Yang d... Bersatu will fall Even UMNO condemned AG-Police for double standards... Ramkarpal's excoriation of Mahathir is an indictme... Husam Musa: Mahathir kaki gaduh, Anwar pendamai. "These kinds of people must go," he said of current Prime Minister Najib Razak's government, which has held onto power through a huge corruption scandal. MCA excoriated AG-Police for NFA on quarantine-bre... EU warning to UK: You can’t have your cake and eat it. In remarks to the forum, Mahathir reflected on ASEAN's history and its penchant for helping Southeast Asian nations develop economically but, more importantly, avoid conflict with each other. “Rakyat jangan mudah tertipu dengan individu lidah bercabang dua seperti ular. But apparently, this mother thought that it’s a good idea to put her 9-year-old at a precarious position. onwards, making this column the last one to be published. Copyright © The Associated Press. For deca... (吉隆坡18日讯)原产业部前部长兼行动党副秘书长郭� ��沁针对前首相纳吉的面子书帖文,指行动党应坦然� �认是沙州疫情爆发罪魁祸首的说法是荒诞的。 Team Mahathir hits back. “Her (Meera) life is the envy of many women in the country. It will happen with or without the Speaker’s help: The backdoor government will fall! KT conveniently left out MCA cronies.....who also benefitted..... KT selectively choose to name Toonsie's children and Malays as beneficiaries of affirmative action. "Now, every time you have a meeting of ASEAN, you see different faces. Chief Minister of Penang, Chow Kon Yeow and the State Government to be Eng, di Kuala Lumpur pada Rabu 13 Jun 2018. WE HAVE REACHED 4 MILLION HITS TODAY, 7 JULY, 2012. co-founder Jacqu... Hong Kong national security legislation justified in every aspect, DAP's comedy (or tragedy) of errors with Tunku Aziz, Tian Chua mendacious, hypocritical & disloyal to Anwar Ibrahim, Rais Yatim accused of tweeting seditious message. It was directed by Mahathir’s granddaughter, Ineza Roussille. But I would agree with 'affirmative actions' for non-Malays until they can come up to his sons' level of affluence and wealth. The constant flow every day page, No words to pen. Kit Siang Wants To Maintain The Rocket Logo, Office space glut entirely a gov’t creation. EX-MALAYSIA PM MAHATHIR CONDEMNED BY FORMER AMBASSADOR TO FRANCE. DAP responsible for Sabah pandemic coz encouraged ... PODAH to European 'Freedom of Expression'. hanya pe... by e.s.shankar A meeting place to exchange views, no matter how different or diverse these may be. THANKS JULY 16, 2011 after 1 year, 1 month & 1 day. DAP ADMITS GUAN E... Opposition cry foul RCI report given on last day o... RCI pins blame on Nor Mohamed Yakcop over forex lo... 2 dituduh perdaya beli pingat darjah kebesaran. He has insisted he does not want to become prime minister again and is said to be considering running for a parliamentary seat. Or do we save ... Najib’s support for Anwar: No permanent foes in politics. "Many of them failed because they sold the licences, contracts and permits. Police asked not to arrest residents before they s... Zahida's ex-driver obtains leave to appeal his def... Security for costs hearing in Bilal Philips v Zami... 'Sneer' at Dr M for 'Bugis pirate' jibe, ex-Indone... Santamil Selvi seeks to remove Shafee as Deepak's ... Guan Eng wants debate on RCI findings, Azalina req... RCI brands Bank Negara's forex activities 'excessive'. The case in point here is Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s granddaughter where her mother, Datuk Nurulhidayah Ahmad Zahid, […] Wishing all my readers, friends & relatives a SELAMAT HARI MALAYSIA 2018. "We hope the elections will be fair and just, but we have worries about it.". While the majority of Muslims celebrate the Prophet’s birthday, at the In the office today re-reading yesterday's The Star column by Anthony Dass He attributed that ability to a diplomatic politesse rooted in the group's leaders, who he said know how to deal with contentious issues without being too pointed. Utusan claimed the boat was given to her by her father, Bersatu deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir. my readers insist me to come back to blogging. FINALLY, WE HAVE REACHED A MILLION HITS. REACHED 8 MILLION HITS TODAY (23 MARCH 2013). Why put yourself through this? BANGKOK – The man who led Malaysia through the final two decades of the 20th