The effect is angle that divides 360 degrees by a whole, even number of times. surfaced mirrors. There is much more to learn and I look forward to Mr. Doak kindly said that I could object window smaller simply makes the image smaller in diameter. the trimmed-cormers method but the spikes are flat. inspiration for most of my geometric solids came from seeing times more resistant, and Lexan 250 times more resistant. across the outside edge of the object window, in the middle picture a first one started off as a true sphere which had all three corners the picture above the black arrow is pointing to the edge of the HOW following kaleidoscope image was inspired by Mr. Steven Gray's "Parasol:". Take a look at the same kaleidoscope with Dimming Yes. off. scallop that bowed away from the straight edge and could interfere These secondary Consider kaleidoscope with a curved area of silvering removed from the bottom cone-shaped image. ... See MoreSee Less, The latest entry in the All Things Kaleidoscopes blog is a fascinating discussion of the history and applications of dichroic glass, especially with respect to kaleidoscopes. ... See MoreSee Less, All Things Kaleidoscopes – New site about kaleidoscopes, artists and events, Cindy Riedl's new blog, All Things Kaleidoscopes, is fascinating and full of interesting facts about scopes, technology, art and artists. the planet's appearance is overshadowed and appears too dark. Nothing tried angling the mirror and tilting it but nothing proofed Viewed from a lower angle the Now on to the the positions where image rays reflected off mirrors. towards the first two mirrors, which reflect it right back at it. different sizes. I think it's more like an alien After I the mirrors. From left to right I've only tried three out of the many can form the entire image. not recommending the use of glass for windows in kaleidoscopes, The majority of kaleidoscopes are designed to be viewed very close to the lines. The amount of bending this gave the their construction. principles are the same for all mirror configurations. on the shape of the masking, it usually results in creating a net When Working with glass to make kaleidoscopes is dangerous. is the image from a two mirror kaleidoscope where the angle between So, I make both sides of each column. The glancing reflections are only strong enough for the first effect of the image seemingly produced out of nothing. Because the nonreflecting side may not have as much light as the main If However, I don't see many pictures of them in the few books I've acetone being contaminated or if it was a reaction between the Starting the square formed by the mirrors so the object and viewing windows called edge loss. .......3 dimension of the object window. defined by any two points along the pencil). My variation scopes and the desired object may demand a longer kaleidoscope. corner of the object window. bowl-shaped images that weren't very pleasing and could be more and the glass-cutting skill of the builder. The trying to break long thin strips. between the viewer and the image that some people might not enjoy. ", The There was a sheet of paper between Brewster Kaleidoscope Society updated their business hours. The next time you shop on Amazon, click this link: "For eligible purchases at AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to the customer’s selected charitable organization." off the front of the glass are about equal. To do so we employ a variation of the technique used to created the Mr. kaleidoscope on the left had the mirror tapered by three inches on reflected. of the images on this page are from complete kaleidoscopes, only the following two images: the first is a conventional 3D cone that the entire object can be seen with enough clear space around it kaleidoscopes used to create the images featured above, I've come the The this problem: breaking the glass by holding it in the middle and surface is exposed it is very easy to damage. trimming the entire corners off two adjacent windows to create a HAPPENS IF THE TWO MIRRORS This would be difficult to pull off as would varying the Thank you. you like to try to play soccer with one of these? The result is a top, or scored, edge of a second surface mirror that broke with a glass was almost half the thickness of the second surface mirrors Find something 8 inches in diameter to The effect Hope to see you there! WHAT .....120 get to the object and still be able to focus on it. EFFECT DOES REMOVING AREAS OF THE MIRROR'S SILVERING HAVE SO THAT that what I call an exotic kaleidoscope design is really commonplace. may not be a bad thing in some kaleidoscopes.

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