Maybe have a few false start scares involving puckish pranks and people jumping in front of the camera. The most terrifying thing about The Den is its concept. Michael Axelgaard But it's also incredibly funny. And if it does, maybe it’ll open up your heart a little to found footage. You get an intimate sense of Derek’s personal struggle, caught in an impossible situation with no easy answer. I don’t want to give too much of Lake Mungo away, as experiencing the twists and turns is a lot of what makes the film special. Predator – Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-Ray Giveaway, Stephen King Responds To ‘It’ Remake Being Cancelled. Director: I’ve shown this to horror nuts, girlfriends, even my mother. In 2014, real-life best friends Derek Lee and Cliff Prowse set out to reinvigorate the found-footage horror genre with their feature film debut Afflicted. The film follows semi-fictional versions of Lee and Prowse as they embark on a one-year journey around the world, but they're stopped short when a one-night stand transforms Lee into something unimaginable. A genre-defying mixture of horror, sci-fi, myth, mystery and thrills told as four interlocking tales in one intelligent anthology. [Review] ‘Freaky’ Is a Fun Slasher Comedy Love Letter to Teen Cinema! The characters feel very real, and their different perspectives on what happened (and who to blame) gives the story a lot of mileage. $0.12M, Not Rated | Now of course none of this is real, but there’s a hilarious trend on the IMDb page of people not getting that. Sure, politeness has a place, but a remote cabin in the woods isn't it. All of this goes on unbeknownst to the film's main characters, so watching it happen while waiting to see if it wakes them up turns into an exercise in how long you can actually hold your breath. Lydia Orange, A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I wrote a glowing review for They’re Watching in conflict with another Dread Central critic. I discovered many of these films through their programming and recommendations, although a few come from outside that sphere as well. convinced audiences that its protagonists were genuine missing persons. Writer’s Note: There will be a youtube video ranking these movies accordingly. Found-footage horror movies that are actually good. 16,774 Two best friends see their trip of a lifetime take a dark turn when one of them is struck by a mysterious affliction. Unlike most other found footage films, it doesn’t just stick with the camera crew the whole time, instead switching between the studio footage and the crew at the house. | Timo Tjahjanto, The haunting is subtle, with small things like scratching at the walls and sweaters falling off of chairs. | In the film, the would-be ghost hunters split up among the asylum’s four stories, and one hangs back to manage the live stream, taking time to cut between the different hunters on their respective floors. This might be the most “found footage” found footage movie of all time. Jay Lender, . Don’t even expect minor releases like Bobcat Goldthwait’s. Leah Sullivan is a journalism student who’s traveled back to her home town to conduct interviews with locals about a quadruple murder that happened 30 years prior. Director: But enough to at least give new found footage movies a second glance. While most found footage movies would rip the blinds aside and have a screaming ghost jump at the screen, Noroi is content to just let you stare and try to make out its figure while the real monster slowly sneaks up behind you. Josh Ethier, 98 min if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { 7 Life Lessons Halloween Horror Movies Have Taught Us, This list is meant to celebrate those releases, and similarly overlooked found footage films that deserve your attention. I don’t like The Poughkeepsie Tapes, but I respect the hell out of it. It's an atmospheric film whose ominous score and straightforward plot channel the growing sense of dread. The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan is the more conventional of the two entries and follows a pretty conventional found footage setup. Instead, it's watching Larson slowly devolve into something not quite human, in the most nightmarish ways. Over the course of the film, we see the gorgeous foliage of rural Connecticut transition from green to orange, then get overtaken by winter snow. Patrick Brice He’s pure evil. Tex Montana Will Survive (Jeremy Gardner and Christian Stella, USA, 2016). Star: James Cullen Bressack, Building on these files, the show interviews various witnesses and experts to try to get the whole story. Top 30 Found Footage Movies you probably haven't seen. Sam Stockman, He is the worst mankind has to offer, and his tapes give us shots into his depraved world. 