Bela Kiwiiks was a female Togruta who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic during the Great Galactic War, the Cold War, and the Galactic War with the resurgent Sith Empire. Despite openly working with Carrick, Tey planned to kill him during the joint assault on the Jedi academy. All three races showed gender dimorphism in the shape of their montrals; females had shapely, smooth montrals while males were more intimidating with hard curves and jagged edges. Arranging several terrorist strikes to enrage both sides, Dar'Nala was eventually captured by a bounty hunter, who attempted to execute the Jedi Knight through electrocution.

Togruta: Homeworld: Shili: Language: Togruti: Average Height: 1.5 - 1.9 meters : Skin color: Red, white, orange, blue, and purple : Hair color: None : Distinctions: Head-tails, Montrals, Sharp Incisor Teeth: Average lifespan: Up to 94 standard years: Known Members: List of known Togruta Their last names range from 1 to 3 syllables, but most are 2 syllables long as well.” How to Roleplay as a Togruta RedOrangeYellowGreen[source?]Blue[source?]Purple[source? [12], During the Clone Wars one of the most well known Togruta was Shaak Ti, a member of the Jedi High Council, who participated in many of the battles during the war. To an extent, Togruta had an aversion to isolation and made efforts to have friends around for companionship.

When the war concluded, Tynblade was sent to Kamparas to assist in the operation of the Starfighter Corps academy there. Despite his pleas to be freed from Kallig's mind, Zavros was subdued and remained a servant of the Sith Lord. Togruti[1] When it came time to take action, Lucien Draay's student, Zayne Carrick, was late to the ceremony and the Masters were forced to act before he arrived. Sharp canine teethTwo MontralsThree or four Head-tails[1] Born on Shili, Trini Dar'Nala was raised on Coruscant in the ways of the Jedi during a time of peace. Traveling to Ossus as the Jedi resettled the planet, Ty was among the first students to train at the Grand Academy there, learning to serve the Force's dualism and work to walk the middle path. [16], Other Togruta padawans during the Clone Wars were Ashla, a member of the Bear Clan trained by Yoda,[13] Deran Nalual, a Padawan that survived the initiation of Order 66,[17] and Codi Ty, a male Togruta who saved a number of younglings from General Grievous, though he was expelled for seeking vengeance. [5] Ti took it upon herself to track down Lyshaa and bring her to justice, seeing her imprisoned for countless years on the planet Brentaal IV.[4].
Despite overall physiological uniformity, Togruta varied greatly in appearance, and no two individuals looked exactly alike. After a short few years as a Padawan, Sumalee was knighted and given command of military units in the Republic Army. Meeting with Baras on Dantooine with several of her compatriots, Dar'Nala slipped completely to the dark side as her obsession consumed her and caused her to attack her former pupil, Satele Shan, who attempted to prevent Dar'Nala's madness from rekindling war. Physical characteristics Large circles of white skin surround their eyes, with red coloring making small 'eyebrow' markings within these circles. In 3643 BBY, the Council began to sense a dark presence on the Republic capital of Coruscant, and Kiwiiks was sent to the planet with her Padawan to investigate. One of the diversity factors was height; Togruta averaged 1.7 meters in height, although males were usually taller and heavier than females. Discovered by the greater galaxy during the Subterra Period, the primitive Togruta entered the Republic, and many Forceful Togruta were taken to the Outer Rim world of Ossus where they became a prominent species of the Jedi Order. [5] Other Togruta, such as Shaak Ti, wore the Togruta sash with their Jedi apparel. Let’s take a closer look at what we do know about the beautifully fascinating Togrutas. [5] These organs were pocketed with hollow spaces which allowed Togruta to sense the proximity and movement of physical objects around them as a form of echolocation and ultrasonic detection. In the wake of the restructuring of the High Council, representatives of the Order reached out to Ty and encouraged him to return to the Temple and resume his training. [5] While not all have this feature, white stripes also adorned various parts of their bodies, including their chests, legs, backs, arms and montrals,[5] which include the horns to the lower head tails (Not to be confused with the Lekku of Twi'leks). Realizing that the local. [8] During her early career Ti took her first student, choosing to train him on her birth planet, Shili. Evolving from pack hunters, the Dar'tati, Kon'imer, and Lavati races developed separately before interacting, mating, and developing into the Togruta species. As a student of the Jedi Temple, Ty was prone to meditating amid the Temple's courtyards, watching the traffic pass among the low-rises of the Temple Precinct. In rare instances, a Togruta developed two mal'lekku and were revered as being highly-intelligent and destined for greatness.

