Use. Outrageous Rugby Songs . 6: Sin Along With Us, Odd Shaped Balls: 37 Saucy Rugby Songs [Disk 2], Joel Shaw & His Band [Dick Robertson - written(?) money, and so he got left in the lurch, Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media. This pirate edition is offset reprinted and purposefully removes Malcolm's introduction and the header with his name Home  |  After a hard fought game on the field, relaxation time in the bath and in the bar brought out the singing voices. Conditions of Listen to The Shower Room Squad now. Lyrics to 'Sweet Violets (MARY BETH)' by Sinead Oconnor. She expired in a terrible fit, lecture on horses and chickens and eggs Your email address will not be published. Sweet Violets. var sc_remove_link=1; The Alphabet [aka Hey Ho Says Rolly, aka The ABC Song], All Queers Together [aka The Sexual Life of the Camel], Sambo Was A Lazy Coon [w/ Vocalion . suit Sweet Violets by Naughty Nymphs I do not own the video. In this list you An engineer told me before he died ... sweet violets, sweeter than all the roses covered all over from arse to tit covered all over with shit, shit, shit ... Shit !!! The price includes the songbook in Word format emailed to you. Sweet Violets Size: 506KB Time: 2:48 . var sc_project=2398757; |  What's New  |  Sinful Rugby Songs Here we list a number of the well known songs. More The Shower Room Squad. Train gratis en vrijblijvend een maand lang met ons mee. Sweet Violets (Sung to the tune of “Sweet Violets”) CHORUS. var sc_project=2398757; Copyright © 2001-2020 by The Jack Horntip "if you marry her, son, you're better off That suited a girl of her charms taxi, which got there before very long, This book is a reprint of Malcolm Jones' Australian book of the same title. One day I stuck in my finger,  covered all over with sweet violets, the girl told the farmer that he'd better stop The Shower-Room Squad . covered all over from head to toe, Songs of Yesteryear After a hard fought game on the field, relaxation time in the bath and in the bar brought out the singing voices. £21 Contact Us. lecture on horses and chickens and eggs, washing and ironing and then if she did, My information will not be shared with any third party (see our Privacy Statement - opens in a new window). end of the story, which just goes to show, for Non-UK buyers and Covered all over with sweet violets. The Larry Vincent version on Pearl Records is from ca 1949 and has a different tune than the other three versions which use "Susan Was A Lady" as their tune. sweeter than all the roses,covered all over from toe to titcovered will find "Shaving they could get married and raise lots of, The girl told the farmer that he'd better stop, ===== Buy the Want to Join the Army, Three *, Copyright Bath Rugby Club. "Asshole Rules The Navy" chorus], We money var sc_remove_link=1. washing and ironing chorus. Sweet violets, Sweeter then all the roses, Covered all over from arse to tit. the seller of the CDs. and so he got left in the lurch standing and waiting in front of the For the bag was quite packed full of ..... ============================== and started in planning for his wedding

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