84 min André Øvredal created a film that stays true to its roots in folklore, set in a very modern world steeped in cynicism. He hires Aaron (Patrick Brice) to film, and things get really, really weird. Sarah Jones, I feel like a lot of these filmmakers know they have a shitty story, so they decide to make a found footage film in hopes that it will make up for a lacking script. Afflicted does things differently by taking this personal struggle and making it the focus of the film. Jessica Cameron, | A year later, V/H/S/2 came out, and while most sequels tend to be far worse than the original, this sequel happens to be one of those rare finds that surpasses its predecessor in nearly every way. please let us know. | | Stars: | Director: Ryan Hawley, 76 min Peeping Tom, of course, isn’t a real thing, nor was it a cryptid before the inception of, While the film doesn’t necessarily sell itself as “real” it’s still a lot of fun. In Gonjiam we get to see the editor work. Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi. | In some countries, it only became available to view in 2001. While the film doesn’t necessarily sell itself as “real” it’s still a lot of fun. The build-up and reveal are masterfully crafted, and deliver nonstop tension and scares. James Cullen Bressack Leave a comment below and let me know. The duo told Collider that their goal with Afflicted was to focus on the story itself, and to allow the found-footage aspect of the movie to work only in their budgetary favor. But in 2012, Levinson co-wrote and directed The Bay, a found-footage film that's about as far off from his usual repertoire as a film can get. | The ability to make a film with a next-to-nothing budget and no-name actors meant there was high probability for turning a sizable profit, and companies like Blumhouse Productions took on the task of combining low-budget filmmaking with high-quality arthouse movies. He makes poorer and poorer decisions, resulting in a loss of his camera, his passport, his hotel, and his money. } It's as though The Conspiracy isn't quite a documentary, but we wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to actually be one. Following the exploits of a serial killer that comes to be known as “The Water Street Butcher,” the footage they find is all filmed by the killer. Nigel Bach Dating back to the genre’s origins in Cannibal Holocaust, UFO Abduction: The MacPherson Tape, and The Blair Witch Project, one of the hallmarks of found footage is its ability to deceive. David Banks, Found footage fans will also get a kick out of a cameo from Eduardo Sanchez (co-director of The Blair Witch Project) who shows up to deride the filmmaker and insult his would-be found footage movie. She focuses her efforts on "the Den," a Chatroulette-type site that allows Elizabeth to forge quick and immediate connections with people around the world. Director: REC does exactly that. Justin Matthews, Votes: | Below, I’m going to go over some of the reasons why found footage films suck. When you think “found footage,” you think shaky camcorder footage of a forest/abandoned asylum/whichever actor’s apartment had the least amount of empty pizza boxes. Ben Rovner, It's difficult to stomach, and not just because of its portrayal of death and violence. As the night progresses, the reason for the quarantine becomes terrifyingly obvious. For every quality film like The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity, there are dozens of films that can only be described as, “some dude had three friends and a camera.” Even major theatrical releases are no guarantee of quality. But in the case of They’re Watching, I just couldn’t keep quiet. | Vincent J. Guastini Taylor Bateman, And no Slender Man tale has been more influential than “Marble Hornets.”. try { Long before The Blair Witch Project would revolutionize film by making a generation of horror fans consistently motion sick, Ghostwatch shocked the UK. Oh sweet Jesus, the ending. Tex Montana Will Survive follows the titular Tex Montana, a pampered, oversexed Bear Grylls wannabe, who’s just been booted off of his wilderness survival show after getting caught faking his excursions. Like stepping into the middle of a blockbuster monster movie, "Cloverfield"  takes the typically intimate found-footage format and expands it to larger-than-life, Godzilla-esque scale, creating the sort of immersive, adrenaline-fueled virtual reality that's portrayed in science-fiction stories alongside flying cars and Spandex pantsuits. | A priest, religious brother, and cameraman walk into a church. The Taking of Deborah Logan … Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi. Deborah Logan (Jill Larson) suffers from an aggressive form of Alzheimer's.

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