Notice: If you already removed the badge on all pages then you will need to comply with the terms of use of Google. This enables us to further improve the user experience for this website in the future. If you want to keep reCAPTCHA V3 running on your WP website and hide it only then you can try with some CSS tips as we mentioned in the article (hide reCAPTCHA badge): Hello in the part where it says ‘Next, you will add this snippet in the page you want it to display…(contact page,…), where exactly is this page? You’re missing a apostrophe on your code (your screenshot attached). Is it the page.php? (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); Howdy ! and what to look for? This works great! Thanks for this Post, as fine as reCaptcha3 will possibly be, the symbol on each page is horrifying. if ( !is_page( array( 'contact','other_pages' ) ) ) {. Want to write a more detailed review? Are you an author of this plugin? All you have to do is include this line of code in your CSS file: Note that you are not using display: none; under any circumstances! But it’s still there. I uninstalled CF7, cleared my cache and cloudflare, but it still is present. wp_dequeue_script('google-recaptcha'); Please keep in mind that all comments are read and moderation. it’s I’m attaching three screenshots to hopefully help. Yes. function oiw_load_recaptcha_badge_page(){ on Hide annoying Google reCAPTCHA v3 Badge, 6 replies on “Hide annoying Google reCAPTCHA v3 Badge”,, 25 inspiring loading animations (CSS and JavaScript), 25 creative 404-Error Pages with cool animations, 9 Satisfying CSS + JS animations for relaxation, 8 CSS tips you should know as a web developer, Program your own WYSIWYG editor – with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Furthermore, the display of Google reCAPTCHA (“protected by reCAPTCHA” badge) in all pages, your website, blog will slow down a bit (reflect by PageSpeed Score). wp_dequeue_script(‘google-recaptcha’); But one problem you encountered that’s Google reCAPTCHA logo will be displayed on every pages on the bottom right of the screen that pops out when hovering. I have access to FTP and added the snippet to the functions page. Is there any work around? Hi according to it is better to use: .grecaptcha-badge { Next, you will add this snippet in the page you want it to display Google reCAPTCHA (contact page, login, register page …): 1 Hi, I want to keep my recaptha running on my word-press website and hide only slide alert showing bottom right on website. Would you want to delete Google reCAPTCHA for all page? If you are using Contact Form 7 or another form plugin, this is the right solution. I had to slightly modify the snippet so that it could actually work adding the following extra “dequeue”: So the whole snippet looks like this for me to work: This comment might best belong to snippet for the last version, if anyone else faces the same problem. As we recommended you run Google reCAPTCHA script on more pages that would be more accurate (disabling the spam checking). I’m obviously doing something wrong, and I don’t know what. As you know, most of the website, blog are used CAPTCHA to prevent automated access by robots, bots, spam …. function oiw_load_recaptcha_badge_page(){ }. We have just checked it.

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