Any Bro help me to fix high pot problem !!! Great to hear that Savvas! How does one go about making this true bypass?Thanks for the layout though, great effect. Hello John, I used BC550, probably thats why its mounted in a different way.

The folks at have published a schematic and printed circuit board design, with parts list, available here. If not, I might have to pick one up to reverse engineer. Enjoy the builds and please also visit us on Facebook and Twitter. Housing turned out to be quite tight. )i got too much information here i guess.i did some masterclass in paint here.

I got some problems here:The pedal works sometimes. Your email address will not be published. I was under the impression it was. There's a schematic at the Tonepad site, so maybe Alex could do the GT-2 vero at some point.

Thank !!! Schematic seemed to be primitive. I will probably mount the 8 DIP switch by first soldering the 16 connection wires to the switch, drill 16 small holes to fit each pin (oversized) on the enclosure, thread the wires through the access holes, and then securing the body of the switch to the top of the enclosure with some epoxy. Then I printed the front panel design, punched guide holes and the drilled thru it. I meant a 'resistor' with 'clr' on it, not a 'transistor'. Personally, I prefer the "Classic". Hi,I'm baffled with this input switch thingie.I have DP3T slide switch (like ), would that work, and how should I wire it?Thanks! !it's like giving you 50 different overdrives...!!! I built the tonepad's version, it's best to use 3 slide switches, in Europe Musikding sells them. Yes, the layout should be updated to switch the Output pot connections 1 and 3 (1 goes to the Vbias rail).Savas - Re: low output, try changing the 100K to the right of IC2 (pin 7) to 10K and see if that bumps up the output. In the meantime’ve read a lot about the legendary excitations of SansAmp, so I begun the construction with feeling of the incoming failure. All links seem to be dead. !the only thing is that output pot is a bit useless...all the way up, is just above unity you guys think it's because of all these 3x100k resistor to ground?isn't that affecting the impedance?any thoughts on that would be greatanyway..i know my layout is a bit different from alex's layout, but i'm sure like 10000% that it matches with mine and with the schem.
But from memory it's a dual layer board with SMD on both sides. I measured all elements and created interior design in InkScape to avoid stupid errors and to fit all parts really tight. (1) In the power section, the schematic shows a 430K in parallel with a 100K (equivalent to 81 K), where the layout just has the 430K. The classic still looks like a worthwhile build. That's interesting thanks guys I will try that when I have a moment. I am having the same problem as Alltrax74, I can hear distortion from the effect when it is off. I cannot find the schematic. I'm going to try 100K in my build as I can't see any reason to not have the bias voltage be 1/2 Vcc.

now 100% verified!it was i tiny mistake of mine.output pot is backwards too. Can we substitute higher voltage zeners for these as I don't have the 1N755s? In the meantime’ve read a lot about the legendary excitations of SansAmp, so I begun the construction with feeling of the incoming failure. From Schematic to Stripboard September 2012 © Updated 23rd September 2012 A lot of people have asked... A few people have commented on posts asking about offboard wiring. can you tell me if this is correct or not? If a schematic is going to surface, it's not going to be through me - my rule of thumb is that if it's going to be more expensive to clone than to buy, forget it (used ones go for $100-125).

The way it is drawn requires 2 & 3 and 4 & 5 to be made in the centre position. No need to go to any trouble, I was mostly thinking out loud. I am interested to your Sans Amp GT2

You could either use an 82K or 100K in place of the 430K.

This will affect the bias voltage and it probably will not be where it should with the 430K alone (which is usually near 1/2 Vcc or 4.5V). Total costs were closed in 30 euros – the most expensive were rotary switches (TLC RS1010-23) and enclosure (Tayda style). "low-output-fixer-master" hmmm. Great layout buddy, you have posted some really amazing layouts. "thanks again guys.

You can protect the pins from shorting with some heat shrink insulation.If you want to cut a square hole, it shouldn't be too bad. I don't think it will affect the output that much either way.

I decide to build SansAmp GT2 overdrive – I don’t own a guitar, but I like the hardcore style disorted bass drum sound. Hello. Thanks in advance. on the bottom left hand corner of the circuit board, it looks as if.

You could use a bank of 8 submini spst switches in place of the DIP switch.I have a question about the zener diodes. (1) In the power section, the schematic shows a 430K in parallel with a 100K (equivalent to 81 K), where the layout just has the 430K. sensya na pero... madaling araw pa/na ah :wink:  tulog uli/na  :mrgreen: yeah, I've pulled the back off.

