Useful tips! Read it over once, make your changes, forward it to a few of your most trusted friends, and push that sucker live. This is when positive SEO results will be seen. The worst is over. How do we do it? These texts don’t have to be lengthy. If you’re not lucky enough to have rabid fans that come back to your blog every day just to consume your content (very rare, anyway) – you need to either do keyword research and really have some solid keyword targets for the article… or you need to have an ad budget to promote the piece. If, for example, you find that your three closest competitors have published one, four, and two pieces of content over the past month, respectively, you know that publishing five pieces of content each month is going to help you gain ground. Some of the most effective ways to promote your blog posts include: One of the biggest problems with published research about blogging for SEO is its inability to take the unique characteristics of your target market into account. This allows you to tell your audience enough about the topic that they feel educated and are given enough context as to how your product or service could apply to them. Before diving into that, I’ve decided – it’s more important that you actually DO IT than have it perfect. We send out our best strategies in a juicy monthly newsletter. If you’re in a competitive niche (and whose niche isn’t crowded, these days? How does your traffic compare? This also allows you to include all keywords that you are trying to target without being guilty of keyword stuffing by including them in close proximity to one another. First of all, shorter content is much easier to create on a regular basis. Fewer words mean less keyword ranking opportunities. But it really depends on your website – here’s how to do the calculation. If you simply ramble or publish low-quality content, chances are the SEO efforts will not be what you hoped for. Depending on what you’re writing, this may or may not apply. The sensible way to start a discussion of how often you should be blogging is to understand how long the average blog post is going to stay fresh and relevant, which means how long it will continue to attract readers and be shared across other blogs and various social channels. So there you have it. Is writing not your forte? © 2020 WESFED LLC. This increased SEO for longer content can also be attributed to the opportunity to incorporate a higher number of keywords and keyword variants into longer blog copy. More content means a bigger footprint. , blog posts containing over 1,500 words were over 68% more likely to be shared on Twitter and over 22% more likely to be liked on Facebook compared to shorter posts. If you’re like me, your blog post will never be ready. In fact, most of you may have already stopped reading this blog post, save a few of my biggest fans. Then take your top ten blog posts and determine their lengths using the Bulk web page word count checker. A webpage is a blank canvas, so be sure to be creative! Or worse, never indexed at all. The best blog post length for SEO generally tends to be longer in nature, rather than shorter. WordPress Website Design, SafeHouse Web While the information found here may have to be taken in with a grain of salt, you have to consider the word counts. Industry veteran Timothy Carter is’s Chief Revenue Officer. Never substitute someone else’s experience for your own. If my process is anything to go by, that means you’re doing it right. What good are fancy formulas that involve powerful tools – if most people don’t own those tools? It’s a shame to spend a bunch of time on something no-one will read, and no-one wants to write 1,500+ words without confidence that it at least *is possible* it could get 100+ people reading it, and be long-term helpful for your ideal customers. Variables like search engine algorithms, user behavior & preferences and competitor actions, to name a few. Images break up your blocks of text and make your article more readable. It wasn’t until college was over, and no one was making me write anything that I realized I actually liked doing it. Enjoy these methods for higher word count from Abby Olson, Step Five: Clean It Up (But Not Too Much), Frequently Asked Questions About Blog Length, Ultimate List of Web Designers in Minneapolis, Key Places to Insert Your Keyword on Your Blog Post, Why is WordPress the best for SEO | Best CMS for SEO 2016, 5 Important Videos that Help Your Company Brand and Their Benefits, Color Forecast 2021 | Pantone, Sherwin Williams, & High Fashion, In House Vs. Agency for Marketing + SEO | Pro’s & Con’s, Have a target keyword (use Ahrefs or SemRush to identify things people are searching – ideally try to find items with a low difficulty). Use an image or a video towards the top to snatch people’s attention. Does the content seem to come from an expert? Your writing skills are great, tone & expressions are quite formal. Before your very eyes, you’ll see your content piece begin to flow together, and soon you’ll be typing the very last word. Jump around, have fun with it. Now that we have confused you with a very wide “ideal range” it is time for us to discuss the benefits and drawbacks related to both short and long blog content. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any advice during this time! MAP / DIRECTIONS, © 2020 Hook Agency / All rights reserved. 55401 Now the bias is on the user. SafeHouse Web is a website design and digital marketing companybuilt to serve the needs of your online presence. As Google says, make content for your users, not for the search engines. 455 San Benito Street A word of caution here. They also give you the opportunity to put your keyword phrase in the ALT tag of each image. Why is this you ask? There are so many ways to increase word count, and yes – if you’re wondering, I’m feeling a bit of the pressure to make sure my article is as long as my ‘Top Ten Average’ – so that this becomes one of my top posts as well. Overall – focus on being super useful and handling all sales objections in your copy and making it compelling. Scott is Director at SafeHouse Web. With this in mind, you may well have to go over the word recommendation to get your point across, but as long as the blog post flows well and has a well planned out structure, then your article can be whatever length you desire.

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