Several bus companies sell tickets from Urmia to Erbil at the main bus station. Step 2 – Shared taxi to Marivan. War broke out in 1980 when Iraq invaded Iran, leading to the eight-year long Iran-Iraq War. Read up more on my Disclaimer page. The border is currently open. Your bus still needs to clear through customs. Fr… The Hamsafar bus leaves daily at 9:15am. Your passport will be checked and your visa paper will be stamped. [8], The border was challenged by Iran in 1934 at the League of Nations, with the validity of both the Treaty of Erzurum and the Constantinople Protocol being called into question. [citation needed], There are border crossings between the rest of Iraq and Iran at Khosravi, Mehran, Chazabeh/Al Shaib, Salamcheh and Soomar/Mandali. Iraqi lawmakers earlier said that corruption at the Iraqi crossing points causes Iraq $10-12 billion in losses annually. [8] Iraq later gained independence in 1932. Your email address will not be published. In all the immigration and customs process entering Iraqi Kurdistan took about 1 hour. Plan for about 3h driving time to the Iran-Iraq border at Tamarchin on the Iranian side (My 9:15 bus arrived at 12pm) from Urmia. From Lake Urmia on you’ll be meandering through scenic mountains all the way to the border. A taxi to the city center taxi should only cost about 4,000 Iraqi Dinar. The procedures at the border are pretty straight forward and painless, though expect the entire border crossing and travel times to take … Make a mental note of which bus is yours (I recommend memorizing/taking a photo of the license plate) at the border because many look nearly identical. The war concluded with the Peace of Amasya, by which Ottoman rule over Mesopotamia was confirmed. If you are planning to use the Bashmaq-Penjwen border go read The Globetrotting Detective and the Against The Compass guides to the Beshmaq-Penjwen border crossing. Wait with your bags until your name is called and go up to immigration and finally get stamped into Iraqi Kurdistan. I did find a couple of forum posts in my research that had travel times of roughly 10 hours and costs of up to $30 USD for the bus ticket, so there may possibly be some different times/costs from my experience. The Basra and Wasit crossings in southern Iraq were earlier reopened. It’s open 24/7, and transport will be likewise available round-the-clock. I was told other companies have buses departing at 6am and 8am as well. Parry, in, peace agreement was signed on 6 March 1975 in Algiers, "The Origin and Development of Imperialist Contention in Iran; 1884–1921", "A Border Adrift: Origins of the Iraq-Iran War",–Iraq_border&oldid=985841115, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 07:54. The border is currently open. Though worth mentioning I had no problem making a purchase in USD on the Iraqi side and receiving change in Iraqi Dinar. This typically takes about 1 hour longer than it takes for the passengers to get through, however in my case the bus took two hours longer. [21] Almost the entire ground war was fought in close proximity to the international boundary, though the conflict resulted in stalemate and following the end of fighting no changes to the border were made. The border crossing between Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan is one of the more scenic ones, up there with Qolma Pass, Kyzyl-Art, Khunjerab Pass, and the Montenegro-Kosovo border at Kula. Check Out The Iraqi Kurdistan Travel Guide, Tabriz Travel Guide + 9 Things To Do In Tabriz, Iran, Two Day Tehran Itinerary + 13 Things To Do In Tehran, Esfahan Travel Guide + 19 Things To Do In Esfahan, Iran-Iraq Border Crossing Report At Tamarchin/Haji Omaran, Shiraz Travel Guide + 15 Things To Do In Shiraz, Kashan Travel Guide + 5 Things To Do In Kashan, Visiting Shiraz’s Pink Lake: Maharloo Lake, Iran, How To Have An Epic Two Days In Yazd, Iran, 10 Off The Beaten Path Destinations For 2020, Afghanistan-Iran Border Crossing At Islam Qala/Dogharoun. Iran observes daylight savings and Iraq does not, so in summer months Iran is 1 hr 30 min ahead of Iraq and during winter months Iran is only 30 min ahead. To the east of Al Amarah the irregular lines cease, and the border continues southward via four straight line sections through marshland down to the Nahr al-Khayin river. Most other nationalities can apply for their authorization code here. This is the most convenient of the two crossings if you’re traveling between Tabriz (or anywhere in the Iranian Azerbaijan provinces) and Erbil. The Basra and Wasit crossings in southern Iraq were earlier reopened. [4][5][6][7] The Zuhab treaty stipulated that the boundary between the two empires would run between the Zagros Mountains and the Tigris River, though a precise lines was not drawn at that time. Check Out The Iraqi Kurdistan Travel Guide. In late April 2019, I crossed Iran-Iraq border (into Iraqi Kurdistan) at the Tamarchin-Haji Omaran crossing as part of my overland trip from Afghanistan to Iraq. TR -> IR: Very few Turkish buses go from Erzurum to Dogubeyazit. The Iran–Iraq border runs for 1,599 km (994 m) from the tripoint with Turkey in the