0000037165 00000 n Bij Sushi Royal heeft u de keuze uit standaard sushi, maki en andere bereidingen, maar ook diverse specialiteiten van het huis vullen de kaart. >>

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Cream cheese, coconut shrimp, topped with tuna, eel sauce and crunch almonds. Spider Menu; About; Favorite; Orders; Login; shopping_cart; search. Philadelphia Met name de boot-combinaties zijn een echte aanrader, zowel voor uzelf als voor een beperkt of uitgebreid gezelschap. /SMask /None

Alaskan /BleedBox [ 0 0 419.528 595.276 ] Place Order (727) 339-3033. Royal Sushi - Chicago. Thursday: 11:00AM - 9:30PM. /Info 79 0 R

/CA 0.100006

endobj Royal Sushi & Bar.

The order arrived quicker than anticipated.

/Resources << /ExtGState << /GS0 83 0 R /GS1 84 0 R /GS2 85 0 R >> /XObject Spicy tuna, snow crab, asparagus, topped with fresh salmon and tuna, served with spring mixed vegetable, ponzu sauce and spicy mayo.

/Length 268 /L 827152 We are taking advantage of the latest proven technology to produce our product for the EU market.

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De kleinst mogelijke rekenmethode is nu per tablet.

/H [ 886 358 ]

/SMask /None Spicy Tuna Rice paper roll with tuna, lettuce, asparagus, avocado, crabstick and cucumber. All You Can Eat • Carry out Buffet • Take Out • Pick up • Delivery. 0000000886 00000 n

/OPM 1 Roll in salmon, tuna, yellowtail, cream cheese, asparagus, avocado, masago (flash fry), served with eel sauce.

Sushi Royal starte haar reis met heerlijke en verse sushi sinds 2017 in KAPPELLEN. 0000000829 00000 n Het team van Sushi Royal is gespecialiseerd in het bereiden van allerhande verrukkelijke bereidingen: ontdek zelf de heerlijke keuken van Sushi Royal en. (winkelcentrum Nieuw Sloten) /Pages 78 0 R

/O 82 84 0 obj SOEP.

/Filter /FlateDecode Tuna, avocado, snow crab endobj Your order. Cucumber roll, avocado roll and asparagus roll. /AIS false >> endobj Come join us at Royal Sushi for your sushi fix, located in the Harlem-Foster Shopping Center, we make the perfect lunch and/or dinner date after a daily shopping spree.


Spicy tuna, cucumber, cilantro, albacore, jalapeno, dot of Siracha, ponzu sauce and wasabi creme. 80 0 obj Eel tempura, snowcrab, avocado, jalapeno with soy wrap. Probeer daarnaast ook zeker eens één van de curry schotels, dimsum en chefs sushi rolls... uw gezelschap zal onder de indruk zijn van de sublieme keuken en heerlijke smaken. 83 0 obj It was actually the freshest sushi I've ever had on take out or delivery and the food was exactly the way we ordered. stream endobj

New York /SA true u guys r the best. << 0000016657 00000 n Shrimp Tempura, Downers Grove %%EOF 1913 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70116. 0000036854 00000 n How to contact us . Softshell crab, masago, scallion, cucumber with eel sauce. On top is spicy mayo and eel sauce and our special hot sauce, A California roll, topped w. crab meat w. mango sauce, Apple, cucumber, crunch topped with mango and avocado, nuta and honey sauce, Inside is shrimp tempura and cucumber, topped with crab meat, a wasabi tobiko mixture, and is drizzled with tempura crunch and a light and creamy coconut sauce, Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail and One White Fish, Your Choice Three of the Following: Boston, California, Philadelphia, Spicy Tuna, Shrimp Tempura, & Tekka, California Maki

Order your Royal Sushi & Bar favorites for takeout, and we'll make sure your food is wrapped and ready when you get here.

With sushi made only from the freshest seafood, all our customers leave with satisfaction guaranteed.

