passport-size (55×45 mm) Burundi Visa issued on arrival. 4. Last updated: October 18, 2020. Bangladesh origin foreign citizens (except SAARC countries) are eligible for endorsement of “NVR (No Visa Required) to Travel to Bangladesh" in their foreign passports. Bangladesh enjoys longstanding excellent relations with Sweden as well as with...Read More », Embassy of Bangladesh, StockholmAnderstorpsvägen 12 (1 Tr. According to multiple internet sources we have ensured 85 bangladeshi visa free countries. Bahamas; Barbados; Dominica; Gambia; Grenada; Haiti; Micronesia This endorsement allows them multiple entries into Bangladesh with no restriction on duration of stay within the validity of the passport. Bangladeshi passport holders also have access to get 23 e-visas or 15 visas on arrival.Bangladesh has a population of 161M people and the capital is Dhaka . U.S.-Bangladesh Dual Nationals: If you are a U.S.-Bangladeshi dual national, you and your immediate family members are eligible for a “No Visa Required for Travel to Bangladesh” seal. Bangladesh has a population of 161M people and the capital is Dhaka . The applicant has to submit the following for NVR Stamp: 1. We hope that the website will be a quick and easy source of useful information to the visitors as it contains updated information on trade, business and investment, and consular services. Welcome to the website of Bangladesh Embassy in Sweden. The citizens of Bangladesh can visit 16 countries without a visa . The citizens of Bangladesh can visit 16 countries without a visa . Find safe countries to visit on Visa free. No Visa Required to travel Bangladesh (NVR) endorsement. See a visual map of visa requirements on the world map. with white background Djibouti 1-month visa issued upon arrival for DJF5,000. Visa Details arrow_forward. Applicant may pay to the designated Bank account, Additional SEK 20 per each additional passport in the same postal/courier service. This transfer process can be done at the Bangladesh Embassy or nearest consulate if you are in the United States or at the local Immigration and Passport office if you are in Bangladesh. 6. And these are mentioned below; Bangladeshi passport visa free countries. Applicants are requested to mention their names as message. These countries include Bhutan, Indonesia, Svalbard and Micronesia. ), OR – 17-digit Birth Registration Certificate, Current/ expired Bangladeshi passport of his/her father/mother(Names of father/mother must be the same in both, AND – child’s Birth Certificate and father/mother’s Bangladeshi passport. ), Valid Bangladeshi passport of the his/her spouse (Bangladesh-origin foreign national), AND – Valid marriage documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka or valid marriage certificate from the concerned foreign authorities, OR – Declaration of the relationship and request for issuance of NVR, by the spouse (Bangladesh-origin foreign national), An amount of SEK 500 is to be paid for issuance of a NVR. Relevant Documents. If any difference in names appears, endorsement/amendment/ correction in Bangladesh Passport must be done beforehand. Online Application for No Visa Required for Travel to Bangladesh (NVR) seal to Bangladesh-origin citizens of some foreign countries and their family members (spouse and children).This endorsement allows them multiple entries into Bangladesh with no restriction on duration of stay within the validity of the passport. No Visa Required (NVR) Stamp For Bangladeshi Origin Foreign National, No Visa Required (NVR) Stamp For Bangladeshi Origin Foreign National, Trade and business with Sweden, Norway and Finland, Status of (Enrolment/Ready) Machine Readable Passport (MRP), Closure of Embassy on 26 & 29 October 2020, Call for Abstract : Dhaka University Conference, Messages from Hon'ble President and Hon'ble Prime Minister on 21 August Grenade Attack, Messages on 45th Martyrdom Anniversary of the Father of the Nation & National Mourning Day, Valid Bangladeshi passport (name spelling with the foreign passport required to be same. Visa demanded from Bangladeshi citizens by some countries are administrative entry restrictions imposed on citizens of Bangladesh by the authorities of those countries. ), OR – Child’s Bangladeshi passport or foreign passport/ Birth Certificate where parents’ names and particulars are included (Names of the child and  his/her father and mother along with other particulars must be same. Africa: 1. Visa-free countries for Bangladeshi passport (Part 1) – Most people restrain themselves from visiting a foreign land because of the time and money that visa processing takes.Not only this, the amounts of effort needed to complete the list of requirements for it is hectic enough to not travel. 42 Countries You Can Visit Without Visa Using Bangladeshi Passport )171 54 Solna, Copyright © Embassy of Bangladesh, Stockholm, All Rights Reserved, » E visa countries for Bangladeshi passport Part 1 – Eject the inconvenience associated with traditional “get-a-visa” from an embassy with the ease of E-visa which is a form of validation to stay in foreign countries for a specific period.As every country has its own reserves and interpretation for granting one.

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