Also make sure you use the larger voltage of the system voltages, ex) if it's 480/277 use 480 in the formula Three phase kW to Amps calculations involve a ration of 1000 times kW to the power factor times voltage and an additional factor 1.73 that represents an equivalent of √3 and is added because the circuit is three phase in nature. The formula to find amps for a three-phase AC circuit is a little different from the formula for … Take the amperage reading from each phase and average them (A1+A2+A3 / 3). Three phase kW to Amps. Determine Kilowatt-hours (kWh) associated with power usage using the formula: P(KW) x hours of use. If you don't have a power factor use 0.9. Line to Neutral Voltage I (A) = 1000 x P (kW) / (3 x PF x V L-N (V)). If we assume 8 hours of use and continuing with the example: kWh = P(KW) x hours of use = 86 KW x 8 hours = 688 kWh It means that the phase current in amps is computed by 1000 multiplied by the power in kilowatts divided by the square root of three multiplied by the power factor times the line to line voltage RMS in volts. To calculate 3 phase kWh from measuring amps on each phase Use this formula; KW= (volts (avg) x amps (avg) x power factor x 1.732) divided by 1,000. Find the current if the power factor is 0.9. Calculation of AC three phase Kilowatts to amps Line to line Voltage I (A) = 1000 x P (kW) / (√3 x PF x V L-L (V)). It means that the … Mathematically: I = [kW * 1000] / [E * PF * 1.73] Example: A 3 phase 400 volt circuit has a 50 kW load connected to it. P (KW) = P (KVA) x power factor = 100.1 KVA and 0.86 = 86KW.

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