The graphics was painted on water decal, put on front, then proctected with 6 layers of acrylic paint and put in an oven to melt. There is always a tiny distorted signal that can be heard, either in bypass or engaged. Hi Alex - yeah, I see that now. ... schematics and interpreted layout diagrams. Re: zener diodes. I did not want to design my own PCB, I used the well-known version from TonePad . I'll have another look if you like... but I think you're talking fairly intense project here! Thanks!

you can tweak it til you die with all dipswitches ;). GT2 tube amp simulator PCB. Hi, all!How to wire it with the 3dpt button? I get R2D2 like oscillation at higher presence drive settings and amp drive settings. Email This BlogThis! I'd be pleased to tryout any pcb layouts (or just build it from a schematic); this bass player can be 'cheap' as much as any of you guitarists .... “It also sounded something like the movement of furniture, which He,,, Hey you're a dog, a BIG dog, a nifty-keen-type dog.

It's correct.Don't forget to connect the ground to the negative side of your power supply. )i have signal at lug1&lug2 of high pot, but at pin 14 signal almost disappears. The idea is to select the eight different settings on or off as you wish. Yeah that's going to b a challenge a square hole will have to get the dremel tool out. I was wondering: In the second vertical row on the left side there is a transistor drawn with the letters 'clr' on it.

Can you use a rotary switch instead of dip switch if you can how would you wire the rotary. Powered by, Here's a collection of vero (stripboard) and tagboard guitar and bass effect layouts that we have put together covering many classic and popular effects in growing numbers. well... haven't looked on the underside of the board, the pot knobs are glued on and I didn't want to go to that extent. I think it's a more complete pedal.I'll give it a try but the problem with the GT-2 layout is that it uses 3 2P3T Toggle or Rotary Switches.

I've been looking over the schematic and the layout above and I have a few additional comments. I've been trying to understand what the purpose of the two zener diodes is in this circuit.
To get rid of the squealing, try putting a buffered pedal infront of it like a Boss or something, that worked for me.You could try putting one of these small buffers infront of it aswell, and they are small enough where you can put them in the same enclosure., Thx you for your help!I will try this and let you know if it's working ;). it becomes muddy and farty, and level drops at almost 10% of what pin13 that cause output pot is wired that way?i've never seen that anywhere else.shouldn't lug 1 go to ground?i have to say that i've used a layout that i drew, based on Alex's layout and on the schem he posted above because i wanted to use a dsg pinout jfet,and a dpdt on/on input switch.i also put some components on the switches and the 2,2nf cap between lugs1&2 of high pot, and managed to bring it down to 21x21.last thing, i didn't have any 7,5v zener so i've used 4,7v.

If that isn't the case with the ones you buy and instead 1 & 2 and 5 & 6 are made in the middle position, then swap over the poles so:Lug 1 becomes 4Lug 2 becomes 5Lug 3 becomes 6Lug 4 becomes 1Lug 5 becomes 2Lug 6 becomes 3, This might be useful since they vary so much: do you use 2N5088 for the trans? i'll box it for sure!dip switch is great! (3) I'm definitely removing the 1N755 diodes as they don't serve any purpose that I can see for this circuit, especially if we use this as a simple stomp box. But high pot feel no function. I commend you for your hard work in tracing this pedal! Actually I haven't built this yet still thinking about it.This pedal sounds great but I found a vero layout for the sans amp gt-2 it's sounds a lot better than this pedal. Haven't traced it.I've used someone else schematic.I'm planning to build it one day to check if it sounds like my original. And you can find etchable PCBs without problems also. Many of these have been posted on, so check that site out for great discussions on building your own effect pedals.

If that isn't the case with the ones you buy and instead 2 & 3 and 4 & 5 are made in the middle position, then swap over the poles so:Lug 1 becomes 4Lug 2 becomes 5Lug 3 becomes 6Lug 4 becomes 1Lug 5 becomes 2Lug 6 becomes 3. How bright or dim you want it. Login with username, password and session length, Four Strings To Rule Them All And In The Darkness Bind Them. Page created in 0.247 seconds with 26 queries. :).

Oh man I didn't think about that were u can turn on turn off the switches individualy I will just go buy the dip switch thanks for the info.i think the higher zeners would be fine better than going lower voltage.

!and i love overdrives! And I think I have everything for this build. Its personal preference. So if you have good luck, or bad luck for that matter, then please let me know by dropping a comment in the topic. Hi Frank!The parallel 100K resistor is there, next to the transistor.

(4) The filter section after the gain stage consists of three(!)

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