these are awesome. [4] From the beginning, powering the work proved troublesome as the voltage internal to the subway system was too high to power the piece, and ConEd refused to join a line to MTA property. and then, with one fell swoop, in a span of just a few years, it was gone. The goal was to turn the gritty Times Square that was into a place that welcomed people of all ages. He also watched the area over webcam and worked to discourage street performers as he was worried their sounds would interfere with Times Square. keep 'em coming! Stop with your NYC expert act already! Seems to this LES native that we could use a few more Jeremiahs out there, alongside old cranks like yourself.That said, I imagine there's a less heated, more nuanced approach to your writing. As part of their marketing plan, the New York Times greated the New Year with fireworks, which were then replaced with the iconic lowering of a Waterford crystal ball. Well, let's see...a lifetime of political activism and community organizing, served on community boards, school board, historical preservation committees, written books & articles about NYC, teach courses on NYC, years of mentoring young people in reading, writing, communication skills,years of volunteering at various NYC Museums...'I'm talkin' loud, and I'm sayin'plenty! The early '90's were already "Giuliani Time." We loved to drink heavily in lowdown bars where we could be left alone but entertained by the colorful clientele. These photos were taken right around the time that the city pretty much closed down all the porno theaters, sex shops, and grindhouses on the block. The guy does all of us a service, which must be why you post here regularly. Times Square 1 | © CC-BY-SA-3.0/Matt H. Wade/WikiCommons. Today 42nd Street is home to some of the top tourist destinations in New York City — Grand Central Station, the United Nations, the Chrysler Building, and flashy Times Square are all big draws for visitors. the early to mid 90s was 42nd St's last gasp of smut. Times Square in the 1990's? Dear Jamie,You will find images of 42nd street, the meat market (and other NY locations in the nineties) on my personal blog... believe you might find them interesting.thank you for sharing the link on your site if regards,Greg, Jeremiah dad owned a restaurant called Western Beefburger from the early 60s until he was pushed out during the very early stages of the redevelopment project The building owners went bankrupt and when his lease ran out the bank ownership kept him on a month to month basis. Which some people say was for the better. [4][6] There is no signage or marking to denote the piece as a work of art per Neuhaus's request. The industry collapsed just as it was taking off. Discover the city's most unique and surprising places and events for the curious mind. yes it does seem like most posters here think life began in 1990. but "J" also has a great back-round of very old new york. What a truly amusing little tirade aimed at me from 'Grand St.'!Who do I think I am? Just down the street from Port Authority on 8th Avenue, the Show World Center was a complete sex facility, with strippers, peep shows, video booths, and a large selection of adult movies, magazines, and novelties. My parents used to take me there during the 80's almost every month. Arriving in NYC AFTER 1990 disqualifies you from EVER knowing the real New York! [3] Times Square was one of a grouping of sound art pieces he created throughout the 1970s in public places in New York City. This era was largely characterized by the prohibition of alcohol consumption, which so many New Yorkers promptly defied. i know NYC from the 1950s. that's about it. I never went in, we were spending too much time at the Savoy Bar on 41st which was scary but entertaining and sleazy. Here's what it was like. Times Square was at the height of its cultural reputation during this time—a reputation that would start to take a turn for the worse at the start of The Great Depression, and not fully be restored until 70 years later. Max Neuhaus was a contemporary music maker and artist credited with being the first person to use sound as their primary medium in contemporary art. I can go on for ever but here why I'm commenting. that's what i love about tough native new yorkers like yourself--always keeping things interesting. Other works from the same time period include Walkthrough, in what is now Jay Street–MetroTech station, and A New Work (Underground) in the Museum of Modern Art's garden. ok, contest? By the '90's, the majority if the sex-businesses had already left Times' Square and moved to either 8th Avenue by the Port Authority or to 6th Avenue in Chelsea. Cora Cahan, a native New Yorker and president of The New 42nd Street, said