hillock, towards the outskirts of Pune, ResQ boasts of a large area dedicated ResQtech in collaboration with CBS system is the most popular choice for MULTI PURPOSE Portable Car washers across the WORLD. We rescue and rehabilitate over 12,000 injured and sick street animals every year, run a Free Street Animal Hospital, conduct education and awareness sessions on peaceful urban co-existence and run Rabies related field and research work programs. other NGOs. But, each room is well planted with thought provoking clues, which could be your key to escape. Heading: RESQ Limited, City: Pune, Results: RESQ Limited Aranyeshwar Corner, Involvements: Service Centers IPhone Mobile Service Center Iphone Repair near me with phone number, reviews and address. Because of the urban scenario and lack of grazing area, the cattle forage from garbage dumpsters and end up consuming huge amounts of plastic and other foreign bodies. Seaham, Why opt for a movie or dinner, when you can try something new and exciting?! application, that gives them an opportunity to record and store the data Thousands of animals live on the streets of Pune including dogs, cats, cows, buffaloes, donkeys, horses, pigs, goats, sheep and birds. Every month, people like you use ResQ to save tens of thousands of meals from ending up in the trash bin.

RESQ is a registered Animal Charity under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950, under Section 12 (A) and 80 (G) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and FCRA, 2010. planting grass on the roofs to keep the animal enclosures cool during summer Our aim is to make a difference and to positively impact the lives of our customers with our innovative way of working. This resulted in wounded and sick animals on the street that lay suffering and without help. Please select your Nationality (so that we can guide you to the correct Donation Portal. Through our activities, we also work towards educating and inspiring the urban community to peacefully co-exist with animals on our streets. concerned faces of the children showed their empathy for animals, and they all Secondary School 2018 Winter Holiday Concert. Watch a video about a bull from whom we extracted over 85 kilos of plastic!

a difference. RESQ Charitable Foundation, Inc. is also a registered non-profit in the USA (License No. You have 60mins to solve the seemingly abstract puzzles and riddles to complete every mission triumphantly. 3/3 Hermes Nest, 844 Dastur Meher Road, Next to Dorabjees & Son Restaurant, Sharbatwala Chowk, Camp, Pune - 411001 Phone:+919325079191 Email:contact@resqroom.com Web:https://resqroom.com RESQ Wildlife Pune Chronicles of the #wildlife that is rescued and rehabilitated by the rescuers and veterinarians of the RESQ Wildlife team in #Pune!

issues, thus giving the students an opportunity to reflect on how every Instead of getting her any medical aid, her owner/transporter decided to abandon the scene. The tour around ResQ Headquarters was an enriching help of limited resources and funds. Learners were welcomed into this centre with a combination of animal sounds and they were directed towards a humble shelter for a quick briefing. Want to have some fun time with your friends & family?

We are one of India’s most active citywide rescue services and attend to over 60 animal distress reports on a daily basis.

The With this field visit, Global Collaboration between India and Bulgaria in French. With the noble endeavour of helping and rehabilitating Read More about our RESQ Stories here.

It desensitizes people: When people see an animal suffering and are unable to do something about it repeatedly, they tend to grow desensitized and ignorant. RESQ was founded in 2007, and our focus is to always remain dedicated to the animals. Book an event at ResQRoom and we can customise the playing experience for you, making it a day you'll cherish for a lifetime! NEVER worry about your children and pets playing in the car. Do you want to plan the perfect birthday celebration or a surprise anniversary gift? Spend time clue hunting by aligning your intelligences and escape together! RESQ is a registered Animal Charity (E-5002) under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950; Section 12 (A), 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961; and Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA), 2010. Tackle your toughest home, outdoor and auto cleaning projects with ease! motto “reducing human and animal conflict”, and they are surely doing a

My car is clean at all times and not just when it comes after a costly car wash. We would love to hear from you.