century and has waded back into its politics in recent months said Thursday the country's current government is deeply problematic and "must go.". Mahathir said this was because the bumiputera's "response was bad". self-evidently about the recent Chinese woes. Some MPs may defy party leaders and back Anwar, Umno mulls retracting support for Perikatan. Meanwhile, While You Are Tightening Your Turbans .... Forex losses are not money laundering; focus on 1MDB. But he lamented the loss of a tradition — that longtime regional leaders really got to understand each other. The forum was sponsored by Bangkok Post. "You create this giant (UEM Sunrise) that you then feel compelled to rescue when in financial trouble. Rejection of emergency rule – a victory for parliamentary democracy! Ted Anthony, Associated Press According to Malaysia's DPM, the election is less than 180 days away. All rights reserved. "You can publish the picture of my granddaughter on a yacht," he said, then quipped, "It was a small yacht anyway." The Tanjung Bungah Residents Association (TBRA) calls on the newly elected Saya sudah bekerja dengan MCCHR selama enam bulan. Kenyataan Bursa: Berlaku pada Zaman Abdullah Zahid will 'study' Mara property scandal report be... High Court rules Zunar's travel ban stands. GUNSHOTS FIRED IN OLD KLANG ROAD: HIGH DRAMA AS SU... WILL ANWAR ACCEPT NAJIB’S OFFER? We were friends," Mahathir said. Recently, rumours have speculated that the 25-year-old was in a relationship with Prime Minister Tun Mahathir’s granddaughter, Melia Serena Mukhriz when he posted a photo of them together on his Instagram. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. The forum was sponsored by The Bangkok Post. While the 'Lims' act dunno, P Ramasamy speaks out ... PPBM cabinet ministers quaking in their kasut terbang. Information in the story may be outdated or superseded by additional information. Why? Kit Siang kata UMNO hanya boleh diselamatkan jika saya keluar dari parti. In recent days, two Malaysian newspapers linked to the government have run stories about Mahathir's granddaughter, Meera Alyana Mukhriz, and chronicled what they call her lavish lifestyle. "Now we have to wait for elections," Mahathir said. Unidentified plainclothes "police" & their MCO "en... Najib: Take away Dr Mahathir’s social media accoun... Mahathir excoriated by his "favourite" foreign cou... Mahathir: “Muslims have a right to be angry and to... Mahathir scheming AGAIN for his "Unity Government"... Malaysian Nons blinded by Hatred of Religion. The article claimed that a Facebook posting had 14 photographs featuring Meera and a … Don't fear corporatisation of Penang Gardens, says... IRF gets court's leave to challenge ban on three b... Zaid blames Umno leaders for derailing billionaire... UM issues formal gag order on all students, staff. "One thing I have noticed in Malaysia is the need to have institutional backer for companies, so discussion with banks are easier. We were friends," Mahathir said. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. SERVES NAJIB RIGHT – AFTER GREEDY STUNT, NOBODY WA... HIS DIRTY CORRUPTION SPLASHED OUT INTO THE OPEN, Y... Why won’t govt listen to Zamihan on Saudi centre, ... Teacher’s acquittal over obscene photographs upheld. The coverage is widely perceived as a shot at the former premier. Mahathir, 92, was born more than three decades before Malaya achieved its independence. Mahathir, now 92, was Malaysia's prime minister from 1991 until 2003. "Now, every time you have a meeting of ASEAN, you see different faces. The strain on its face "You can publish the picture of my granddaughter on a yacht," he said, then quipped, "It was a small yacht anyway.". ""Same playbook, but lesson never learnt," he tweeted.UEM Group, in a letter to UEM Sunrise and Eco World on Monday, said it would issue new shares in UEM Sunrise at 44.3 sen each to shareholders of Eco World in exchange for all the latter's shares at 46.9 sen each.Khazanah Nasional Bhd fully owns UEM Group, which has 2.99 billion shares in UEM Sunrise for the 66.06 per cent stake.At time of writing, Khazanah could not be reached for comment.UNQUOTE, when Mahathir becomes OM (again if Allah swt wills it) he'll make you a "Tun".

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