<< << Sweet Potato /Linearized 1

on Grubhub. 1 cup each of tuna, salmon and yellowtail ceviche. BBQ eel, snow crab, asparagus, avocado and eel sauce. with Miso Soup; Two (2) Protein, Three (3) Vegetable, Two (2) Sauce, Three (3) Topping, Spicy Tuna Mixed with Spicy Mayo and Scallions, Spicy Salmon Mixed with Spicy Mayo and Scallions, Shrimp Tempura Roll with Spicy Mayo Inside, top w. eel sauce, Soft Shell Crab, Avocado, Cucumber Topped with Roe & Unagi Sauce, Salmon, Avocado, Cucumber, and Cream Cheese, Avocado, cucumber, burdock, salmon skin inside no sauce, Inside is shrimp tempura, cream cheese, spicy mayo & is topped with freshly sliced avocado drizzled with sweet eel sauce, California roll, topped w. tuna, salmon, white fish, no sauce, Eel, Cucumber & Roe with Avocado on top, w. eel sauce, Shrimp Tempura, Crab Stick, Eel, Avocado, Roe & Scallions in a Sweet Eel Sauce, Shrimp Tempura, Crab Stick, Avocado, Cucumber, Cream Cheese and Roe in a Spicy Mayo Sauce, EEL Sauce, Cucumber, roe, crunch, spicy mayo in tuna on top with spicy mayo, Scallops, Tobiko, Wrapped with Cucumber in a Spicy Sauce, Spicy Tuna inside, Topped w. Tuna, Green Onion, Fish Egg, Crunchy, Shrimp Tempura, Crab Stick inside, w. Tuna, Green Onion and Chili Sauce on Top, White Fish, Crab Stick, Green Onion, Cream Cheese, Avocado Tempura inside, white EEL Sauce, Salmon, Crab Stick, Green Onion, Cream Cheese, Avocado w. Spicy Mayo and EEL Sauce, Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail Wrapped w. Cucumber, no Rice, w. Ponzu Sauce, Cream Cheese, Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Avocado inside, topped w. Spicy Mayo, Eel Sauce and Crunchy, Shrimp tempura and crab meat, topped with avocado and eel sauce, Inside are Tempura Crunch, Cucumber, Spicy Mayo and Tobiko, Topped w. Fresh Tuna, Jalapeno, Cilantro and a Ponzu Sauce, Inside are Shrimp Tempura and Crab Meat, Topped with Salmon, Super White Tuna, with Spicy Mayo, Unagi Sauce, and Lemon Wasabi Sauce, and then Torched, Inside are Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Tuna, Avocado, Cucumber and Masago, Wrapped w. Soybean Paper, Topped w. Spicy Mayo Unagi Sauce, A Spicy California Roll Topped w. Salmon, Hot Sesame Oil and then torched. Tuna, salmon, shrimp, avocado, yellowtail on top of snow crab and cucumber.

Served with soup or salad, steamed rice and 4 pieces of California roll.

Serving Traditional Japanese Cuisine. This information was updated on 30/08/2020. /N 12 Seaweed and soy broth with cabbage, carrots, corn, yellow onions, cabbage and mushroom.

Each of these are pork broths topped with marinated boiled egg, green onion, bamboo shoots and cabbage. Inside: shrimp, tempura, snow crab, mango, avocado; top: tempura cake and tobiko.

Tekka Maki, Taxes & any applicable fees are calculated at checkout, Online Ordering Powered By Chinese Menu Online. Each of these are pork broths topped with marinated boiled egg, green onion, bamboo shoots and cabbage. /Length 14160

/OPM 1

Roll in salmon, avocado, crab stick, asparagus (flash fry), served with chef's special sauce (no rice). Coconut shrimp, snowcrab, avocado, smelt roe with soy wrap. startxref

0000087196 00000 n �s3���됶������z6n�~�\�? 30 mins earlier than expected delivery. Wij wensen u een bon appetit en zien u graag weer terug. /ca 0.100006

Also, some of the best sushi I've had.

85 0 obj << /OPM 1 Avocado Maki

Sushi Royal starte haar reis met heerlijke en verse sushi sinds 2017 in KAPPELLEN.

/S 265

/op false /Prev 825414 endobj Spicy Salmon Online ordering available! Bij Sushi Royal heeft u de keuze uit standaard sushi, maki en andere bereidingen, maar ook diverse specialiteiten van het huis vullen de kaart. Topped w. Seaweed Salad, Salmon, cucumber, mango inside, topped w. potato, crunch and mango sauce, Inside is spicy tuna, avocado, cream cheese, crab meat, and seaweed outside. << Hageland 67 (winkelcentrum Nieuw Sloten) 1066 RD Amsterdam T. 020 – 669 67 87 Voor de bestelling kunt ook naar de telefoonnummers M. 06-88808088 / 06-19977997 Corona update 01-07-2020:

The current rating is on their page on the FSA Website.Allergies, intolerances and dietary requirements: Before ordering, please contact the restaurant directly and ask to speak to a member of staff who can assist if you require information about ingredients and help cater for your needs. Each of these are chicken broths topped with marinated boiled egg, green onion, bamboo shoots and cabbage. It was very impressive.

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