recorded in Wellington29km/h  The average wind speed at Wellington Airport; 18km/h  Chicago's average wind speed104km/h  The highest gust at Wellington Airport this spring, on November 28th233  The number of days winds topped gale-force speed in Wellington's windiest year.

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