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© 2013–2020 Parks Australia (Commonwealth of Australia). Sometimes only lasting a few weeks, where other years it spreads to a few months. This is the period where the landscape alters from the dry desert area to a build-up of humidity and thunderstorms. For a summary I have also created a list with the pros and cons below. As the streams begin to run, acidic water from the floodplains can kill fish in billabongs with low oxygen levels. Early-morning mists hang low over the plains and the shallow wetlands and billabongs are carpeted with water lilies.

While there is some truth in that, it's certainly not the full story. Ask us about Kakadu National Park weather conditions when booking your holiday to the top end. Kakadu National Park has a tropical monsoon climate with two seasons: the dry season and the wet season.

However, due to it being the dry season, it is a dry heat with no thick humid to bother you. Enter your name and email and get a FREE70 page Outback Guide! The Federal Government handed $444 million to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation last year. The early days of bangkerreng are marked by violent, windy storms that flatten the speargrass – these are called ‘knock ‘em down’ storms. During the wet season it rains and it is too hot.". Low season prices, and no need to book everything months in advance.

Humidity is relatively low and rain is unusual. Kakadu is notorious for being a dry and hot climate, packed with bush, jagged rock formations, and diverse wildlife. This is a relatively cool time with less humidity. It is recognised as one of the coldest periods in Kakadu, but temperatures typically only lower to mid-20s.

The climate is monsoonal, characterised by two main seasons: the dry season and the wet season. Listen to the news in Warlpiri, Yolngu Matha and Kriol, Hail up to 13cm hits parts of south-east Queensland as dangerous thunderstorms roar in, Qatar's PM offers 'sincere apology' in conversation with Foreign Minister, Live: Voters head to the polls for Queensland election. Gudkewg is from January to March, known typically as the monsoon season. You might find the frequent showers unpleasant. "We … work together to maintain the resilience of natural freshwater refuges through our invasive weed, feral animal and fire management practices," a Parks Australia spokesman said. When will we know the result? You’re probably familiar with northern Australia’s two seasons: the dry season (April to October) and the wet tropical summer (November to March). She said her father was among a group of men who put levees in place to block salt water from moving through the waterways in the region. "It's not just about putting in a road to a wetlands or having a lookout, it's about then protecting that environment, the saltwater intrusion around that environment.". "They haven't been clear with us about country and what's happening," he said. "We seen so many fish, file snake, turtle, everything all dying away floating everywhere in the water. Birds and other animals start to follow the receding waters to the permanent billabongs. Creeks begin to flow again. It is still ‘goose time’ but also time for local Aboriginal people to hunt file snakes and long-necked turtles. You can't have everything... Read about other National Parks in Australia, Return to Outback Australia Travel Guide home page. But Kakadu’s traditional owners recognise six different seasons based on thousands of years of local knowledge. Each season has different attractions for Kakadu visitors. Kakadu has over 280 days of clear sunny days throughout the year! The pre-monsoon weather is hot and humid. The transitional periods between the dry and wet season (April/May and September/October) are also an excellent time to visit Kakadu National Park. The time just after the wet season lets you experience the waterfalls in their full glory.
It was really bad. Keep in mind that those maximum and minimum numbers are monthly averages, and that on any given day the actual maximum or minimum may be 5 degrees above or below! "It changed a lot, all the trees died and some other billabong that used to be a billabong, well it's not there anymore, it's a flood plain now.". I can't argue with that. Tourist numbers in either shoulder season will be low, and the temperatures high. Drying winds have begun, but plants still contain a lot of moisture.

In Kakadu national park, Ubirr and Nawurlandja lookouts are great vantage points to catch spectacular lightning storms and colour-saturated wet season sunsets across the flood plains. Ubirr is one such rock art site with a walking trail that takes you past some of the most amazing rock paintings some as old as 20,000 years old. The "build up" describes the transition between the dry and the wet. Sometimes you hear that June to August is the best time, because it is the coolest time of the year. Severe thunderstorm warning issued for parts of south-east Queensland, Follow our live coverage of Queensland's election day and results as they happen, Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. Ms Lawler has called on the Government to pledge the same amount of money for the management of Kakadu National Park in the wake of the latest predictions. These are the six seasons as known to the traditional owners of Kakadu National Park: This is the period that we call "the build up for the Wet". These seasons were first understood by the traditional owners of the land, known as the Bininj and Mungguy. Most attractions aren’t accessible during the wet season especially Twin Falls and Jim Jim Falls, but what a sight to see if you take to the skies. The time to burn the land. Scientists have been researching the potential impacts of climate change on the Kakadu National Park for over a decade. Everything is busy mating and breeding. Australian Travel Wholesalers Pty Ltd Copyright © 2020 ». Jun–Sep Dry season and high season. We are used to hot weather, but for people from colder climates I would recommend to avoid to travel between October and mid December. You can find the latest seasonal access updates here. The 2019 federal election campaign kicked off with a political football in the Northern Territory, as both major parties scramble to announce $220 million for Kakadu National Park.

Instead of having six different seasons of diverse climate and rainfall. 24°C – 37°C. Crocodiles tend to be more visible in colder weather, as they warm themselves up in the sun. Important if you plan to camp: It is extremely unlikely to rain, and there are fewer insects around. Traditional Aboriginal owners in Kakadu told the ABC they've observed the effects of saltwater intrusion in the park for decades, but haven't been warned about predictions. Any time of the year has advantages and disadvantages for travel in Kakadu, and any time can be a good time to visit Kakadu National Park. Each season has different attractions for Kakadu visitors. The big floodplains that you see during the wet have been reduced to isolated billabongs (permanent waterholes) and that is where all the birds and other wildlife congregate in huge numbers. However, unlike most of the country, it does not have the classic four seasons. The biggest story of the century is unfolding but it's not safe to cover it, Melbourne Cup field set as Ashrun gets final spot with Hotham Stakes win, Data privacy calamity looming with QR code COVID check-ins, Trump accuses doctors of 'profiting from COVID-19' as US breaks daily case record, Most women know what it's like to be interrupted and spoken over. The different times of the year will provide you with different experiences, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. It is the coolest time of the year, with night temperatures around 15oC (60 F), and days between 25 and 30oC (75 - 85 F). Trying to cook a meal without that extra protein can be a bit of a challenge after dark... And don't forget your mosquito repellent for the evenings. Thunderstorms build in the afternoons and showers bring green to the dry land. (Temperatures are in °C.).

Mirarr traditional owner Corben Mudjandi said he's hopeful that Parks Australia would listen to the community. The cloud formations, colours and fantastic lightning shows... you will be spellbound, I can guarantee it. Votes cast in final hours of Queensland election day. Summer which is December to February can soar high on the temperature scales to the high 30’s making air conditioning a necessity for travelling and accommodation and during these months, storms are more prevalent as this is the peak of the Wet Season. Ms Ngalmirama said despite the levees, salt water got through in some areas and destroyed freshwater ecosystems in its path.

It all depends on your comfort levels. Kakadu is located in the tropics, between 12° and 14° south of the Equator. The rain halts in this season and the sky clear to blue. There are advantages and disadvantages to coming to Kakadu during the Wet Season and the Dry Season.

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