north down to the Shatt al-Arab (known as Arvand Rud in Iran) waterway and out to the Persian Gulf in the south. [8], During the First World War an Arab Revolt, supported by Britain, succeeded in removing the Ottomans from most of the Middle East. Check or Learn more about how to get an Iranian Visa here. [8], During the Ottoman–Hotaki War (1722–1727) the Ottomans invaded Iran in league with Russia, gaining large parts of north-west Iran via the Treaty of Hamedan. Go to main bus terminal (on Haft e Tir Blvd or 7th Tir Blvd), about 4km northeast of the city center to get the bus or flag down a taxi in Tabriz and haggle the price for a ride to Urmia. Step 4 – Go to the customs. Both border crossings are open to foreigners. When I enquired about it at the Tourist Information Center In Tabriz I was told there was not a bus from Tabriz to Erbil but that I needed to go to Urmia to catch the bus. The Tamarchin border is orderly and efficient. The Kurdish side of the Iran-Iraq border is a bit more chaotic. This 30-day entry stamp is available for those traveling by plane into Erbil and Sulaymaniyah International Airports, and by bus or car from the borders with Iran and Turkey. Learn how your comment data is processed. The terminal, in the eastern Diyala province, will be operational for two days a week for trade exchange, the Iraqi Border Crossing Authority said in a statement. [24], Colonial and independent Iraq (1920-present), 'The Reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, 1520–1566', V.J. [17][18][19] In retaliation Iraq supported Arab separatists in Iran’s oil-rich Khuzestan province, with Iran supporting Kurdish rebels in Iraq. I personally crossed at Tamarchin-Haji Omaran so I will cover that crossing in this post. On March 8, the Iraqi authorities shut five commercial crossing points with Iran in an effort to contain the spread of coronavirus in Iraq. There is a cafeteria-style restaurant in the parking lot with a toilet. In this guide, I will cover how to cross the Iran-Iraq border. In 1969 Iran abrogated the 1937 treaty, resulting in the 1974–75 Shatt al-Arab clashes with Iraq on the Shatt al-Arab. A bus drives Tabriz-Erzurum once a week (100 lira, 12 hours). Several nationalities can travel visa-free (30-day entry stamp) in Iraqi Kurdistan including the US, Canada, UK, most EU countries, Australia and more (click here for the full list). Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Iraqi lawmakers earlier said that corruption at the Iraqi crossing points causes Iraq $10-12 billion … According to International transparency groups, Iraq is among the most countries that suffer from high rates of corruption and misuse of public funds. Once through the body check you will go pick up your bags and exit out into a parking lot, you likely will board your bus on the other side of a tall black wall from where you walk out (on your left). [8] Another war followed in the 1740s which was ended by the Treaty of Kerden in 1746, which restored Iran’s western provinces and re-affirmed the 1639 Zuhab border. On the Iraqi side, you’ll pass through the gorgeous Rawanduz region with cliffs and waterfalls. On March 8, the Iraqi authorities shut five commercial crossing points with Iran in an effort to contain the spread of coronavirus in Iraq. [8] The former Ottoman-Iran boundary was retained, now forming the borders between Iran and Iraq, and also Iran and the new Republic of Turkey established in 1923. The Ottoman Empire had conquered much of what is now Iraq from Safavid Persia in the Ottoman–Safavid War of 1532–1555. [22] Relations were restored in 1990 and have improved substantially since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003. The border crossing between Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan is one of the more scenic ones, up there with Qolma Pass, Kyzyl-Art, Khunjerab Pass, and the Montenegro-Kosovo border at Kula. Note that Iraq and Iran are on different time zones. [16] A peace agreement was signed on 6 March 1975 in Algiers in which both parties pledged to further demarcate the border, both on land and in the Shatt al-Arab, based upon the Ezurum Treaty and Constantinople Protocol. You can also have your accommodation arrange a driver or go to the Tourist Information Center in the Tabriz Bazaar. I did not see any currency exchange office on the Iraqi side of the border. Once you officially exit from the Iranian side you will continue onto the Iraqi side and enter a building. Iraq partially reopened the Mandali border crossing with Iran on Saturday after a 3-month closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. In my experience crossing the Iran-Iraq border was pretty painless, though long. You will need a letter of invitation from the licensed tour operator you will be traveling there with prior to applying for the visa at an Iraqi Embassy or consulate. One of the largest cities in Iranian Kurdistan. You will have to cross through many Peshmerga (military) checkpoints on the road in your travels in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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