So small, in fact, the first wheelchair Davis was recently sent was too big to maneuver there.The chair Davis received couldn't clear small corners or fit in the bathroom, allowing him the independence he wants. "He was getting out of the tub and slipped backwards," she said.Despite the accident, Carter said Davis is full of life and wanted to set off fireworks that year.In the time it took for Davis to light the fuse, Carter said his wheelchair shut down; when he tried to move away, it didn't work immediately.Carter said the whole family was screaming, worried Carter would get hurt. All Rights Reserved, Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Britain, Commercial Preventative Lift Maintenance (PPM), Lifts on the Double – Making the School Facilities Accessible for Everyone, Satin finish anodised aluminium rail with 80 mm x 160 mm profile, Built to the following standards: CE, BS, TüV, SA and ISO9386-2. Whether the user is travelling standing or seated in a wheelchair, they can always feel safe when using Terry Lifts’ products. "Once we learned Terry needed a new power wheelchair, we had to help. Learn more, Contact us with your questions and we’ll answer, day or night. In it, Davis lights a firework with family while his cousin Eldraco Wooten records the moment.Carter said Davis's hand shakes, symptomatic of the incident that left him wheelchair bound in the first place. Known for a viral video, 'Back it up, Terry' Davis needs a new wheelchair. ", "So many people say they have enjoyed it," Carter said. If there is any doubt about this or it is not possible because it is for example a studwork wall, then the lift will need to be mounted on the stair treads using steel stanchions or pillars. Wooten shouted in the video.Once they realized Davis was OK though, Carter only had one thing on her mind. Is the lift for domestic or public access use? Your Take: How will young voters impact the 2020 election? This will depend on the angle of the stairs and the position of the bulkhead. View a case study of a similar product: A site survey will determine the answer to the stair width question. He participated in the 2000 Summer Paralympics, where his team came in fourth place; in the 2004 … "Put it in reverse, Terry!" Choose Terry Lifts with confidence and give us a call today on 01565 752 800 to speak to an advisor about how we can meet your requirements. Terry Lifts Employee Named Apprentice Of The Year, Copyright 2020 Terry Lifts. On the S7 CR, the lift can be operated remotely by an attendant with a wander lead. The standard weight capacity is 225 kg, however, there is an option to increase this to 300 kg which will accommodate the vast majority of electric wheelchairs. The S7 CR operates on a standard 240 V AC supply, however, there is an option to have a battery back power supply. Our comprehensive offering includes platform lifts, step lifts, through floor lifts, home elevators, passenger lifts, portable wheelchair lifts and goods lifts. People have raised more money on GoFundMe than anywhere else. He became emotional as he talked to WMC about the donation. MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Annette Carter said she has an ordinary family, but you might know one member in particular: her son, Terry.Forty-two-year-old Antario "Terry" Davis's claim to fame is a viral video from a couple of years ago. 1960 Union AvenueMemphis, TN 38104(901) 726-0555. "I was overjoyed [and] ... extremely happy," said Davis, 42. ... Forty-two-year-old Antario "Terry" Davis's claim to fame is a viral video from a couple of years ago. Terry tackled this new challenge with his usual gusto. Copyright 2020 Terry Lifts. When you have an access need – whether it’s for a home or for a public facility – Terry Lifts can help you. This will depend on the length of the platform selected and the angle of the stairs. ". (Rick and Terry were of the same mold; later Rick, a paraplegic, would push his wheelchair around the world, and he never failed to give credit to Terry, the friend who inspired him.) What building works are required to install the lift? Our dear friend, Terri Nida, is quadriplegic and needs our help purchasing a new wheelchair. “I appreciate all my fans, all the people out there rooting for me, I’m very very happy,” said Terry. They kept all noise and disruption down to a minimum and worked with amazing care until the job was finished. We have the utmost admiration for your installation team. The Terry S7 SR Inclined Platform Stair Lift is the ideal solution for wheelchair and disabled access on straight staircases. Will the lift be wall mounted or does the lift have to be mounted on stanchions on the stair treads? Does the lift need to be Part M of the Building regulations compliant? The lift you installed is all you promised and I cannot speak too highly of your installation engineers! We go beyond the rigorous design and testing standards, seeking to strengthen existing codes of practice and specifications to improve safety for individuals using our lifts. Davis re-enacted his famous video with the new chair. He was excellent and worked very hard. She also needs a wheelchair that can tilt backward, and with a special cushion, to avoid pressure sores. The platform needs to land fully on the lower floor and allow the access and agrees ramps to unfold. She said Davis fell in a bathtub when he was in his late 20s, leaving him partially paralyzed. How much room is needed at the bottom of the stairs? You might remember Antario Davis from a 2017 video that quickly caught the attention of the internet, including rapper Snoop Dogg and comedian Rickey Smiley. We also offer a complete lift servicing, repair and modernisation/refurbishment service. Electrical supply as detailed in the lift power requirements. When you have an access need – whether it’s for a home or for a public facility – Terry Lifts can help you. "Some people say when they're down, they'll go back and listen to the 'back it up, Terry' video, and it brings joy to them. These are just a few of the needs for the chair. This will depend on many factors e.g. Learn more. The money raised by the GoFundMe drive, more than $32,000, will go toward the vehicle and modifying Davis' home to make it more accessible, according to Bria. All Rights Reserved, Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Britain, Commercial Preventative Lift Maintenance (PPM), We are implementing a return to work strategy, lift servicing, repair and modernisation/refurbishment service, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certificated, Products comply with British Standards (BS) and the latest EU Safety Standards where applicable, Member of LEIA (Lifts & Escalator Industry Association). We knew iLevel would be beneficial to Terry, not just in escaping lit fireworks, but in regaining some of his independence.". "I appreciate everybody," he said. "It helps me to move around the house, and I'm able to go to different places with it.". With more than 50 years’ experience in the lift industry, we are known for our unique capability in design, manufacturing, project management and aftercare. There is also a cover that can be provided as an option, which is always a good idea when the lift is located outdoors. A Gray Media Group, Inc. Station - © 2002-2020 Gray Television, Inc. Man from viral 'Back up Terry' video gets new wheelchair. "The world is not designed around seated height, and unfortunately, wheelchair users for too long have been excluded from many everyday functional tasks and interactions beyond their physical reach," Jay Brislin, vice president of Quantum Rehab, said in a statement. It’s officially time to break out the Halloween candy if you haven’t already. Terri’s wheelchair gives her great independence to wheel around the facility where she lives, to visit with other residents (including her father), to go outside in the sunshine, to drive into her wheelchair … Terry Lifts offer a wide range of reliable platform, step, through floor, wheelchair and goods lifts for use in the home or commercial & public buildings. Lifts on the Double – Making the School Facilities Accessible for Everyone, Contact us today for free, no-obligation advice on any of our products and services. The type of wall the lift can be fixed to can vary, however, the wall needs to withstand the pull out push in loads that will be imposed as a result of the lift operating under full load throughout the length of the wall the lift rails are fixed to.

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