Click Here to Buy Enacfire E18 Plus Earbuds, Hey guys, I know what you’re thinking, “didn’t you just review this same pair of headphones?”. Below is a list of everything that is supplied in the box for you to check out. The moment they are pulled from the carrying case, they activate and you can pair for the first time from your device. These earbuds are truly impressive at their price point. If for any reason your Bluetooth connection fails or there is a problem loading, you may simply just need to reset the earbuds Bluetooth connectivity. Note: It does not happen that often, but higher priced earbuds tend to do this much less often and for that reason I have lowered the score here. From having CVC 8.0 noise cancelling to a little technology called APTX, which delivers quality sound to your ears, these true wireless earbuds do sound good and definitely desire some attention. Like we said above, the base isn’t super deep like you get from a set of Bose earbuds. Great variety of products under $50 for you to choose from. But don’t just take our word for it, do the research and make your own choice. When it comes to charging the case, you will find that a case charge will take about 1 hour. Now turn your Bluetooth device back on. Enacfire E18 Plus has everything you need in an earbud. Are these Enacfire E18 Earbuds Waterproof? and the E18 Plus at first — but trust me, they’re different. Lastly, you will get 48 hours of battery life from a single charge of the case which isn’t poor at all. Click here to read our review of the regular Enacfire E18, […] you’re looking for the absolute best Bluetooth earbuds under $50, you just found them. They look great and have solid sound quality for their price. How Do You Wear Enacfire Earbuds Like a Pro? The advantage of the Enacfire Future Plus lies in its incredible 25x charge battery that will keep you going for approximately 100 hours. The carrying case is made of aluminum, extremely light, and has magnetic grip with the earbuds to charge. So check out the specs and see how they sound and make your own decision on these fantastic truly wireless earbuds. They come equipped with their own hand’s free calling system, which is called Stereo call mode. The ENACFIRE E18s are a very affordable option for premium wireless earbuds comparable to wireless earbuds at much higher price points. This is great for the workplace or when walking around as it can be charged on the go with minimal downtime. What do you get with a Set of Enacfire E18 Plus Headphones? The difference in audio quality between the ENACFIRE E18 and the upgraded ENACFIRE Future Plus is minimal, but a difference is noticed when you consider that the bluetooth connection between the Future Plus earbuds cuts out about half as often as it does with the ENACFIRE E18s. You are presented with a modern-looking charging case when you open the box. Enacfire even shows them underwater, so for the sake of this review, we tested this too. For the price, the sound quality is a bargain. Inside the stylish case, you will find your brand new Enacfire E18 earbuds. Grab yours today and love their great sound tomorrow thanks to fast shipping. Lastly, let’s check out the bass. A full charge of both earphones will take around 1 hour. How long does it take to Charge Enacfire E18 Bluetooth Earbuds? Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Enacfire E18 All-around Sound Quality and Performance Review. Mic for calls: Yes, with cVc 8.0 noise canceling. The charging time for these truly wireless earbuds is one of the best when compared to the charging time of the other earbuds that are out there. For a budget pair of wireless earbuds, the Enacfire E18 absolutely does hit the mark. It undoubtedly comes down to what you are wanting from them and how big your budget is. It features lower quality audio and much lower battery life. That being the case, everybody has a different interpretation of what a great brand is. Bluetooth wireless headphones come in all kinds of sizes and prices. Simply answer on your phone or click one of the buttons on the earbuds and you will be connected to your clear sound cancelled call. These earbuds have style. The soft rubber covers on the wireless earbuds make these extremely comfortable to wear for extended duration. Your brand new Enacfire E18 earbuds plus built-in battery, A nice sized wireless charging case, small enough to slide conveniently into your pocket, An amazing 9 different sized tips set for your headphones, A USB charging pad cable for wireless charging, They give you a Welcome, Thank you for purchasing and a Warranty card too, just in case you need it, And lastly, an instruction booklet to read. Overall, the sleek looking charging case and the premium look of the earbuds gets the ENACFIRE E18s a high score in the design consideration of this review. When you insert the earbud into your ear, you will need to make sure that it is snug and that the earbud fits down into your ear lobe. The real battery life comes from the carrying case’s ability to charge the earbuds 4-5 times before having to charge it again. The magnetic grip makes it extremely easy to place them on the leads of the battery to charge. Check out our legal disclaimer for more information. We are going to show you the ins and outs of the Enacfire Plus portable earbuds and why they are such an underrated pro product for the price. A total playback time of 48 hours is simply unheard of and nonexistent for earbuds at this price point. Once this is achieved and the earbud is snugly sitting in your ear, give it a few minutes and see how you feel. These have both a familiar feel as other earbuds, but with a little extra style and utility. What are the Best Reasonably Priced Wireless Earbuds? Just check out their product reviews. The ENACFIRE E18 True Wireless Earbuds come in a very clean carrying case with a metallic exterior and convenient transparent cover to see the charging light of the battery pack. The biggest pro of the older E18 model is the lower price point. Enacfire has made a great attempt at satisfaction and always trying to reply quickly. It looks like they have succeeded.You can observe this from a lot of the online reviews as well. Purchases made through links on this site may earn a small commission. Enacfire E18 Plus earbuds are relatively easy to insert into your ears as well as comfortable to wear. And again, we found no distortion, even with the earbuds playing at full volume. Battery Life: 8 hours nonstop playback on a single charge. This pair of headphones is the new-and-improved upgraded version of the regular E18 earbuds, at a slightly higher price point. Simply turn on your device’s bluetooth. Wireless Earbuds with the Longest Battery life, Bluetooth wireless headphones come in all kinds of sizes, Klipsch McLaren Bluetooth Earbuds T5 II True Wireless Sport Edition By Klipsch and McLaren, Battery Care for Maximum Bluetooth Speaker Life, Bluetooth 4.2 vs 5.0 vs 5.1 All You Need to Know. The run-time may seem similar to the Enacfire E18s, but the Future Plus shines with its 25x charge capacity battery carrying case! by The Best Portable Speakers | Mar 12, 2020. How long does it take to Charge the Battery case? The amount of accessories including different sized ear tips that come in the box is by far one of the best we have seen. Enacfire Future Plus Vs Enacfire E18 Plus Enacfire Future Plus Specs & Features: IPX8 waterproof, Bluetooth 5.0, 4-hours per charge (totally 104 H with portable charging case), deep bass, smart pairing, easy control with on-ear control multifunction, the … The design is very similar to the ENACFIRE E18 with some minor differences. In fact, Enacfire E18 are excellent wireless Bluetooth headphones for audio and we are going to show you why right here in this review.

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