All Togruta go through right of passage rituals within the jungle, where they learn to hunt the native Pygboscid and avoid the ravenous predators of Shili's jungles. This gave outsiders the false impression that Togruta were venomous. While developing in their mother's womb, the child gave her a distinctive "baby bump" accompanied by a significant weight gain.

Togruta had two sexes: male and female, with the latter being distinguished by their pronounced breasts, overall smaller stature and different montral structure. The third son, Codi Ty was sorted into the Cairoka Clan because of his artistic qualities. Help us. While the plan failed, Tey remained determined to hunt down Carrick and eliminate him, in order to stop her nightmares. As hunters, the Togruta showed off the pelts and teeth of their game as a sign of pride and maturation. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Forced into accepting the Imperial-authored peace agreement, the Treaty of Coruscant, Dar'Nala felt that the document should not be signed but was ordered to do so by the Order's Grand Master. Sensing the intrinsic part the Force played in their culture, the Order quickly began seeking out Forceful individuals to take back to Ossus for training. Ti was one of the few survivors of the First Battle of Geonosis and helped save Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Padmé Amidala from execution.

Building a professional relationship with a renowned smuggler, known as the Voidhound, during the extraction mission, Sumalee called upon his assistance again when she was assigned to assist the situation on Corellia. Taking to the forest valleys to build their homes, Togruta did not wear shoes, believing that they could connect with the world only through physical contact with it. Like Twi'leks, Togrutas had a pair of shapely prehensile tentacles that grew from the base of their skulls.

In the ensuing weeks, riots had begun on Taris, angry with the Jedi for being able to capture the fugitive Carrick and bring justice for his alleged crime. When an agent of the Jedi Order passed through Corvala, they recognized that Tey's affliction was actually a severe case of visions from the Force, characteristic of the Nabi School of Prophets.

Before departing Taris, the First WatchCircle received a message from Carrick, claiming he would hunt each of them down until one of them confessed their crimes and cleared his name. Using Taris as a base from which to launch missions to eradicate Sith artifacts, Tey grew in experience, relying on her compatriots to keep her balanced and mentally sound as the visions constantly bombarded her mind. When the Mandalorians were soundly defeated, Zavros remained loyal to the Revanchists as Darth Revan and Darth Malak took command on the cabal and announced the foundation of a new Sith Empire. During their first months of existence, Togruta babies were usually fed with milk from their mother's breasts.
This did not prevent some on the High Council from questioning her methods of training students. The Togruta don't pay much attention to these theories, noting their special resemblance in coloration and physiology to the tree-dwelling Shilin Groogle, who they believe is rightly their primitive ancestor. Young Togrutas' montrals and posterior head-tail did not fully grow until adolescence, when their montrals became curved and their third head-tail grew to the length of their two main head-tails.[8]. A carnivorous species, the Togruta were possessed of an exotic skin coloration and patterning that reflected the exotic grasses and jungle flora that camouflaged them during hunts. Like Twi'leks, Togrutas had a pair of shapely prehensile tentacles that grew from the base of their skulls. After three years of study and travel, Ty was knighted at Padawan Kesh and given the full rank and privilege afforded a Jedi Knight. When the Eternal Empire launched their assault on both the Republic and the Sith Empire, Sumalee was one of countless Jedi to be killed in the assault, falling in space combat over Corellia. The Togruta evolved lekku, shapely brain-tentacles, as a means of silent communication. Encountering a descendant of his, Ashara Zavros of the Jedi, Zavros' spirit was dominated by the Sith Lord Kallig. Their skin ranges in color from a deep maroon, to a bright red-orange, with unusual markings on their face.

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