For licensing motion picture film footage it is advised to apply directly to the copyright holders. Martians... Wham-O Air Blasters... Are these aliens on a mission to kidnap Santa Claus? (The scientists find Frank, whose body is pretty much burned up now). A few minutes before the end credits, our pseudo-Frankenstein finally meets the Space Monster. Linkara: ...and I think my favorite of the lampshades (looks at a green shade) is this green one right here, and the reason for that is... (suddenly looks around) What? CS: And there you go! Written by During a solo space mission to Mars, NASA astronaut Col. Frank Saunders – who happens to be an experimental android - is shot down by an alien warship. He portrayed Ygor in both The Son of Frankenstein and The Ghost of Frankenstein before going on to play the Monster in Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman. Check out our picks for family friendly movies movies that transcend all ages. (Frank then tries to free Dr. Grant, but the alien guard he had threatened discreetly pulls a lever, opening the cell containing the titular space monster that then attacks Frank while Dr. Grant flees). (Outside of town, Dr. Steele accidentally drives the moped into a mud puddle, getting them stuck). (?) Unfortunately for Female Scientist Lady, the aliens abduct her before she can escape on the moped. (They remove part of his scalp, revealing that half of his brain is electronic). More information is also available about the film collection and the Circulating Film and Video Library. A telephone! Dr. Steele: If he had any bad experiences, he might react violently, out of his built-in self-preservation unit. That's the spaceship they came here in. No, no, no, a telephone. Even in 1965, they had shaky cam nonsense! CS (v/o): When the aliens find a device on the female scientist lady, they demand she explain what the purpose of it is, but the actress decides to clamp up and let this guy [Dr. Nadir] make more faces like he wants to feel her up! Guest. Log in to Reply. Was this review helpful to you? Now, this particular lamp, as you can see–, (Suddenly, he is cut off by static and the screen goes black). Remember, he's a robot, not a man, Karen. Two-Face Meets the Space Monster! I love it. Log in to Reply. CS (v/o): Well, crap, why didn't they call this Santa Claus Meets the Space Monster? Spock's brain was taken, and they need that to control his mindless body. Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster (sometimes stylized as Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster) (1965) is a science fiction cult film, directed by Robert Gaffney and starring Marilyn Hanold, James Karen and Lou Cutell. Obviously, this is a cheap, silly little movie, best enjoyed as a source of derisive laughter. Brain Drain! CS (v/o): Male Scientist Guy... (scoffs) What, you really think I'm gonna bother to learn his name? r/MST3K. CS: But if you want to add a little flavor to your soundtrack, (holds up index finger) don't worry, a James Bond movie could break out at any second. Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster. NAMED FRANK! It's from 1965 and has never been released on video to my knowledge. When an atomic war on Mars destroys the planet's women, it's up to Martian Princess Marcuzan and her right-hand man Dr. Nadir to travel to earth and kidnap women for new breeding stock. (Desperate, Marcuzan and Dr. Nadir try to take off, but Frank shoots the ship's controls, blowing up the ship (via more stock footage)). View production, box office, & company info. Thanks for the video! The film tells the story of a facially-damaged android robot who fights alien invaders. They should be happy! At least Frank landed in Progress Island, USA. Are these aliens on a mission to kidnap Santa Claus? Screw it, I'm drawing it in pen. Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 ou ultérieur, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 ou ultérieur. "Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster" deserves more than the small cult following it has attracted. The film was released in the United Kingdom as Duel of the Space Monsters. Photo by Callum Pulsford . Overview System Requirements Reviews Related. The marauding aliens crash a swingin’ pool party and steal the girls, who are brought aboard their ship to be separated by their lusty attributes and then further frightened by a hairy, skull-faced space monster... Pour laisser une évaluation ou une note, connectez-vous. Dr. Nadir: We continue to hear– (the film garbles and is spliced to a few seconds later) modulated hydrogen frequency signal of 21 centimeters, Princess. He clutches at the side of his head in pain as this happens). (Footage of a woman in a bikini on a beach is shown, while Julie Brown's "'Cause I'm a Blonde" plays in the background). 