Best, Jessica. In the evening I plan to go to the Eiffel Tower (not included on the Pass, see our Eiffel Tower guide). For many travelers, the biggest advantage of the Paris Pass is not having to purchase individual tickets, skip-the-line access, and the included Travelcard. If you are only want to visit the attractions you mentioned, I’d recommend getting the Paris Museum Pass as it covers entry into all of them except the Eiffel Tower. Once there, the beautiful grounds, building, and history can be enjoyed in its full glory. Definitely worth the visit – we’ve been a couple of times now and it is great that free entry is included with the Paris Pass. Not only could it be cheaper, you’ll be grateful not to have the long train ride back to the city after a full Disney day. This should help give you a good basis to plan your Paris itinerary with the Paris Pass. Our four days in Paris were made easier by the Paris Pass! This post may contain affiliate links. I have read and understood that we can activate the paris pass and museum pass at different times which seems like it would workout with our time in Paris. In fact when I offered 50, the woman who had just lost said I should bet another 50. (Please note, certain sites like the wine tasting tour or entry to the Louvre may require reservations, while other attractions – like the hop-on hop-off bus tour and river cruise – may require a valid ticket.). The Paris Pass is valid for 12 months after purchase so you can purchase them up to a year before you plan to activate them. Please check your e-mail to confirm your sign-up. We really want to go to Disney, but because it’s high travel season we want to go on Thursday. A full review of the Paris Pass, to help you save money on your visit, as well as a review of the Paris Museum Pass; A guide to the best afternoon tea in Paris and the best lunchtime restaurant deals in Paris; A guide to choosing the best Seine Boat River tour; And finally, if you need a guidebook, we highly recommend the Rick Steves Paris guide! The best way to assess whether it’s worth investing in the pass is to map out your itinerary, route and the costs involved. ~ Jessica, I’ve been to Paris a couple of times, but there is always more to see and do. I’d recommend considering the  4 Day Paris Pass instead which is a much better value. Then you can visit wineries and do tastings and learn about that particular region. Finally I told one that I would pay his exorbitant extra cost and did the same thing. The Globetrotting Teacher and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. This Paris Pass review aims to shed light on the perks that come from buying one – undoubtedly convincing you that it is worth it. You walk along, minding your own business, when someone near you suddenly bends down to pick something up. As an Amazon Associate, The Globetrotting Teacher earns from qualifying purchases. So, I gave her money (at least not 20 Euros), because I felt so uncomfortable about the whole situation and just wanted to get away. Loved my Paris trip! After transport, entrance fees and admission, you can quickly balance this monetary value with your experiences. At busier attractions, it is always a good idea to try to ask if you see staff before getting into line so you know in advance. However, this was the first time I concentrated on the crowd around this guy, wondering which of these people were in on the scam and which weren’t. On 20 july we have not yet received anything. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. So now that you know what the Paris Pass is, what it includes, and the cost, the next step is deciding whether it is a good value for you and your trip to Paris. Finally, hiding in plain sight is the fact that the 3-day Paris Pass includes just a 2-day Paris Museum Pass. This is the moment when every one reading this thinks “Just walk away”, but I didn’t. 2.) All that’s left to do now is to finalize your itinerary – and decide what you’re going to do with the savings that the pass gives you! Also most Paris museums are open late one night of the week including the Louvre and Pompidou so you can check for the late nights opening days and times for those as well. Also, think about what you want your Paris itinerary to look like. This is where the savings from the included travel card really start to stack up. Wow!! Once you’ve bought the Paris Pass, then these tips can help you make the most it. Rather, gifted artists take to the intimate stage and dazzle the theatre with their dancing, singing and costumes. No matter how many times I’ve been to Paris, I always go back to this museum. However I have purchased passes (or similar membership cards) in other cities, like Florence or New York City, and for those trips they WERE good deals. We found an employee, and explained in French that the metro cards came with our Paris Pass and had stopped working. Please read my Disclosure to learn more. Perhaps the 3-day pass makes more sense because you’ll spend 3 days seeing included attractions and the other 3 days going to the Eiffel Tower or Disney Paris, which aren’t included. It does not mean that you’re an idiot. A Review Of The Moulin Rouge In Paris . Keep in mind that the Paris Pass does not include entry to the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, or the catacombs. Thanks for such an in depth look at how it all works! ⁣Sent from my mobile device. But there are lots of different options, and you can see many options and read reviews of different experiences here. It, Calculate the Cost of each of the 3 Paris Pass components, 2 Day Paris Pass: €52 (Museum Pass) + €60.50 (Attractions Pass) + €19.50 (Travel Card) = €132.00, 4 Day Paris Pass: €66 (Museum Pass) + €101.35 (Attractions Pass) + €38.65 (Travel Card) = €206.00, 6 Day Paris Pass: €78 (Museum Pass) + €117.65 (Attractions Pass) + €50.35 (Travel Card) = €246.00, Next with the information from above, use your particular Paris itinerary (see an example, This step can take a while as it requires you to sort the attractions you want to visit by whether they are covered by the Paris Museum Pass or Paris Pass.

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