They are highly interested in learning, and continually acquire new abilities and skills. You are moderately high in agreeableness, which is the primary dimension of Interpersonal interaction in the Big Five personality trait scientific model. Technically, withdrawal has been associated with activity in the brain systems that regulate passive avoidance. They work hard and dislike wasting time. For men it is 48. Women are lower than men in intellect (although not in IQ). People with very low levels of neuroticism can handle risk strikingly better.

You are high in conscientiousness, which is the primary dimension of dutiful achievement in the Big Five personality trait scientific model. It is for that reason that variation exists in the human population: there is a niche for each personality configuration. They speak first and most often in meetings. They are interested in but by no means obsessed with beauty, creativity and art. This can occur if you were feeling temporarily or chronically unhappy or anxious, or hungry, angry or judgmental when you completed the questions. Note: Do not confuse the personality aspect of Intellect with IQ.

They are concerned about helping other people avoid negative emotion. People with high levels of openness to experience are much more likely than average to be characterized by others as smart, creative, exploratory, intelligent and visionary. Those who are liberal and those who are conservatives appear equally industrious. The mean percentile for women in a general population (women and men) is 48. They don’t generally keep people at a distance, and are not too concerned with keeping things private.

Stoics look at the world through a lens that says, "It doesn't matter so much what's out there; what matters is that I stay in a state of serenity and not let things bother me." Neuroticism is a measure of general sensitivity to negative emotions such as pain, sadness, irritable or defensive anger, fear and anxiety. Here are your results: You will see below where you stand in comparison to others in the general population on the major traits and their aspects: Remember that each personality trait and aspect (and your relative position with respect to them) has advantages and disadvantages. True Openness to experience is a measure of interest in novelty, art, literature, abstract thinking, philosophy as well as sensitivity to aesthetic emotions and beauty. Highly conscientious people can be prone to guilt (although they are likely to organize their lives so that they have little to feel guilty about). They are quite resistant to and rarely worried about social rejection, and rarely feel hurt or threatened. When good things happen to them, people with very low levels of neuroticism can appreciate it, without questioning whether or not they deserved it. Very industrious people are typically successful in school and in administrative and managerial positions (particularly if they are intelligent). Here is how stoic each personality type is most likely to be. This difference in neuroticism between men and women appears to emerge at puberty. They are very dutiful. Extraversion has two aspects: Enthusiasm and Assertiveness. The mean percentile for women in a general population (women and men) is 55. They are somewhat more likely to be revolutionary rebels (particularly if average or below in conscientiousness). True The stoic believes that negative feelings (such as boredom, restlessness, sense of futility) are caused by us--not by events in the world. Women are very slightly more conscientious than men. They are very likely to enjoy writing (or even to be driven to write). They have very much higher levels of self-esteem, particularly when they are also average or above average in extraversion.

Overall, they are very tolerant of stress, and can much more easily accept failure and setbacks as part of life. People who are very high in extraversion make strikingly enthusiastic employees, and are very well-suited to jobs involving sales, persuasion, work in groups and public speaking (particularly, once again, if they are low in neuroticism). Even on those unusually infrequent occasions where they become stirred up, upset, angry or irritated, they calm down almost immediately. They are more concerned than average with hygiene, moral purity and achievement. Your score puts you at the 75th percentile for enthusiasm. If you were one of 100 people in a room, you would be higher in openness to experience than 83 of them and lower in openness to experience than 16 of them. They typically have positive memories of the past, high levels of current self-esteem (particularly if they are low in neuroticism), and experience far above average optimism about the future. Philosophy 302: Ethics When you talk is your voice monotone? However, because they typically stay on or ahead of schedule and accept their responsibilities, they rarely experience actual guilt. Less agreeable extraverts tend to be self-centered – something that can be made worse if they are also low in conscientiousness. They are more uncomfortable challenging other people than average. Liberals are higher in openness than conservatives (although the biggest difference between the two is openness to experience, at the trait level). Active awareness for the stoic implies that one is accepting, open and nonjudgmental about events in the world. Moderately polite people will try to avoid conflict, and basically desire to steer clear of confrontations or fights. People find them extremely easy and calming. You are more conscientious than 88 of 100 people False, 10. Women are higher in withdrawal than men. They can be good at ensuring that complex, sensitive processes are managed properly and carefully. The mean percentile for women in a general population (women and men) is 57.5. For men it is 44.5. They will often be the first to act. They think in comparatively black and white terms: things are basically good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable, with less room for grey areas.

You have just completed assessing yourself with 100 phrases. For women it is 49.5. They very infrequently express their frustration, disappointment and irritability and appear remarkably reasonable when they do so.

For men it is 38.5. They would rather spend time around other people than alone, and they tend to like parties.

It is perfectly possible to have a high IQ and a low score on the personality trait of Intellect (or the reverse). If you were one of 100 people in a room, you would be higher in openness than 57 of them and lower in openness than 42 of them. Agreeableness has two aspects: compassion and politeness. Neuroticism is not a powerful predictor of political belief, either conservative or liberal. True However, they are very much less well-suited to stable, straightforward and more traditional occupations, where the rules don’t change, and will experience frequent periods of boredom and intolerable levels of frustration in such positions. They do not generally become so immersed in a book, or a movie, or in their own thoughts, that they lose touch with the outside world. You are moderately high in enthusiasm, which is one aspect of extraversion. They are very likely to be prolific readers, with a strikingly wide range of interests. Those who are liberal, politically, are very much more likely to be high in openness to experience than conservatives. All of this can produce a tendency to resentment and hidden anger, particularly among those who are also high in neuroticism. If you were one of 100 people in a room, you would be higher in intellect than 92 of them and lower in intellect than 7 of them. Orderliness can constrain creativity, however, as creative endeavours often require mess, disruption and intervening periods of chaos, so moderately orderly people who are high in openness to experience may have some trouble letting go enough to indulge in their creativity. Women and men differ very little in openness to experience at the trait level, although there are differences in the aspect levels. They tend both to make and stick to schedules. Warren Buffett, whose net worth is $65 billion, lives in the same house he bought in 1958 for $31,500. How do we cope when things don’t go to plan?

Stoic is the ordinal inspiration attitude.

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