her organization had the challenge of finding new uses for the old theaters on the block -- no small task considering the neighborhood's nefarious reputation. alot of stuff they like really was an awful change, & WE who were born here, hated it. He called me back because he wanted a nickel change. Doesn't mean they're all "disqualified" as New Yorkers.Regarding your credentials, certain aspects of your c.v. are clearly laudable, but service on a community board-for one thing-is not ipso facto proof of one's status as ideal gatekeeper of New York (Too many liquor licenses and all that.) Wasn't there a bar there called the Port Authority Bar, something like that. Between 7th and 8th Avenues. Families were now flocking to the new and safe Times Square. through Times Square So I grab my guitar and I fly down 42nd street And I stopped in Times Square And played my song, here's a little ditty for NY. Thanks, Debunker, who the f%$# do you think you are, Travis Bickle? Photo by Gregoire Alessandrini, Times Square Theater. Today, close to one million people from around the world gather to watch the ball drop annually, making Times Square the official site in which to celebrate the New Year across the United States. He opened the street grate on a pedestrian island between Broadway and Seventh Avenue, between 45th and 46th Streets, and climbed down into a steam escape vent shaft that is visible through the grate. Neuhaus described the area in 1977 saying, "The aural and visual environment is rich and complex. Even the early 1980's? Photo by Gregoire Alessandrini, Empire Theater. Even so, it took years to transform the area into the “Disney-fied” tourist trap it is today. [1] Also in 2016 New York introduced "Designated Activity Zones" throughout Times Square where street musicians and costumed characters are allowed to perform for tips. "The problem used to be that you couldn't get through Times Square without getting mugged or killed, and then by the 2000s, the problem was you couldn't get through Times Square because it was so crowded. Time Square’s resurgence in the 1990s, with the introduction of large tourist-friendly stores, theatres, and restaurants, is often credited to advocacy by Mayor Rudy Giuliani and to investment in the area by the Disney Company. & the 1960s, big deal. As part of a cleanup project led by Mayor Rudy Giuliani, places that were known for their seedier entertainment, such as the Victory and Empire theaters, were reclaimed and redesigned. All of them? all along the block and along 8th were peep shows, adult book shops, and places to see simulated sex acts. In the 1970s and 1980s, every movie theatre located on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenue was X-rated, and prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, and criminals were out on the streets, causing fights, shootings, and stabbings. 'With the invention of neon and the rise of Broadway shows, the area slowly became the entertainment center of the city.'. God, was that a time! These Photos Show The Last Days Of Old, Sleazy Times Square. I'm not keeping up the blog like I used to. When Manhattan Island was first settled by the Dutch, three small streams united near what is now 10th Avenue and 40th Street. Today, Times Square heaves with tourists as one of the most famous and widely visited locations in the world. a.k.a. The now ultra-touristy Times Square in particular was a breeding ground for crime, drug addiction, and plenty of X-rated peep shows. They were? In 1981, Rolling Stone magazine called West 42nd Street, located in the heart of Times Square, the "sleaziest block in America.". Not going to jump into the 'which era of Times Square was more *real*' fray, but yeah, by the time these photos were shot, the circus had already left town. My memories of Times Square were filled with mobs and mobs of people in the 60s, 70s, even in the 80s. the brick buildings, which were indeed all quite low, and everything they contained, were gone. Always looking for great pics of the Deuce. In 1998, the Empire was moved further down 42nd Street to serve as a ticket lobby for a new 25-screen cinema. Their steaks were better than Tad's, which was nearby. His check was 90 cents and he paid with a dollar bill. Intro. Follow Business Insider Australia on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Today it's a McDonalds...ugghhhh.I can be reached at Mayor Rudy Giuliani decided to clamp down on the sex-shops instead. I should have been patient, for about 2 posts later there it was: Terminal Bar. maybe you're thinking of Port 41? I was suddenly transported back to my childhood, holding my father's hand as we headed through Times Square to a Broadway show. 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