— Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim. Peterson, David J. (2015-05-01) How do you say 'go to bed and stop talking! (2016-04-16) How do you say 'my sister, my responsibility'? (2015-02-19) How do you say 'take me to the forest'? (2015-01-09) Meaning of 'sis'. Peterson, David J. (2016-04-04) How do you say 'I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night'? Prox. (2014-12-29) How do you say 'blood must have blood' and 'leave or die'? At the time of the Ark's descent, it is believed that most Grounders speak only Trigedasleng; warriors (and certain other Grounders) speak both Trigedasleng and Modern English, a fact which they are careful to hide from their enemies. Leidon. (2015-05-19) How do you say 'obey'? (2016-05-26) How do you say 'I am not afraid.

Peterson, David J. Are you going to write a Trigedasleng book? (2015-03-03) How do you say 'attack' and 'kill them all'? Peterson, David J. (2016-04-05) Translation of 'strik', 'hosh', and 'bosh'.

Peterson, David J. (2016-03-15) How do you say 'our fight has (only) just begun'? Peterson, David J. (2016-01-22) Trigedasleng Dialogue, Episode 301. Translation of 'I am strong. Translation of 'ron raun'. Peterson, David J. Peterson, David J. — Jomp em op en yu jomp ai op. (2016-07-13) How do you say 'bird'? Peterson, David J.

Cállate Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim. Trigedasleng Dialogue, Episode 502 of The 100, Trigedasleng Dialogue, Episode 511 of The 100, Trigedasleng Dialogue, Episode 504 of The 100. During the six year time skip, many more Sky People learned Trigedasleng, including Nathan Miller, Monty Green, John Murphy, Raven Reyes, and Harper McIntyre. Peterson, David J. In The Gospel of Josephine, both Gaia and Bellamy speak to Josephine (Clarke) in Trigedasleng. (2015-06-08) On verb conjugation.

Correction: spelling of 'chica' to 'chicha'. May we meet again. How do you say 'love stronger than death'? How do you say 'good', 'have', and 'we miss you'? How do you say 'yet', 'hold on', and 'don't die'? (2016-03-06) How do you say 'rest in peace'? How do you say 'may you find peace in your new life, you will be missed'?

More on verbal satellites and 'op' vs. 'raun'. Peterson, David J.

Peterson, David J.

Peterson, David J. Peterson, David J. How do you say 'attack' and 'kill them all'? To cover his actions, Murphy orders Echo to pretend that she hates him which Echo complies with in English, successfully fooling Russell. How do you say 'what is dead may never die'? Trigedasleng insults 'branwoda', 'mokskwoma', and 'stumucha'. (2016-06-15) How do you say 'may my big sister rest in peace'?

(2015-03-09) How do you say 'attack her and you attack me'? (2016-02-09) How do you say 'majestic cow'?

(2014-12-31) What's the translation of 'Enough!'? Peterson, David J. How do you say 'don't touch me' or 'get off me'? However, as Indra moves to kill him, Sheiheda replies "not today" in English and stabs himself with the Disciple locator tagging device, escaping through the Anomaly. Peterson, David J. (2015-04-03) Was the difference in vowel pronunciation intentional? Peterson, David J. (2014-12-30) How do you say 'I can hear you'? (2015-07-16) How do you say 'I'm sorry'? (2015-02-18) How do you say 'how are you?' Peterson, David J.

Peterson, David J. Translation of 'ron raun'. Peterson, David J. Peterson, David J. (2015-05-28) Explanation of translation 'ai na gon raun gon chit ai wich in'. (2015-01-02) Where did 'nomon' and 'nontu' come from? (2016-02-02) How do you say 'flower'? Plus de fonctionnalités. Realizing that she knows who he really is, Sheidheda responds in kind that its too bad she can't kill him. Peterson, David J. Indra proclaims in Trig "for my mother" before using the cannon to finally kill the Dark Commander.

Peterson, David J. (2015-12-14) Translation of 'my body is ready.'. " "Ai laik Okteivia kom Skaikru en ai gaf gouthru klir." I … Peterson, David J. The 100 Wikia now has a Trigedasleng page!

(2017-02-23) How do you say 'from the sky to the ground again'? Peterson, David J. (2014-11-06) Is there any more information about the language? Peterson, David J.

(2016-09-09) How do you say 'thief'?

(2015-06-01) Translating 'to'. (2015-02-16) How do you say 'get knocked down, get back up'? A reference for Trigedasleng sentences that Peterson gets asked about a lot. (2016-04-07) How do you say 'head'? 'We will' Lexa replied with certainty, leaning forwards to place a … How do you say 'I am Octavia Blake and I will fight for what I believe in'? (2016-03-31) Discussion on how to say 'vagina'.

(2015-04-09) Was Trigedasleng influenced by the language of the Sloosha's Crossin' Valleymen from Cloud Atlas? Are 'we' and 'our' represented by the same pronoun? (2015-01-06) How do you say 'commander'? (2016-03-11) How do you pronounce 'laik'? Daily Trigedasleng: September 17, 2016. smallerontheoutside: Word of the Day.

Peterson, David J. (2015-04-09) Placement of 'hir' and satellites. (2015-02-13) How do you say 'if we burn, you burn with us'? (2015-12-16) What is the difference between 'gon we' and 'bants'?

(2015-05-06) Translation of 'but we are not men'.

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