Some pedals work better with my Marshall SV20H Plexi. There are so many pedals (maybe too many) on the market these days. Some of my favorite tones are Jimmy Page, Mick Ronson, The Beatles, and Muddy Waters, just to name a few. The path led to using pedals solely for gain and not cascading them with amp gain staging. I'm partial to vintage circuits. Some guitarists have been doing this since the 1970s. My favorite guitar tones are pre pedalboard era. But, it's a recipe. The takeaway is he got all his gain from his pedal combination. Do guitar pedals sound best into a clean amp? The Marshall is also going to be far more versatile. I keep thinking if I repeat saying it, it will turn my stomach less, but it hasn't worked yet. Messages: 3,118. I find the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe to have a very unfriendly high end. For gain pedals such as fuzz, overdrive, and distortion, experiment with how much output you send to the amp. The promotion that pedalboards plugged into pedal platform amps sound better is misguided. The guitar, the pedals, and the amp. Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by Birddog, Jul 6, 2009. His method was a bit more complicated than that, but you get the drift. Don't have the illusion I never plug into a clean amp. I'd also argue that running an amp at the edge of breakup is preferred for a pedal platform. No! No matter what guitar and pedals you use, you have to pair with the right amp, Which is why I have so many pedals. For one: they're running their gain pedals below unity gain. I've had guitarists come to me inquiring why their tone is thin. For instance, if you try running a Rangemaster into a Twin Reverb, you will have quite a surprise. Spoiler alert: it won't sound like a Marshall Plexi! The pedal platform concept is using a clean amp as a PA for your pedalboard. I always describe it as an opinionated amp. They're spikey and harsh. Not at a volume that won't blow out your ears in most circumstances. When the Fender amplifiers get pushed too hard they start losing a lot of top end tone. Listen to how it changes the tone and response of the amp as you raise the amp volume and pedal output. Sure, it's best for some players, but others may prefer an EL84 amp. Orange Amps tube rigs are known for their killer overdrive and having dirty channels that are in a league of their own. No. David Gilmore is an example of a guitarist who used a Hiwatt amp very clean and added gain with a Big Muff. There isn't anything clean about his full out tone. The Marshall DSL40CR has 2 amazing drive channels and when you use a high gain pedal it handles it beautifully. Others work better with my Tweed Victoria 35115 Pro. The best pedal platform is the Marshall. Not necessarily pre guitar pedals. I don't think anyone can honestly argue that a Fender amp is cleaner. I would encourage guitarists to spend some time with very few pedals and an amp that can break up. Using the output volume on a pedal to send more juice to your amp pushes the preamp tubes causing a different type of saturation. I pair pedals with Marshall, Vox and Fender amps. And please can we erase the term pedal platform amp from our musical language. The article also went on to mention some of these amps as affordable "pedal platform amps which included the Fender Blues Deluxe or Hot Rod Deluxe and Supro Neptune Reverb. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Jul 6, 2009 #1. Before I dig too deep into that, let's discuss what the belief behind a pedal platform amp is. Do they sound best into a dirty amp? Secondly: they're using the wrong amp for their tone. And it is just an opinion. There are a lot of ways you can combine pedals and amps. If I were to make a list, I would encourage people to avoid all of the above mentioned amps. They may have used pedals, but the amp wasn't clean. I don't see my amp as a PA for my pedalboard. I do. It surprises the difference it makes. Although this can sometimes be an excellent sound for certain circumstances, it is my opinion that it doesn't sound as good as pairing pedals with an overdriven amp. Disclaimer: for some players, a clean amp with pedals is a perfect pairing, and they get a great sound. You won't read the recipe for peach cobbler if you're looking to make Eggs Benedict, would you? I just don't see it as a "pedal platform" amp. But, before pedalboards were the core of a guitarist's tone. A Fuzz Face will sound better into a driven amp then into a clean amp. So for a guitarist that likes to push the front end of their amp, a Twin Reverb is rarely the right match. Before I have to yell at some kids to get off my lawn, I'll sum the article up with this: We have three major equipment stages of guitar tone. I'll take the AC30 every time. And I just can't roll with the new Supro