Now the airport are four decommissioned machine. Zossen's mayor at the time, Werner Lesse, remembers the soldiers "had to leave quickly." Moscow views securitizing the region through military activity as a prerequisite for controlling its interests in the rapidly changing Arctic. Russia has been quietly investing in Arctic military and industrial infrastructure for the last decade. Russia seeks to increase its military power in the Arctic to enhance homeland defense and secure Russia’s economic future by attracting international investment. 51, Part I, 14 March 2008 and Kommersant-Vlast, 'Vys Rossiya Armia', 2005, Pages containing cite templates with deprecated parameters, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Military installations of the Soviet Union, Russian and Soviet military-related lists, "History and the Current Status of the Russian Early-Warning System",,, "Medvedev Secures Long-Term Foothold in Armenia",,,, "Encyclopedia Astronautica - "Sary Shagan"",, "Russian/Soviet Anti-Ballistic Missile Systems",, "Kazcosmos chief Talgat MUSABAEV: BAIKONUR IS STILL THE CORE OF KAZAKH-RUSSIAN COOPERATION IN SPACE",, "Kazakhstan Finally Ratifies Baikonur Rental Deal With Russia",, "Sourcebook on the Okno (в/ч 52168), Krona (в/ч 20096) and Krona-N (в/ч 20776) Space Surveillance Sites",,, Air base in Yerevan, military base in Gyumri (, Base on the site of the former Bombora airfield, near, Peacekeeping force and forces for protection of ammunition depots. Russia has taken full advantage of its arctic territory. LIKE WHAT YOU'RE READING?subscribe to our top stories. Russian MoD also reported today that in Abkhazia, at the Tsebelda range, a tactical exercise was held involving more than 1,000 servicemen of the artillery, motorized rifle, and reconnaissance units of the Russian military base. Some, such as the radars at Skrunda-1 in Latvia and Dnepr radars in Ukraine are no longer part of the Russian early warning network. If none is indicated, the date is unknown. Zhitkur, Russia’s Area 51. Perspective – Beijing's Quandary: Clean or Dirty Growth? The last Russian troops left the military complex in 1994. Former NATO commander Adm. James Stavridis acknowledges that the Arctic is a “zone of competition” that has the potential to devolve into a “zone of conflict.” Russia’s militarization of the Arctic has pushed Arctic and NATO countries to call for the preservation of the Arctic as a ‘low tension’ area. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu reportedly said on September 8 that “participation of military contingents of nine foreign countries is planned. Yandex Maps, Russia… Visualizing Russia’s Arctic presence shows the density of Russia’s military infrastructure in the region. Secret military bases exposed by Russian satellite map.

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