And to be fair, it often times pays off for him. I sometimes think the emphasis on forward moving "honorable" sumo is something that holds the sport back from attaining broader appeal.

The sumo is ramping up again!
Intentionally walking a baseball player is a common act in pro baseball, and is a heavily strategic play. Henka Boys is a Sumo Wrestling blog focusing on covering the Bashos as they come, whilst also keeping you informed on various Sumo news. With the Aki Basho going ahead barring a state of emergency declaration by the Japanese government, it's fi... ©2020 by Henka Boys. Locks. Press J to jump to the feed. Wasn't it last year Takakeisho fell from ozeki before regaining the position because of an injury? I am sure there is a proverb or idiom for this but i don't know it.

Would seem right. The smaller or lower ranked the rikishi is, the more acceptable people think it is. Another good example of a common henka is Aminishiki, who sort of goes for "pick your battles wisely" strategy because of age or injuries or probably a range of other reasons. Let's begin at Maegashira 6 with... We have a lot to talk about here, so let's not waste any more time! I don’t think anyone would argue that it isn’t legitimate. Henka. I've always thought about it as detracting from the spectacle of the match.

I was wondering what is with the henka, it seems like an honest counter to someone being so aggressive that they can't control their body. Incidentally, what tournament was that henka? When there is a significant weight advantage I see no issue with it.

It might be a nasty trick but it works. Why is it hated? I think the way it stands now, where it can get you a much-needed win at the cost that you may not be ranked quite so favorably if you rely on it too much, is pretty fair. If you do it for a skillful and intentional reason, it’s legit. Close. If you become known for Henka or some other trick it's one thing but even Yokozuna pull one every now and then to put someone in their place. I watched the video and don’t understand how what he did was poor sportsmanship. I just thought Kissy had some serious nerves going on and jumped the gun. Especially for the upper ranks, it can be construed as not wanting to properly meet your opponent either because of cowardice or wanting a cheap, quick win for various reasons. Step out of the way and there goes Kotoshogiku. If you want to beat Kotoshogiku, all you have to do is henka every time. So guys just need to have their eyes open out there for it. Henka. I thought that until this basho. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So awesome :D, when Hakuhou pulled a henka on Kisenosato after he played games at the tachi-ai.

For someone that I had associated with being unmoveable, he seemed to be getting shoved out pretty dang easily.

In a sport that expects its participants to show no emotion win or lose, to carry dignity, and command respect, that denial makes a lot of noise.

I mean, it's pretty clear that he gets in his own head all the time because he can't string his wins together with his hot and cold streaks when the pressure's on. Literally the coward’s way to win.

Almost like they didn't want to try and out-wrestle the other guy so they just move out of the way so the one charging stumbles. Henka has its place and will stay in the sport, but lets not call it respectable or praise those who use it. Some rikishi are never going to win a shoving match against Chiyomaru. Mawashi work. People hate the henka because they want to see a more thorough display or strength, technique, and spirit.
I dont see the problem with it, it's not like it's a secret move no one knows about. This is interesting to know, and will add to my sumo enjoyment.

People want to see an honest hard-fought wrestling match, and a henka basically doesn't give them that. People like Terunofuji on the other hand using it against the Giku will make me loose all respect for him. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. There was alot on the line on that bout and he bitched out, let alone the complete lack of respect for the position of Ozeki. I'm generally pro-henka. It has its uses, and the people who keep falling for it should probably reconsider how blindly they're charging at the tachi-ai. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, take a look at what Konishiki had to say about henka.

It's not so much hated as looked down upon. Even off the tachiai. Even Konishiki when he said it should be banned says it's the fault of the opponent for falling for it. The young Sadogatake s... We're moving down the banzuke now, so we'll start zeroing in on a selection of intriguing wrestlers now. 14. Well, looks like we have found the perfect chump for the next time someone is needed to lead the charge into a Russian artillery battery. 4. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It's a desperation move and shows no confidence in your own brand of sumo. But hey, that's just me. Can you explain that to me? It’s like an intentional walk in baseball. Press J to jump to the feed.

It's not very competitive.

I’m more mad at the rikishi that fall for it, than the one doing the henka. It's the tenth career high rank in a row for Kotoshoho, coming in at Maegashira 12.

Let's begin! If Enho for example wants to Henka some more than twice his weight who charges in, then sure use. I am in favor of anything that keeps “being a brick shithouse” from being a viable sumo strategy and encourages speed and flexibility. Probably the best example of a common henka yeah. The torikumi (fight schedule) for the first two days are out, and we have 4 absent rikishi in Makuuchi. I think I am in the same camp as Konishiki on the move, but it seems like I am in the minority. How often do we see Kotoshogiku lose by henka? When an overeager or clumsy wrestler falls for a henka and loses in one second, some fans feel like they've been robbed of a proper match. Not to mention that it's hardly a guaranteed win, and the henka-er can open himself up to a vicious counterattack from a canny opponent. I personally have no problem with it. Double Henka? See the issue here is the use of the word "respectable". It is a legitimate technique and if the opponent falls for it then so be it. I know the English-speaking world loves Tochinoshin, but henka'ing a yokuzuna out of a yusho was the worst example of sumo sportsmanship I can think of since the match-fixing scandal. I am new to sumo and have enjoyed learning about the sport and watching the last two tournaments. For another perspective, take a look at what Konishiki had to say about henka. I think Henka is a great part of Sumo, it rewards awareness over brute comital to a charge. I've always thought of it a sort of bush league. Winning by Henka will never in my mind be respectable. A henka denies half of that. It seems sumo carries with it a great amount of cultural significance and with that expectations on the behavior of the wrestlers.

There's nothing wrong with it from a competitive perspective, but Sumo only continues to exist in the form it does because it's a spectator sport.

Was he playing games? I might not like it, or respect it, but I get it. Hit and shift is not the same as dodging completely out of the way.

Is as respectable as as any other kimarite. Is as respectable as as any other kimarite. For almost all sports losing body control is a death knell. So in my mind, the athletic onus is on the guy getting side stepped to maintain body control and not launch himself so blindly he can't avoid falling. I agree with you. It's never "respectable", but it is strategically-valid. 100% ok move to me. They'd be foolish to not consider trying it. A match can be won or lost in an instant and I don't see what makes it any less legitimate a technique than any other. Posted by 2 years ago. It's fine but you shouldn't do it every bout imo. r/Sumo: A place for all things SUMO.

Plenty of options besides being a coward. I guess I have been viewing sumo as just a sport. Log in sign up.

Knowing that your opponent keeps his head down too much and has no control at the tachi-ai is something that can be exploited.

It should be made an illegal maneuver. I was wondering what is with the henka, it seems like an honest counter to someone being so aggressive that they can't control their body. He can physically only do so much and the larger rikshi need to start taking that into consideration when they face off against him. Throws.

These voting options won’t really catch the true reason why the Henka is so controversial, because it isn’t about the “respectability” of the kimarite as much as the entertainment or lack there of. To me it always feels like a cheap win.

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