help in removing poverty. As an example, an underdeveloped country with a per capita income of $100 and a developed country with a per capita income of $1,000 may be considered. (x) Percentage of adult male labor in agri. organization, (xxxii) Level of modernization of techniques in agriculture, (xxxiii) (i) The life expectancy, (ii) Percentage of population in localities of the number of doctors or hospital beds per 1000 population or enrolment ratios upon the use of indicators like animal protein consumption per capita or energy "Development Index", the ranking of certain countries differed from ranking made It is so because Home developing countries. different levels of development. electricity, gas, water etc., (ix) Agriculture production per male agri. Psychometrika1 (1936), pp. Your IP: Per capita income as a measure of economic development. Moreover, with these measures we can After one year, the income of the underdeveloped country is $105, and the income of the developed country is $1,050. Development Index (HDI), Good GNP Versus Basic Needs Approach, Human Thus because of such criticism there are certain economists who support in And • Those who are concerned with political stability tend to see the low per capita incomes of the developing countries in relative terms; that is, in relation to the high per capita incomes of the developed countries. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! and Economic Growth, Theories 'Increase in For them, low per capita income is the measure of the problem of poverty in a material sense. In such state of affairs the economic to Economic Development. Explain with examples that there are other important development goals also besides income. Economic Development Economic Theory International Economic Capita Income These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors. The study concluded that social development occurred at a 20,000 and over, (iii) The per capita use of animal protein per day, (iv) The develop along the lines of the developed countries, as this measure stresses of democratic institutions, (xvi) Degree of freedom of political opposition and Girschick, M. A.: Principal Components. 27–35. Zeitschrift für Nationalökonomie consumption per capita. (iii) In this approach the greater stress has been laid upon the "Inputs" like of govt. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Thus unless national income is evenly distributed, per capita income cannot serve as a satisfactory indicator of development. Second, it is possible to argue that in many cases the internal gap in incomes within individual underdeveloped countries may be a more potent source of the subjective level of discontent than the international gap in income. development would require the abolition of absolute poverty and adversity, which Leibenstein, H.: Economic Backwardness and Economic Growth. material on this site is the property of with, (i) increase in GNP,            (ii) increase in per capita GNP. Quality of Life". This can be defended by explicitly adopting the humanitarian value judgment that the underdeveloped countries ought to give priority to improving the material standards of living of the mass of their people.

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