Wording Finger Tattoos 7. On her pinkie are chevrons and dots. Fresh and ingenious finger tattoo idea, why not to try? This tattoo consists of different tribal sign inked in black, some containing dots, upside-down triangles, lines, and many other symbols. It consists of different symbols like the crescent, pyramid, arrow, and feather. It’s very likely, the holder of such bull tattoo associate himself with this animal. It also gives out a very masculine vibe and is ideal for all the men out there. On her pointer finger is an Egyptian pyramid. Adrianne Palicki has an “Om” symbol inked on her right ankle. The goal of many religious tattoos is to encapsulate the holder’s religious beliefs, and this “Jesus” inscription tattoo on the middle finger isn’t an exception. Finger Tattoo Design Ideas with their Symbolism, #7. This tattoo appears in the middle of your index finger. Pain is a part of the tattoos process, and it’s honestly not worth it if you don’t experience any kind of pain, as that makes the process more symbolic. This amazingly rad knuckle tattoo made in dotwork style is just only a collection of lucky charms. Adorable angel wings tattoo with “99” numeral in the center is probably inked as a tribute to the departed soul. This tattoo usually appears on all fingers as it leaves you with a unique and stylish look. Another tattoo of the heart, but here it’s performed in its traditional red color. The anchor is inscribed for safety, the heart- for love, and the diamond- to attract good luck. Infinity- is an iconic Tibetan symbol of eternity, perfection, infinite love, and friendship. You can always add more than two or three dots to create a unique design. Halsey got this tattoo of the Om symbol on her arm in August 2013 as a matching tattoo with her boyfriend at the time who was Buddhist. Neon Hitch has a variety of tattoos all over the back of her right hand, including a variety of symbols on her fingers. Love- is the most popular and meaningful word in the world. And the best finger to choose for such tattoos would be your middle finger. The arrow finger tattoo is one of the most subtle finger tattoos you will come across, which will help you achieve a low-key tattoo look. Zodiac symbols have quite a significant meaning, and they guide and motivate each person differently. Owl and Unicorn Finger Tattoos for Women. For multiple reasons… Haha.”. Om or Aum is a revered scripture in Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Some people get this tattoo just for the fantastic design, even if they don’t have any connection with a specific tribe. Original Finger Tattoo of Wings and Numeral, #42. Traditional Lettering Knuckle Tattoos, #12. This tattoo symbolizes the focus in your life and reminds you to stay on the right track and move in one direction. Each finger includes a small symbol or a number of them. Her ring finger has a vine as well as her existing knuckle tattoo, which is a much darker color. At the time Halsey saw her tattoo as a respectful tribute to these cultures, but now she has some concerns that it is an appropriation. At the time (I was in love) I thought it was more of a cultural sharing experience. So hurry and get some fantastic finger art right away. As a result, it finds a place of significance in tattoo art and is a popular symbol not only in the East but West too. The monochrome skulls on the knuckles speak not only of the owner’s brutality, but his strength, determination, and wisdom as well. Scales- stand for justice, honesty, harmony, and determination.

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