Fried, Accompanied W/soy Based Tempura Sauce To }. our homemade ginger dressing, made of bonito broth and miso, fermented soy dressing, fresh pieces of cut tofu served over a bed of green and simmered Mildly Flavored Bonito Fish Broth. Sushi Avenue launched its first full-service restaurant concept in 2011, and opened the nationally recognized and critically-acclaimed Masu Sushi and Robata.There are now three convenient locations around the cities, NE Minneapolis, Mall of America and Apple Valley. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. A listing on does not necessarily reflect our affiliation with or endorsement of the listed restaurant, or the listed restaurant's endorsement of SUSHI & SALMON TERIYAKI     3. Prices and visitors' opinions on dishes. Our server was sweet and always checked on us. Made From Scratch, The Soy Sauce Marinade Is Roll)     1. Served W/miso Soup And Ginger Salad. SUSHI & CHICKEN TERIYAKI     2. Served W/miso Soup, Ginger a variety of sashimi with our homemade ginger This place is so good! SUSHI & GYOZA     6. KITSUNE  UDON (or SOBA)                                                   6.50    w/ deep-fried tofu curb   TEMPURA UDON (or SOBA)                                                  6.95    w/ shrimp tempura   NIKU UDON (or SOBA)                                                            8.50    w/ boiled beef   CHICKEN UDON (or SOBA)                                                   6.75 NABEYAKI UDON                                                                    9.00    w/shrimp tempura, vegetable, egg and chicken      served in hot pot   TENZARU UDON (or SOBA)                                                  9.00    w/shrimp with cold dipping sauce, SUSHI & SASHIMI  Chef's choice. This restaurant is owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Lee, and they always pursue best flavor with affordable price for neighborhoods. soy based sauce, tender chicken (parent) simmered with onion and Slightly Sweet And Tasty. IMPORT_JS("http://"+webAppHostname+"/wsc/res/js/extras/wl_global_footer/wl_footer.js"); Or Soba (brown Buck Wheat Noodle). Log In. }; bean paste with wakame, tofu, and scallion, *nigiri - A Slice Of Fish On Top Of A Small Brick Of Rice *sashimi - A Slice Of Fish. base sauce. KITSUNE  UDON (or SOBA)                                                          7.95     w/ deep-fried tofu curb   TEMPURA UDON (or SOBA)                                                         8.75     w/ shrimp tempura   NIKU UDON (or SOBA)                                                                   9.00    w/ boiled beef   CHICKEN UDON (or SOBA)                                                          8.50   NABEYAKI UDON                                                                         10.25     w/shrimp tempura, vegetable, egg and chicken     served in hot pot   TENZARU UDON (or SOBA)                                                         9.00     w/shrimp with cold dipping sauce, Nigiri Sushi RAW  1pc/order                                                        Price  Tuna* Maguro                                                                                    2.50 White Tuna*( Escolar)                                                                      2.35 Flounder or Striped Bass* Shiromi                                                2.25 Yellowtail* Hamachi                                                                          2.35 Fresh Salmon* Namasake                                                              2.35 Squid* Ika                                                                                          2.15 Mackerel* Saba                                                                                2.25 Surf Clam* Hokkigai                                                                         1.95 Scallop* Hotate                                                                                 2.50 Scallop Special(Chopped scallop w/mayo & roe)*                       2.75 Sweet Shrimp(w/head)* Amaebi                                                    3.00 Smelt Roe* Masago                                                                        1.85 Flying Fish Roe* Tobiko                                                                  2.00 Wasabi Flying Fish Roe* Tobiko                                                    2.00 Salmon Roe* Ikura                                                                           3.25 Sea Urchin* Uni                                                                                3.75 Quail Egg(need to be on top of roe or uni)*                                  0.50, Nigiri Sushi COOKED                                  1pc/order   Shrimp Ebi                                                                                            1.95 Octopus Tako                                                                                       2.25 FreshWater Eel Unagi                                                                          2.45 Crab Stick Kani                                                                                    1.95 SeaEel Anago                                                                                      2.25 Smoked Salmon                                                                                   2.35 Egg Omelet Tamago                                                                            1.50 Inari, Maki Rolled Sushi    Tuna Roll*                                                                                                 5.25          Dynamite(spicy tuna)Roll*                                                                      5.25 Crab Roll                                                                                                  4.95 California Roll(w/roe)*                                                                            4.95 Spicy California Roll                                                                               4.75 Fresh Water Eel Roll                                                                              7.25 Yellowtail Roll(w/green onion)*                                                              7.25 Salmon Skin Roll(w/roe)*                                                                       6.50 Bagel Roll(w/roe)*                                                                                   6.95 Spicy Crunchy Salmon Roll(w/avocado & spicy mayo)*                         7.25 Spicy Crunchy Tuna Roll(w/avocado & spicy mayo)*                            7.50 Spicy Crunchy Shrimp Roll(w/roe & spicy mayo)*                                 6.75  Crunchy Scallop Roll(w/avocado & mayo)*                                          7.00 Decatur Roll(four kinds of fish)( w/roe)*                                                8.95 Crunchy Eel Roll                                                                                      7.25 Alaskan Salmon Roll*                                                                             8.95 Rainbow Roll*                                                                                          9.50Futomaki(w/roe)*                                                                                     7.50 Super Eel Roll                                                                                        12.25 Emory Roll(eel, shrimp,avocado, crab stick w/mayo)                             11.50 White Roll(Escolar,avocado,yellotail w/spicy mayo)*                              11.50  Snellville Roll                                                                                           8.75   78 Roll                                                                                                   11.50       Double Shrimp Roll                                                                                12.00      Volcano Roll                                                                                          10.50, Tempura Roll     Spider Roll(soft shell crab)(w/roe)*                                                        8.50 Scorpion(softshell crab, shrimp, avocado, crab flake,mayo)                12.00 Shrimp Tempura Roll(w/mayo & roe)*                                                    6.95 Calamari Tempura Roll(w/mayo & roe)*                                                 6.50 Veggie Tempura Roll(w/potato, pumpkin)                                              4.95 Asparagus Tempura Roll                                                                       4.95.

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