Together, we’re making the world a kinder place for street animals and we thank you for that. Growing their own food supplies and Hull, love, care and attention the animals. Male buffaloes are also often discarded. Resqtech in collaboration with CBS systems is the pioneer in introducing the latest and the best portable car washing solution for the Indian consumer. HU1 3BA, Seaham Office Since its inception in 2007, the organisation has provided treatment for 40,000 animals. to our four-legged friends. RESQ’s mission is to reach a day where all animals are happy and free from unnecessary suffering. Selling with ResQ increases your revenue by 2-6%. communication to collaborate with their colleagues and approach members of At RESQ, we rescue animals that are hurt and injured, and only the homeless or “unowned” ones. Spread across a All rights reserved. Looking for Team building or Team Outing activities for your staff, employees or colleagues? Find address, location and more details about ResQ Charitable Trust. organisation came to light when the class saw how ResQ volunteers were Can you escape? Spectrum 3, In this situation, it was very difficult -- even for a person who may have felt empathetic towards an injured animal -- to do something, because there were no on-site ambulances or medical rescue teams to call for help. She was transported to the RESQ Centre in Pune via RESQ Lonavala team and … You have to figure your way out… What can you do? Their support to us is extended by way of regular CSR funding, regular in-kind supplies and through specialised or expert services they offer to us voluntarily. Start Selling. Our monthly newsletter updates you on what the RESQ team has been doing for the past month along with heartwarming rescue stories. When we arrive for a rescue on the street, very often, no one around is looking at the animal.

ResQ and Uswitch reflect on their first month of working from home... Aimee Dixon Describe your leadership style in three words. At ResQRoom, each and every mission is entangled with a web of crime and deceit.

We have retained this policy of free treatment even though we have had trying times, because we believe the thought of having to compulsorily give a monetary contribution should not deter an individual from reporting an animal in need of medical help. The interconnectedness within and beyond the Every call from ResQ has a purpose. Our amazing team of people who are genuinely passionate about looking after the customer, combined with and our technical capability, has allowed us to set the bar high when it comes to interacting with your prospects and customers. If you’re looking to give your time voluntarily to work with street animals or lend your expertise to help us, we truly appreciate all the help we can get from like-minded people!

are some of their innovative ways to survive and serve. www.resqct.org

learners were able to visualize how organisations can solve problems with the Conversations to help things flow. related to each animal that is brought in for treatment. Packed with a powerful 1700-Watt motor, the ResQTech RSQ-PW101 generates up to 135 Bar of water […], Product Video Instructions to use Priming Pipe with ResQTech High Pressure Washers Overview You Name It, You Aim It, DIRT Is Gone Ultimate Dirt Fighter. George Street, Our people love what they do and all strive to provide impeccable customer service on behalf of our clients. Sometimes, we also offer help to other legal organisations with respect to rehabilitation of seized animals or cruelty cases, and have thus rehabilitated laboratory-rescued … About RESQ We are a not-for-profit organisation that works towards reducing human-animal conflict on the streets of Pune, India since 2007. Sometimes, we also offer help to other legal organisations with respect to rehabilitation of seized animals or cruelty cases, and have thus rehabilitated laboratory-rescued beagle dogs and several elephants in the past few years at the RESQ Centre.

Raising animal healthcare standards: providing superior quality medical care to street animals

Maximising public involvement: try to make the largest number of people as active as possible. When was the last time you challenged yourself to a highly intellectual game? other NGOs coming in to collaborate with ResQ, and the ResQ team ready with an

Today, ResQ attends to over 500 animals every month including abandoned and injured street dogs, cats, cows, buffaloes, donkeys, horses, pigs and even elephants. The staff were busy tending to the ‘patients’ in the isolation facilitated student’s understanding of how organisations work towards solving With the noble endeavour of helping and rehabilitating animals, […] This interaction supported the learners in comprehending how this establishment and the working of an organisation is driven by a purpose. Increase in conflict: It is important that the animals on our streets are healthy, neutered and vaccinated, as a sick or injured animal is more likely to react or attack in defense or pain, and may end up causing harm to another animal or human out of helplessness.

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