He meant getting tackled by a 250 pound linerbacker to normal human = Cruise missle to superman. Boa is the leader of the Kuja Pirates. Also Hancock murderstomps mos superman if this is true. For most of her life, she had been locked up due to the threat of Van Der Decken. I am going to check that out. Big Mom's power is only matched by the other Yonko. gimme a factual link that says opposite and I'll back down otherwise STFU. It is probably less than that. It took time to destroy skyscrappers 100 G would instantly destroy buildings. @RandomSid No need to go all fanboy on me, u've lost but just don't know it yet. Her doubts were cleared when Neptune told her that Shirahoshi was indeed one of the Ancient Weapons, namely, Poseidon. Also you're talking about what "would have happened", when its just pure speculation. I just said that Hancock and Mary are at least equals, and Hancock flew to the Moon. Shirahoshi is not yet able to control her ability, but once she does she will be a real threat to anyone. There were a lot of factors involved. If that DVD commentary happens to be true,then i'll concede that Mary has durability beyond Faora's striking power and she can win easily round 1 (destroying her helmet). You made a comment based on feats that was NOT backed up by feats from Man of Steel. Mary and Hancock belong to a species of immortal beings that were called gods and angels by numerous cultures thousands of years ago. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. It dosent matter anyway. And at the lowest possible estimate(with all of the cars of the freight train being empty), Hancock stopped over 110,000 tons of force. Faora>Mary and hey Hancock fanboys that "Director said..." Sh*t doesn't change it either, just incase u're wondering I Ain't no MOS fan either but judging by feats faora stomps (how do we know hancock would survive a BFr to the sun ay?) Hardly enough evidence to suggest that Superman would have won. It is stated in the DVD commentary that Hancock could survive a a nuclear bomb in the low megaton range. The fact is, the tim states that she's strong and faster. The director obviously meant it as way for the audience to gain a better grasp of how powerful the couple was. The Master Chief analogy is a flawed comparison, considering that that Bungie themselves said Masterchief can't do that and is a gameplay mechanic. I'm posting this just for this comparison (since I don't care who wins this fight and not particularly interested in either character) but Flash Thompson hasn't been KO'd by physical force, so we don't know his upper durability limits. And no, the World Engine would have terraformed the planet eventually, but the feat is overstated. Multiply it by 2 because most soldiers wouldn't train more than 12 hours a day and you end up with 69.44444444 years of training. Weaknesses:If Hancock is near Mary he will begin to slowly lose his powers but if he is more than 100ft away from her he will regain his powers. Bonney's power to alter the change of people is a very lethal ability. It didn't do anything to the planet except change it's gravity and create earthquakes. Superman is hurt by military weapons lol. So the train, lets say each car was only half full. Faora was too skilled and too fast for him. Then multiply by, lets say 50 even though I believe the train was actually going 60. She and Hancock existed 3,000 years ago, and each of their brethren were paired in twos. Zod was superior to both after he adapted, and Superman beat him. Or the fact that Kal never truly wanted to kill Zod, so he was probably holding back to some form of degree. @korraspirit: Ok,prove it then,but by feats,not statements.Or that's the only thing you have to go by?her statement? Mary can fly at escape velocity, and is otherwise Hancock's equal if not superior. Hancock was outright invisible to the goons and us when he was blitzing those criminals, and in order not kill them, likely had to stop or slow down to pick them up before speeding away again.

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