Slice the cucumber into sushi sized pieces. Insert the rice into the cucumber halves, and compact it to one side, so that there's room for the other ingredients. Be careful … Cut the top and tail of one cucumber. You form 8 sushi rolls … Insert a slice of avocado and some pepper slices and then more rice to fill any gaps. These vegetarian Cucumber Sushi Rolls are packed with bell peppers and avocado, but you can also add crispy tofu (like in these Tofu Stuffed Cucumber Sushi Rolls), sautéed portobello … While living as a vegan in Japan several years ago, I became very familiar with basic vegan sushi combinations when eating out: cucumber roll, avocado roll, cucumber and carrots, and maybe even some pickled radish if I wanted to go a little cray cray. Scoop out the seeds and half of the cucumber flesh from each piece. Cut the cucumber into 8 pieces, each about 4 cm long.

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