naka ga ii ne 仲がいいね The relationship is good.

Get notified when new articles are posted: Japanese with Anime is a blog about learning Japanese written by someone who's learning Japanese to read manga and watch anime in Japanese. Comrade is good because it implies a sense of solidarity - "camaraderie."

How about "comrade" as a substitute. Automail are the mechanical arms found in Fullmetal Alchemist. Nakama (surname) In Japanese, nakama (仲間) means colleague, compatriot, friend or comrade; Nakama, Fukuoka (中間) is a city in Japan's Fukuoka Prefecture. The literal definition of the word is “a member of a group.” In some anime and manga fandoms, such as the popular shounen manga series One Piece, the term has earned a symbolic importance among English-speaking fans. There are other fandoms too that emphasize the term “nakama”, such as D.Gray-Man and Fairytale.

Context: a character feels left out of the group. Information and translations of NAKAMA in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. “Nakama” is known to be such an significant term, since it refers to someone who is closer or as close as a family member. On Urban Dictionary “nakama” was defined as early as in 2004 by the user Alexi, who defined the term as “Nakama means best friend, or something to that extent.“.

Most fans of the series believes the word means "people who are considered closer than family", though that is not a part of the official dictionary definition of the word

It could mean the same thing, but I wouldn't know. Nakama is a Japanese word that translates to friend, comrade, or maybe even crewmate in English. The naka 仲 part means "relationship" while the ma ma 間 part means "span," in the sense of "space." Kanji of Nakama The kanji of the word nakama 仲間 sort of shows its true meaning. Definition of NAKAMA in the dictionary. Leave your komento コメント in this posuto ポスト of this burogu ブログ with your questions about Japanese, doubts or whatever!All comments are moderated and won't show up until approved.

You just don't turn on your Nakama!

The significance and the popularity that the word gained is thanks to the loyal fandom of the series One Piece. Nakama is a Japanese word that translates to friend, comrade, or maybe even crewmate in English..

Find more Japanese words at! On the other hand, the use in One Piece correlates more  to the meaning given in the Iwanami Japanese Language Dictionary, where it has been defined as “those whose hearts are united”.

; Nakama (仲間) also refers to a type of Japanese merchant guild of the Edo period.


I'm not sure.

Because of that, viewers and fans began to think the word has more to it than there is, even though Japanese language doesn’t suggest that the word has any special meanings. Nakama may refer to: . I think the feeling of "nakama-ness" is actually a unique and special Japanese thing. Meaning of NAKAMA. trends.embed.renderExploreWidget("TIMESERIES", {"comparisonItem":[{"keyword":"Nakama","geo":"","time":"2004-01-01 2020-10-05"}],"category":0,"property":""}, {"exploreQuery":"date=all&q=Nakama","guestPath":""}); The word itself is not even a special term. Personally I'm more familiar with the word "nakama" being used in anime than with the word "comrade" being used in English. It speaks to the special social bonds that exist in Japan, one of the world's most homogeneous societies. Fun fact: in the shin megami tensei series, 仲間 appears written as 仲魔 most of the time, since you're actually recruiting demons (悪魔) to your party. In the game, you can recruit new party members from this list. is a Japanese word that directly translates to friend, comrades, and under some context, such as in the manga 'One Piece', crewmates. Spam, links to illegal websites, and inappropriate content won't be published.

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