I can honestly say that this is the perfect inflatable boat for just about anything! Number of Persons: 12 This series has hull configurations available for ocean or for shallow water use. The rounded rear pontoons allow for rapid planning. Additionally safety is provided with an extra layer of material bonded to the seam and with rubbing strakes along the hull and keel. There are many great manufacturers of rigid hull inflatable boats on the market. However, if you want more speed, the plastic floorboard will give you more stability and you can use a larger engine. Payload Capacity (Lbs): 5200 The Stryker Rigid Hull inflatable boat offers a fully welded 1 piece marine grade aluminum hull. 2-3.2m 2-4. The Neptune series boats are available in aluminum or fiberglass hulls and can be accessorized in many configurations such as: The inflatable collar as fitted onto the Neptune provides unequalled buoyancy. Payload Capacity (Kgs): 2358 Number of Persons: 14 … Affordable, inflatable boat perfect for motoring around, great for rolling with one or two persons and of course, it’s excellent for fishing. It handles long distance trips on the ocean in both good and bad weather without problems. of outboard. You’ll stay afloat no matter what happens to the hull. Number of Persons: 18 Due to a compact design and wide (15″) tubes, the SE9 sits securely on the water. 20% off all accessories - Sale ends 10/30! Max kW: 249 Used by Professionals and for Recreation. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Heavy-duty construction will keep you safe for many years. CURRENT: The Neptune’s produced today are individually hand-built and accessorized to meet our Client’s particular environment, needs and application. HISTORY: The Neptune series rigid hulled inflatable boats were originally developed in the early 1970’s as annexes to oil platforms located in the North and Beaufort seas. Payload Capacity (Kgs): 2358 Your email address will not be published. There are many great manufacturers of rigid hull inflatable boats on the market. The original Neptune’s were designed to serve a variety of applications in all seasons and under all weather conditions. Included below are reviews of the best models. Standard overall width: 9′ (Wide) Overall width: 9’6 This Sport Runabout is very tough with lots of features that set it apart from most other boats in its class. Max HP: 341 Neptune Aluminum hull RIBs are currently in use by governments, individuals, search & rescue and other professional operators around the world. The broad beam allows for first-class stability. We specialize in JET applications and offer a tunnel hull option as well as UHMW, built in fuel tanks, consoles, electronics, and anything else you can think of. We offer the most standard features and ability to customize the boat of your dreams. Standard overall width: 9′ If you have plastic floorboard, get a 30 hp gas motor. Payload Capacity (Kgs): 2000 If you are looking for the portability of a boat and want to be able to get to the remote waters that other people can’t get into, then this inflatable boat is a great choice. The entire 11 foot boat, seats, oars, floor, pump and repair kit fit in all-purpose carry bag, making it perfect for storing and transporting. The keel also provides good stability when at rest. These inflatable fishing boats will get you to places other anglers can only dream about. We offer different designs based on different applications such as lake, river ,ocean or a combination of waterways. Built to Commercial Standards Number of Persons: 12 (Wide) Overall width: 9’6 A whole new kind of fishing craft - for fishermen always on the go! Lateral stability is unsurpassed by virtue of immediate floatation. Included below are reviews of the best models. The lower halves of the tubes have an extra layer that protects against abrasion and punctures. With partial console or other enclosures with soft or solid roofs. (Wide) Overall width: 9’6 Polaris Neptune RIBs have repeatedly proven to excel in the harshest environmental conditions. The 106sr inflatable boat is very durable. You should choose the inflatable floor if you want the boat to be lightweight. (Extra wide) Overall width: 10’4 (Extra wide) Overall width: 10’4 Air Chambers: 5 If you have inflatable drop stitch floor, use a 20 hp gas motor. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. But, if you use a 40 hp, you can push 25 mph even with some weight. The Neptune has a structured hull constructed of 1/4″ 5086 marine grade aluminum plate. Each Polaris Boat is built to exceed the applicable governing standards: And is also capable of facing ‘surprise’ conditions as may be imposed by unforeseen or extreme and difficult situations. Payload Capacity (Kgs): 2630 If you want an inflatable boat that is roomy, comfortable, and stable, this model is for you. Built to Commercial Standards UL240 UL260 UL290 UL310 UL340. Standard overall width: 9′ Also, its 6″ inflatable keel helps you tackle stormy and rough waters. Without lots of people and gear, it can reach much higher speeds. It’s an amazing thing when you buy a product and when it is delivered to your home it is way better then expected. The Neptune aluminum hull offers maximum internal deck space for the overall length. Simple open boats c/w optional consoles and seating. Tubes constructed of high quality neoprene/hypalon fabric, Aluminum Deep V with full deck (standard is 54″ – 60″), Trailer bow eye (welded w/S.S.bushing insert), Tubes, with Inboard/outboard mechanical tube tie downs, Below deck routing for wiring harness & cables, 5’ paddles stowed inboard within paddle retainers, High volume foot pump and factory repair kit, Bench or box seats with or without backrests, Navigational arch frames including foldable.

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