line. My guitar, pedals, and amp interact. It looks like Led Zeppelin needs to recut their first album because that Tonebender MKII was hitting Jimmy's modded Supro hard. I find the proposed theory that you can use a Marshall modeled pedal into a 6v6 amp to sound like a Plexi a bit ridiculous. These guitarists haven't matched with the right amp. Yet, a Twin is often promoted as a pedal-friendly amp. I prefer the mood of a Tonebender MKII into a Marshall. Birddog Member. Spend some time to discover how you prefer to gain stage. This idea is just ridiculous. Some guitarists have been doing this since the 1970s. You can use a Fuzz Face with a Marshall Plexi for a similar method. I love them. Using a clean high headroom amp is just one option. Meaning you have to kiss the amp with a dB or two when using an overdrive or distortion pedal. It’s a shame, because the Origin might just be the best pedal platform in Marshall’s line-up today. I see it as an option. Brian May's tone is very much tied to a treble booster and cranked Vox AC30. So, forget pedal platform amps and learn about guitar, pedal and amp pairings that work for the style of music you like to make. Often I find a few similar traits. A lot of "pedal platform" amps tend to be based on Fender circuits. When I'm picking a rig for a gig or session, I spend a lot of time deciding how I want my pedals to interacting with my amp. Take note of how the feel of the amp changes as the volume increases. The Marshall Origin Is For Pedals The Origin is a great amp if you like both vintage tones and dirt from pedals. PRICE £849 CONTACT Does someone want to get into a time machine to tell Hendrix he should only plug his Fuzz Face into a clean amp? The BEST Clean Pedal Platform - YouTube It's always good to try pedals with your guitar and amp. Jimi Hendrix is an excellent example of a fuzz pedal into a dirty amp combination. Not the same amp as the vintage one. It's hard to get them to break up. There is a careful dance of gain staging when pairing your pedalboard with an amp. The secret is a high headroom clean amp, which has been available since the early 1960s. You have to know the requirements of the gig or session to answer these questions. Listen to how the amp changes as the volume progress. I hate to trash talk, but this advice is ridiculous. I say that as a person who has shelves of pedals. Fender Hot Rod DeVille ML 212. Treble boosters were designed to push the amp harder and brighten up dark amps. I have found individual pedals that match better with various amps. I prefer the tone of a Maestro FZ-1A into a Blackface Fender. This latest take on the … The higher headroom the amp, the less you can push it into saturation. For one, some of us like to use pedals to push the front end of our amps into overdrive with natural compression. I prefer the sound of a Proco Rat into a Vox. There seems to be this implied notion that a 6L6 circuit is best for using pedalboards. But, I'm not delusional about where tone comes from for my style. Now, this isn't always a bad idea, but it gets oversold. The pedal platform concept is using a clean amp as a PA for your pedalboard. No. My Fender TRRI as a clean platform for overdrive pedals, and My Marshall JVM, using the amps distortion -- which I love. Start by plugging straight into the amp and slowly turning the volume up. The other day, after having the JVM in for … Your fingers, of course. These three amps happen to be some of my least favorite amps ever in production. Do more pedals pair with a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe then a Vox AC30? I use a Marshall DSL40C as a pedal platform. But what about behind that? Gain pedals sound best slightly above unity gain. For many guitarists, volume became an issue. Guitarists searched for ways to get a big sound at a lower volume. Pedal platform amps aren't a new thing; only the term is new. If you love the Plexi tone, there are other more fruitful paths to travel. I read an article about pedal platform amps that stated you wouldn't want characteristics in an amp like saturation, hyped frequency bands, or shimmery tones. Most often, it's a clean amp. Most of these guitarists got the bulk of their tone from the guitar and the amp. I have two setups that I gig with. Fender or Marshall? Joined: Nov 9, 2007 Location: WNY. Something about the “niceness” of the Fender doesn’t handle the thicker, more modern tones. The secret is a high headroom clean amp, which has been available since the early 1960s. After you've spent some time thoroughly experimenting with amp saturation and compression, add in one pedal at a time. Marshall as Pedal Platform? Twin Reverbs are incredibly loud and clean. Pedal platform amps aren't a new thing; only the term is new.

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