That means the teachers on our trips can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that we know exactly what they need from a trip and how to achieve it. How to Say I Love You in Chinese – Romantic Word List, Chinese Keyboard: How to Install and Type in Chinese, Golden Week in Autumn – The Chinese National Day, How to Celebrate April Fools’ Day in Chinese. Now you have a basic understanding about Chinese iconic educator Confucius, his famous quotes, and also how Chinese people celebrate teacher’s day. It became an official holiday in 1985, though the Chinese have long considered teaching to be one of the most 受人尊敬的 (shòu rén zūn jìng de), or “respectable,” professions. 义 (Yì) – righteousness to do good and keep promises. Anton passed away last month, but he will always live in my heart.”, Adam, Academic Manager: “My university geology professor, Dr. Benison, will always be one of the most influential people in my life. Many schools also allow for class celebrations on this day, which might make up for the fact that teachers don’t get this day off work. : “仁慈 (Réncí)” means “, ) – righteousness to do good and keep promises. .

RELATED READING: Top Service Learning Tours in China. Autumn is in the air, and what could be a more comfortable time to enjoy China’s most important holiday? I see someone with good qualities, I’ll. While modern-day Teacher’s Day celebrations may not be as lavish as in times past, this holiday still holds an important place in Chinese society. : “仁慈 (Réncí)” means “benevolence.”. Full introduction with both Chinese and English subtitles included.

On this day of celebration, we asked our educational travel team who they’re most thankful for in helping to shape the people they have become today.

At WildChina Education, we happily celebrate teachers whenever we’re given the opportunity. China now has 17.32 million full-time teachers at different levels. Dr. Benison herself was a perfect model of working towards what you love at all costs, as she was one of the very few, brave women that impacted geology as a science during a time when it was dominated by men.

The disciples of Confucius also play important roles for collecting and recording down Confucius’ teaching contents, his philosophy, speeches and interactions with his students. The birthday of Confucius is traced back to September 28th, around. So following we’re going to talk about the origin of Chinese Teacher’s day, how do Chinese people normally celebrate, and also introducing some quotes from Confucius. On a smaller scale, students sometimes hold a Western-style competition for “Most Popular Teacher.”. RELATED READING: Celebrating the Women of WildChina Education. The most popular Teacher’s Day celebration in China is that of visiting the school or university from which one graduated. Know About Chinese Traditional Death Care Industry – Almost Heaven and Other films, [Guest Post] Tips for living and learning Chinese in China, Learn Chinese song – “Step by Step” by Mayday. This is a day students should give most of their respect and thoughtfulness to their teachers. In many Arab nations, educators are celebrated on February 28th. All teachers were given the day off of work, bestowed with gifts of dried meat, and the very best teachers were also given silver coins. It’s an old country that has built its own ... Do you often feel lonely and sad? Undoubtedly, Confucius (孔子, Kǒngzǐ, or “Master Kong”) is one of the most influential figures in Chinese history. He hoped that I could combine the theory with my work experience when writing my thesis. We’re on hand to help you get the information you need about travel in China, whenever you need it. In China, Teacher’s day is celebrated on September 10 every year, to indicate the deep respect that Chinese society holds for teachers. Is there any different way to celebrate teacher’s day in your countries? Fed survey finds tepid growth as US economy battles pandemic. However, Chinese Teacher’s Day does not have a day-off! There’s an old saying that goes: “Three to respect: the emperor, father, and teacher.”. On Teacher’s Day, China offers recognition for its teachers through awards ceremonies. Therefore, unlike many international holidays, teacher’s days around the world have different dates from country to country. Robin, Academic Manager: “Dear Mr. Shallal, my math teacher in the 9th grade! Briefly speaking, the core ethical concepts in Confucianism focus on the five virtues: The five virtues of Confucianism (the order: from right to left; in traditional Chinese characters.

Most don’t just teach you reading, writing, and arithmetic. One of the most important and classic collections is The Analects, or “Analects of Confucius” (论语, Lúnyǔ). We’re not robots; we’re real people, travel designers here to help you. We hope to see you around. She inspired me to learn singing, drama, and leadership – to experience life as much as possible. Normally if we think of the celebration, “day-off” comes to our mind. Amedee shares 7 things you should know about Taiwan. Sending flowers, cards, and celebrating with classmates and teachers are the typical ways to celebrate. Besides celebrating the birth of Confucius, the Chinese treated their teachers well on this day. The disciples of Confucius also play important roles for collecting and recording down Confucius’ teaching contents, his philosophy, speeches and interactions with his students. Here’s the video of the ceremony of Confucius in Taipei Confucius Temple. Today is the 35th Chinese Teachers' Day – a festival celebrating the 2,300-year tradition of respecting teachers and education in China. What? Confucius’ speech cultivates Chinese’ ethical concepts and virtues.

