My recommendation? In my opinion, this would be a useful design change for PRS to make. Great choice! And the Archon is a heavy hitter. Plenty of tight gain while remaining clear & crisp. I am a big fan of PRS, Their shop does some of the best work and are hands down my favorite guitars. First let me say I spent a long time comparing a variety of lunch box amps. I've gotten everything from a bluesy breakup to fully saturated modern-rock drive out of this amp. I ran it with a Mesa 4x12 straight cab and both channels sounded great. This thing will chug for days. Note clarity is exceptional under this much saturation. However, after traveling with it, I feel that PRS could have provided a better protective case. And then anything past that gets into great saturated metal territory. However, if I did, then I'd miss out on the massive range of the drive channel. This amp still delivers amazing tone and power in a small, lightweight package! Anyway... sometimes size doesn't matter. I was looking for a good "Home" amplifier head for my simple cabinet. Again, I can't believe I overlooked this one. You can gig with this thing. This is not a blues amp. An attenuation pedal could be used to tame the volume if need be, but even at 8 o'clock, the wife was able to walk into the jamroom and say "dinnertime" over the sound without REALLY yelling it, so, it can produce doable volume for home use. This amp is the real deal! Clean channel is very clear and takes pedals very well. I play worship at my church and was looking for something with two channels so I could have a worship tone and something extra if I wanted. , This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The fact that you can have a small package like this with the low end punch of the 6L6 tubes is really impressive and definitely worth the price. It's the only drawback I can think of, because there is simply no way to stand in front of the cab (I'm using an Orange cab with a V30) and still get the power tubes cooking without damaging your ears. Overall, love the amp, always been a fan of Tremonti and he has done well here. But overall, this is an extremely well built amplifier with GREAT high gain tones and a very good clean channel. Overall my favorite amp I"ve ever played through! One of the main reasons i wasnt happy with the 6505MH was it had barely any clean and what it did have was poor. However, the PRS sounds better at bedroom levels (but seriously, no one wanting a bedroom amp is buying this right?) Not only that but the amount of noise it creates using the loop is frustrating. The sound is rich, full, with plenty of headroom and amazing clean tones. However, I ended up returning it based on the following issues. Questions about the PRS Mark Tremonti MT15 - 15/7-watt Tube Head. I had been eyeing multiple heads to finally get into the tube side of things for quite some time and finally picked this one after seeing some of my metal interests raving about it. It cranks too. I bought this to replace my Mesa Roadster and holy crap am I not disappointed. Learn more. It was supposed to release in April, then got pushed back. This item PRS Paul Reed Smith MT15 Mark Tremonti Signature Guitar Amplifier Head, 15 Watts Orange Amps 4 String Electric Guitar Pack, Orange (BRENT-HINDS-TERROR) BUGERA T50-INFINIUM 50-Watt Cage-Style 2-Channel Amplifier Head with Infinium Tube … Clean simple set up. The presence control for the gain channel really helps you to find your metal tone when changing cabinets, with out having to dial all the equalizers knbos all over again. Still sounds good at low volume. With the tube swap in V3 position, I can get blues and classic rock all the way up to about 11 o'clock on the gain knob. This amp is by far the best amp I"ve played through. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy.

I did change the V3 tube to a 5751, which is a lower gain smoother pre-amp tube. The gain curve feels very linear and it's super easy to dial in to your personal taste. The boost option is a great idea! I would be willing to pay more for a case that provides better protection and is easier to use. The bag could be better, but it's far from being unusable.

I loved the sound samples, videos, and reviews I saw online and figured this would be a fantastic amp. Even if the EVH's clean channel sound better, the clean channel on the MT15 is not bad: It has a good bass and treble controls and the boost knob really helps a lot and gives you more option, at least in my case. It is horrible.
Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. Perfect for the hard rock Alice in Chains crunch up to Death Metal and no boost is needed. I just purchased the PRS MT15 with the matching 1 x 12 cabinet. I have had no problems keeping this at bedroom volumes without sacrificing tone. Well, I guess you COULD use it, but it would be overkill. Don't see this one going any where! Excellent pedal platform. This is one sweet little amp once you learn how to dial in your tone. Great clean tone plenty of overdrive, a must have!! I run a little Boss reverb through the effects loop on clean and it sounds great.

Just not impressed after playing it. You could always tell that it was a lower-watt amp, ya know? And the clean is perfect and crystal clear. The PRS is (to me) a little more straight forward in what it offers. I really loved the sound of this amp since I first tried it at a local store. Certainly a loud amp! This thing really blew me away. The foot switch is great, build in metal and very durable with long cable and good response when changing channels (it would have been great if they put the boost switch on the foot switch, tought). My Clapton Strat finally sounds just like I like it. Amazing tone on both channels. I have now had this amp for over a year.

Sweetwater always a good place to buy! First off, I had a constant hum from the lead channel that got worse with higher volume and gain.

The cleans on the MT15 are amazing, i would never have thought an amp with such amazing cleans could turn into such a monster when you switch to the lead channel.
If it was in good working order it's not a bad amp Some would like it's tone. I really like it but not the best choice if you like breakup.

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