80s Dan: (waving dismissively) Oh, R.O.B., you don't mean that! CS (v/o): (as reporter) Booze? ... "Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster" This 1965 movie is truly, truly awful. CS (v/o): We've got Lady Frankenstein, Frankenstein Island, Frankenstein 1970, I Was a Teenage Frankenstein, Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks, Frankenstein Conquers the World, Frankenstein's Daughter, Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter, Blackenstein, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl... CS: I never realized that Frankenstein was more popular than Bruce Lee for shoving their name into a title (becomes upset) that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM! It’s intimate, quirky, and contrasts well with the characteristic 60s sci-fi over-use of aluminium foil. It's a snarling monster that reaches out of the cage it's imprisoned in, trying to grab something). Post Mar 22, 2005 #1 2005-03-22T18:12. They'll hear you! Jeremy Lunt . CS (v/o): The scientists locate Frank and examine him. Our site uses technology that is not supported by your browser, so it may not work correctly. I wonder where Karen is now. Dr. Steele: Now, Frank, the men who attacked you were from outer space. The first pilot to leave Earth's atmosphere lands, then vanishes; but something with a craving for blood prowls the countryside... Earth sends a five-man team to explore the frozen planet Uranus, only to find a temperate forest and sultry women from their past on it, courtesy of an alien brain with evil designs. (Cut to the title for Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter, followed by footage of that movie). Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Dr. Steele: Looks worse than it is. CS: Considering the aliens want to breed with all the women, I suddenly have a fear that this is gonna turn into a rape revenge flick! What I’m waiting for rifftrax to do is Dragon Ball, the live action movie. In the United States, it was initially released on a double feature with Curse of the Voodoo. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. A Martian princess and a doctor replace the women on Mars, destroyed by atomic war, by raiding Puerto Rico while a shot down android terrorizes all. Directed by Robert Gaffney. General: We have plenty of men, good men, who are willing to risk their lives in space exploration. Quiet! Baron Frankenstein works with a mental patient to reanimate the dead. It just keeps on bombing! Do ya? And you, too, in the comfort of The Museum of Modern Art, can feel free to yell back at the screen, because Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster now ranks #7 as one of the worst films ever made. Description. Channel Awesome is a FANDOM TV Community. Because just like Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter, the movie's name is a complete lie! By visiting our website or transacting with us, you agree to this. CS: That was the last ten minutes of the movie, by the way, not counting the two minutes of credits, where they just ride around on a moped, just in case you thought the pace of the movie had picked up. Why, they get to have a towel put on them before they're put in the oven, to soak up all the juices, you know. “Frankenstein vs. the Space Monster” is given new life as part of this year’s Anywhere Festival, and it’s about as weird as it sounds. So anyway, I was talking about this green light... (The screen goes black as we go to commercial. Linkara: Hello, and welcome to Atop the Light Bulb, where bad lights burn out. CS (v/o): Oh, good, we can add more scenes to the padding: aliens abducting women! CS (v/o): They launch Frank up into space, but the aliens, thinking the rocket is headed towards them, shoot it and force Frank to crash in Puerto Rico. CS: I don't know who the hell you are! Frank's electronic brain and the left half of his face are damaged after encountering a trigger-happy Martian and his ray gun. They never look at each other when they're talking. Something like, ‘I’m tired of seeing bad stuff. CS (v/o): Oh, God dammit! 79 min. CS: "El telefono" is Spanish for "telephone". 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CS (v/o): ...reports that they failed to find Frank. Basquiat didn’t stick around long enough to see the Club 57 moviegoing aesthetic co-opted by the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000. R.O.B. Make sure more people can spot you! (sound of canned cheering is heard as 80s Dan smiles at the camera), 80s Dan: Oh, I just stopped by to see if you had any batteries for Rob here. (Cut to a clip of the MST3K gang watching Progress Island U.S.A.) Mike and the Bots: Puerto Rico! Miller Time: Robocop vs. the Terminator 1, 15 Things That Are Wrong With Identity Crisis. CS (v/o): Does adding the word "Frankenstein" to your movie really get that much more business? Dr. Nadir: Let us go and observe the... (chuckles a sinister chuckle) purification. CS (v/o): (as Dr. Steele) What I'm trying to say is that he is an android, but me?

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