In most cultures, it is custom to express gratitude in some way or another. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Here in China, we celebrate the teachers in our lives on September 10th. : 智慧 (Zhìhuì) means “wisdom.”, 信 (Xìn) – faithfulness, trust. Do you long for romance and are willing to do whatever it takes to meet that specia... Have you ever wondered why your speech or writing is so dry? One of the most important and classic collections is. Most everyone is familiar with this day, as it is celebrated nearly everywhere the world. From insightful blog posts like this one to numerous video and audio lessons for learners at every level, we have everything you need to achieve your language-learning goals. Confucius’ speech cultivates Chinese’ ethical concepts and virtues. She took care of me like I was her daughter. Ex. Confucius is commonly known as “, . Many countries have their teacher’s day based on the birthday of national iconic education figures. Bask in moonlight at Jioujhihze Hot Spring this fall. Isn’t it fascinating to see how old traditions carry over into modern times? For Robin, one of our Academic Managers, that means putting himself in the shoes of a student to think about how a destination like the Forbidden City can connect to their life in an impactful, fun way while applying skills in a classroom-without-walls environment. No matter your country is, there may be a national teacher’s day. And, of course, the most skilled gardeners grow the most beautiful flowers! And in China, teacher’s day is currently on September 10th. The teacher’s day was just celebrated in Taiwan last week on September 28th, 2017. He uses a lot of examples to open up our horizons and lets us focus on practice.

Perhaps the best gift for Teacher’s Day in China is 鲜花 (xiānhuā), or “fresh flowers.” In addition to the beauty and lovely scents of the flowers, they also correspond to an old metaphor about teachers (which we’ll talk about later!). Through large-scale online teaching, they met a variety of learning needs for 280 million students across the …

Unlike other teachers, Anton doesn’t like to teach us the knowledge in the textbook. “When three of us walk together, my accompanies might be my teachers. In commemorate of Confucius, the iconic educator in Chinese history, the birthday of him 9/28 is the teacher’s day in Taiwan. , or ‘the great sage and the first teacher.’ His philosophy of morality and justice, known as Confucianism, stands as one of the most widely-held belief systems in the Middle Kingdom – and that’s saying something for a secular nation like China. I see someone with good qualities, I’ll          follow them and learn; with bad qualities, I’ll avoid or correct bad qualities on myself. Ex. Therefore Confucius’ birthday is adopted as the origin of the teacher’s day in Taiwan. The Four Books and Five Classics of Confucianism. There are also other famous Chinese philosophers whose sayings are also classic in these Confucianism collections. Ex. Government officials hoped that emphasizing this holiday—and with it, the significance of teachers—would encourage more people to go into the educational field. Needless to say, they are definitely deserving of a holiday celebrating all they do. Some students would even wash their teachers’ feet to show their respect and humility. Schools often gift their best teachers with certificates and flowers for their hard work, and upper-level authorities present exceptional teachers with the Annual Excellent Teacher award. : 信仰 (Xìnyǎng) means “belief”, and 相信 (xiāngxìn) means “to believe.”. The dates of teacher’s day depending on different countries. Thanks to our educational background, we can craft award-winning experiential learning programs that satisfy a range of curriculum standards and outcomes. . We’re thankful to every teacher for their role in shaping the future of tomorrow and are so proud to play our part in students’ education. Teachers are respected and held in high esteem by their students—not just on Teacher’s Day, but year-round! Required fields are marked *. So revered was Confucius that even the Emperor, alongside great intellectuals, would worship him. In the United States, celebrations are held during Teacher Appreciation Week in May. Ex. Ex.

As mentioned, teacher’s day would be set based on the birthday of the great educator in the country. In addition, some schools would also hold their own funny activities, a chance to interact with teachers, giving appreciation to the hard-working and caring teachers. If you want to learn more about Chinese culture and the language, explore and our many useful features. : “义气 (Yìqì)” usually means the strong support and                        promises between true friends. Confucius is a great Chinese philosopher, teacher, and politician. President Tsai Ing-wen hopes for reduced tensions with China. They can also be your personal cheerleader and mentor, helping to mold you into a compassionate citizen of the world.

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