Steven Pressfield said that criticism is what you really want as a creative person, he calls it “the supreme compliment”. The further you get in your life, the more critics you can expect.

Take relief and comfort that a critic’s words often have nothing to do with you at all. You prove worthy of other people’s energy.

Corruption, fraud, human selfishness, and an endless cycle of pain often seem to crush any effort to try and stop the sky from falling, and the political and spiritual leaders who say they are here to help often end up doing us more harm than good. No one will be happy for you once you accomplish your dreams because they wish they could have done the same.

Please share with me in the comments box below! You have haters because you did the work to improve your life. You need to do what you feel is right in your life. Just keep that in mind that you are responsible for your happiness, not others.

If I may quote another fabulous person, Oscar Wilde famously said, “There is only one thing worse than being talked about…”.

As once said in the movie "American Gangster":  "Success.

The truth is that people who live reasonably happy lives have no reason to hate.

Maybe that's why deep inside of you, being hated feels too damn good to be bad. How do you stop letting haters get to you? Do you want to be on top of the totem poll or on the bottom with everyone else? You have actively brought forth your point of view on the outside world and it has triggered a reaction from other people that signifies that what you have done has in fact struck a nerve. Take little steps towards your success and you will start seeing haters but in the end, we all say “Haters gonna Hate” so why not let them be as they are and do your work instead of replying to them.

This is the side of motherhood that never gets talked about. What you are doing is outrageous, unbelievable, and probably difficult to relate to.

Image via Google Images. Anger.

The way they react to what you are doing is a reflection of how they feel about their own lives.

So how can I say that we can still make 2020 our year with everything that's going on. Critics reassure us that we are on the right track.


At the end of the day, while it is not good to criticize or be a hater, it is important to have haters as this shows you are on the right path for more success. If you lose friends along the way than the only thing to conclude is that these people were never really your friends to begin with. Your world.

Look at LeBron James and Kanye West, those two men at one point were the 2 most hated men in popular culture. Use other people's hate as fuel and know that this is something that is necessary for success. However, I'm not here to sell snake oil or tell you of a balm from some middle eastern shore, but I am here to say that there is a way for you to make a real and lasting difference in the world.

First we spent most of January waiting for World War 3 to pop off. You should be proud of what you can achieve throughout life.
That is.

I know as women we have to make a lot of sacrifices but one day things will be better. But if you take that energy and channel it into something that makes you work harder to get what you want, you have broken through one of the biggest roadblocks most human beings cannot seem to pass. Sometimes we fantasize about a world with less responsibility.
Not being able to cry in peace, wanting to lay in bed some days and never getting up. They are using their time and attention to talk about you. Lack of time to take care of yourself. Negatively fuelled critics show us who they really are — often-unfulfilled people who are therefore naturally unsupportive of your life’s path. I’m not ashamed to say there were days I wished for a better life.

Days were I feel life just doesn’t have purpose. You need to do what you love and you need to do what makes you happy not what makes others happy. And how to deal with bigger conflict in life you will face these kinds of issues often in life but all you need, Use this to learn how to react when you are in this kind of situation. There are certain moments that you can fight with them but don't buy into their negativity. I guess it’s not a new thing to meet these kinds of people in your life. Haters are immature and want to stay that way even if it means getting in your face.

I've been facing this since college time.

After that coronavirus finally got its time to shine absolutely shutting down the entire world in March, and forced everyone to postpone whatever extravagant plans. You need to stay calm or you will end up wasting your energy on them which will lead to a fight and that’s the only thing they want you to do. This might be difficult but this is the key to success or maintaining inner peace. Dealing with them will teach you how to be positive in a negative environment.

Friends, many Canadians today suffer from success and the trials that come with achieving success… Therefore, in an effort to begin this brand new year on an unhelpful note, I offer these humble insights for the year to come. Expect critics, it’s proof you are growing.” And the ladder of growth is the only place to be. While having haters brings negative energy to your life, they actually offer great benefits to your career. I mean the world is still being affected by corona as I write this right now. It means you are succeeding.

When you have reached a certain level of success or Happiness, You will certainly meet some people who aren’t happy with your success or your mental happiness.

Learning from their attitude will probably make your thoughts more powerful that you should achieve more and learn to accept more pathetic people.

Follow Susie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Having haters is a good thing because it means you're doing something right with your ideas. Remember that the road to success invites a lot of critics so the sooner you know what to take on board and what to release, the better. Success and being happy in life requires you to be hated. When criticism is positively fuelled and constructive, we can improve, learn and grow.

The achievement may not be big but you achieved it that is the thing.

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