Okay, thank you, Gale and [Speech Overlap]. So maybe just explain how you deal with that and then separately, and I agree with everything that you had said earlier about nat gas. It's the happy marriage between the quality projects that we see in the pipeline that we are very interested in and our tax appetite. Really appreciate it guys. Remember we had two warmer than normal summers, back to back. It's just the known projects that have actually started turning there ready. Overall, we are continuing to perform at a high level on track and focused on delivering value for our customers and our stockholders. Looking forward, we expect that 2020 effective tax rate to be in the range of 16% to 17%. Grade 5 - Competency Goal 4 The learner will But as you know we're slowly starting with the PTCs work into 2021 than [Indecipherable]. And with the addition of Coyote Ridge Wind Farm in South Dakota, which went commercial at the end of last year and will give us a full year this year, we would expect $0.03 a quarter from the infrastructure investments in wind. You could probably go back in terms of when we're we last below 1%, whatever year with gas natural gas prices got to double digits I think we did not grow meaningfully at all in terms of natural gas demand from the retail side of the business. We're right in the middle of that range now. The Tatanka Ridge site will consist of 56 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 155 megawatts. Everyone has a O&M takeout opportunities, efficiencies to gain. And then just lastly, Gale, it's a little bit more of a policy question. This excludes gas used for power generation. We have those funds they're tied up, specifically for the deferred comp. And finally, a word about our dividend policy. So basically our forecast now is based on customer growth. We continue to see customer growth across our system. Application form. Project has a 12-year offtake agreement with Google Energy LLC for all of the energy produced. Operating income at our Other state segment decreased $3.5 million. Your next question comes from Vedula Murti with Avon Capital. That is currently $16 a month, or $192 a year. Your next question comes from Praful Mehta with Citigroup. This was fully offset by a reduction in tax expense. So when we say modest taxpayer, for example, I think Scott mentioned $15 million to $20 million this year, so I hope that put things in context for you. Now, I'll briefly review where we stand in our four-state jurisdictions. Kevin, all yours. Thanks for the call. Removal requires a minimum of 10 days. Is it balance sheet opportunity for specific projects, is it that 10% ceiling, you just mentioned. Our policy is to pay out in a range of 65% to 70% of earnings. Michael Lapides -- Goldman Sachs -- Analyst. It's really driven by the interviews that our people have with our key account customers and feedback into our projections. Our consolidated income tax expense net of tax repairs decreased by $42 million. As in many ways, the rabbi trust is -- the earnings in the rabbi trust offset the cost of some of our benefit plans. Your next question comes from Greg Gordon with Evercore ISI. With a strong union workforce we have a stronger middle-class. Be happy to. I know. I appreciate all the color. Notify us of special or unique subdivision control ordinances — both municipal and developer driven. So do you have sort of a mental ceiling of how big that could be as far as earnings mix? Recall a significant portion of earnings from these wind farms come in the form of production tax credits, which are recognized as an offset to income tax expense. And now I'll briefly touch on our 2020 sales forecast for our Wisconsin segment. The other thing that I'll just will add is technology continues to evolve on the gas side, we'll continue to be in a part of that and looking at it. Our ongoing work to modernize Chicago's natural gas delivery network is key to achieving this goal. Milwaukee Tool will invest $100 million in a large multipurpose campus north west of the city in Menomonee Falls.

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