As part of the update, all new and existing customers need to re-register. Currently the NZRT has over 32,000 members and approximately $1.4 billion in assets managed for over 600 employers (as at December 2010) NZRT can sit alongside your KiwiSaver offering, giving your people flexibility and freedom of choice. an employer looking for a Workplace Savings scheme option for your employees, operated by a dedicated team of experienced administrators and investment professionals, known as fund managers. You may be able to choose your own fund, or even split your investment between funds. Adult form guide notes Before you fill out the form, read this guide to better understand each question. 24/7 access via our online, easy-to-use portal. You can choose your own fund, or even split your investment between funds.

A mix of Lifesteps and a choice of your own fund. © Copyright 2020 Insurance & Lending Group. Find out more. PO Box: 303-192, North Harbour, Phone: (09) 448 2092Fax:  (09) 448 2182Email: For more details about member fees, download the latest NZRT Product Disclosure Statment and NZRT Fund Update Booklet. The Supervisor of the Scheme is The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited (the 'Supervisor'). New Zealand Retirement Trust (NZRT) Withdrawal form Have you transferred any UK sourced pension funds into a QROPS account in the NZRT?

All rights reserved.

Print the day, month and year you were born. •  our Financial Literacy Education Programme provides onsite learning modules including: ◦   Goal setting and planning There will be a default fund for your employer plan and there may be limitations on your fund choice. This means your savings are invested in the most appropriate fund for a typical investor your age.
Want to know more? Investment options are very flexible and can be spread amongst any or all of these managers. If you have outstanding licensing fees. A disclosure statement is available from your Adviser, on request and free of charge. The Supervisor is the New Zealand Guardan Trust Company Limited. The NZRT is New Zealand's largest multi-employer superannuation Master Trust. My Super is now Your Plan: we’ve changed the name of our My Super scheme. We've helped employers manage the governance and administrative burden of over 600 standalone plans by transitioning them to a superannuation scheme master trust.

The content provided is intended to be used as information only and does not constitute personalised advice. View all forms and guides. Yes No If you ticked “Yes” above, you are unable to use this withdrawal form. While care has been taken to supply information on this website that is accurate, no entity or person gives any warranty of reliability or accuracy, or accepts any responsibility arising in any way including from any error or omission. You want to save as fast as possible, yet you want it to be as easy as possible. Your adviser will work with you and your employees to achieve the best investment outcome. Before acting on any of the information provided, we recommend that you seek advice which takes your individual circumstances into account.

A scheme with investment options that can be tailored to suit your personal savings goals. It provides the simplicity of a single investment choice with the flexibility of an investment that changes over time. We've rebuilt MyAMP so you can do more to manage your money. Tax code declaration form - IR330. These older browsers restrict the information we can display to customers as they don’t support HTML5 and other modern web standards. This page contains all the forms you would need depending on the product you are interested in. The plan is structured to keep administration needed by the employer to a minimum. These funds have different levels of investment risk – conservative, moderately conservative, balanced or aggressive – depending on how much risk the employee wants to take. Control over ‘vesting’ - You can decide if you wish to have a vesting schedule to determine over what timeframe your employer contributions will vest in your employees.

Right click on the link and select 'Save Target As...' and once saved to your computer, open with Adobe Acrobat Reader to print out the form and send it to NZTR. This includes KiwiSaver, NZRT, Insurance, and other Investments to help you service your policy This means their savings are invested in the most appropriate fund for a typical investor of the member’s age. Contact Us for more information about how company superannuation could help you and your employees. At this time the assets of the fund will begin to transition to Mercer and the fund will be renamed the Mercer Balanced Fund.

For more information, download a copy of the, Map out my first home or retirement adventure, NZRT - Product Disclosure Statement - Workplace Savings Section, NZRT - Product Disclosure Statement - Personal Superannuation Section, NZRT - Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO). Certificate of Non-Revocation of Power of Attorney, Financial strength and solvency information, interested in attracting and retaining talent by boosting your benefits package. A disclosure statement is available on request and free of charge. You can set up an employer plan within NZRT that you can offer as a benefit for your employees. As part of the update, all new and existing customers need to re-register. You can join the NZRT workplace savings section if your employer has an NZRT employer plan. Optimally built for video editing, graphic design, content creation and gaming The NZRT has a range of funds available, each invested in a variety of assets. Use the AMP Risk Profiler Tool to help you decide which fund or funds are right for you. “Our diverse workforce has a wide range of financial experience and knowledge, and the personalised and professional financial support received from AMP’s Adviser team is highly valued.”, “While other providers have been considered at various times, we have found AMP continue to offer a compelling value proposition to remain with as a client. wanting a flexible employer-sponsored option that you can still use if you leave your employer. NZRT - Workplace Savings Section - How does this investment work? We have extensive experience helping New Zealand employers design and implement employee benefits programmes.

However, as they get older, they have less time to recover any losses before needing their retirement savings. Click on the link and the form will download and you can then print it and send it to NZTR.

Access to an online portal to assist you in day-to-day administration. To get started, enter your My AMP username and password. When it comes to your investment strategy you generally have three options (if your employer plan allows): You have two options for managing your NZRT account: Before you make decisions about changing investments talk to an adviser, who can help to maximise your savings in the long term. access to your savings whenever you like (minimums apply).

Right click on the link and select 'Save Target As...' and once saved to your computer, open with Adobe Acrobat Reader to print out the form and send it to NZTR. ◦   Insurance and wills Lifesteps aims to automatically reduce the potential for investment fluctuations as the member gets older. If you’re saving with the NZRT through your employer's plan, check your ‘member booklet’ (ask your employer for a copy) to see what contributions you’re required to make. Fee Notice. My Super is flexible and convenient with benefits including: To find out more about My Super, download the latest NZRT Product Disclosure Statement. To find out how NZRT might look in your workplace contact us today on 0800 800 267. Monday to Friday between 8am – 6pm. Click on the link and the form will download and you can then print it and send it to NZTR. Today, more people belong to the NZRT than any other employer-sponsored Workplace Savings scheme in New Zealand. Scam emails are currently circulating, asking you to renew your rego through a fake website or use an attachment to pay for ‘past tolls’. An option for members to continue saving for their retirement after they leave your company. A hassle-free Workplace Savings scheme for your employees.

To view the AMP website please download a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. Below are the investment options which you can choose as part of your NZRT plan.

3 What is your date of birth? The main fees we charge for the NZRT are a monthly member fee, an administration fee, a service fee and an investment management fee which varies depending on the fund or funds chosen. This lets a new employee choose a long-term strategy, regardless of how long they’ll be in the job.
If you’re a My Super member, and are not saving through your employer simply contact us to set up a direct debit to make regular contributions directly. NZRT-12. For more information, download the NZRT Product Disclosure Statement and NZRT Fund Update Booklet, ask your employer for a copy of your member booklet or speak to your adviser. Certificate of Non-Revocation of Power of Attorney, Financial strength and solvency information, looking for a retirement savings scheme operated by an experienced investment team. Further information on the NZRT-12 can be found on the Civil Defence website or the NZRT-12 team's Facebook page. For more information, download a copy of the NZRT Product Disclosure Statement and NZRT Fund Update Booklet which have been lodged on the Scheme's offers register entry at A financial adviser will work with you to understand the needs of your business. Or download the NZRT Product Disclosure Statement and NZRT Fund Update Booklet for more information. Please note you will need Acrobat Reader to open these forms. The New Zealand Retirement Trust (NZRT) is an employer-sponsored workplace savings scheme designed to help you save for a more comfortable retirement. AMP KiwiSaver and NZRT.

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