B. In each utility's pilot program, excess electricity shall be credited to the metered account of the target municipal customer in the same municipality, such that the generation energy charges on the electric bills of such target's metered accounts shall be reduced by the amount of the excess generation kilowatt-hours apportioned to the metered accounts multiplied by the applicable generation energy rate of the target's accounts. Is located on a single parcel of land. In the fifth year of the five-year period, the demand charges shall not exceed $1 per kilowatt of distribution demand and $1 per kilowatt of supply demand. "Energy efficiency measures" does not include energy conservation measures to improve the energy efficiency of (i) premises constructed within five years prior to an eligible customer's request to participate in an on-bill tariff program or (ii) premises that are under initial construction. J. Nothing in this section shall limit the Commission's authority, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 10 (§ 56-232 et seq. 942, 991; 2001, c. 748; 2004, c. 827; 2007, cc. The motion shall include a compliance filing with conforming changes to the participating utility's applicable rate schedules. Points can be used on local shopping deals, dining, daily deals, travel, and even gift cards. Upon the Commission's granting of the motion, the pilot program shall become a regular rate schedule of the participating utility. 2020, cc. "Generating capacity" means an electrical generation facility's nameplate rated capacity measured in direct current megawatts. 2. After the transition date for a given class of customers, only the following restrictions shall apply to the capacity of a net energy metering electrical generating facility: a. May not be redeemed for cash. Notwithstanding the provisions of § 56-585.1, the Commission shall not grant an enhanced rate of return to a Phase II Utility for the construction of one or more new utility-owned and utility-operated generating facilities utilizing energy derived from offshore wind and located off the Commonwealth's Atlantic shoreline pursuant to this section. In each utility's pilot program, the target accounts may be at one or more other separately utility-metered public buildings or facilities at contiguous or noncontiguous sites owned by the municipality and used for a public purpose; however, if the pilot program is conducted by a Phase I Utility, target accounts may also be at one or more other separately utility-metered buildings or facilities of the public school division of the municipality. The aggregate level of qualifying invested or committed capital under clauses (i) and (ii) is referred to in this subdivision as the customer credit reinvestment offset, which offsets the customer bill credit amount that the utility has invested or will invest in new solar or wind generation facilities or electric distribution grid transformation projects for the benefit of customers, in amounts up to 100 percent of earnings that are more than 70 basis points above the utility's fair rate of return on its generation and distribution services, and thereby reduce or eliminate otherwise incremental rate adjustment clause charges and increases to customer bills, which is deemed to be in the public interest. Notwithstanding any provision of this section that incorporates provisions of § 56-594, the seller and the customer shall elect either to (i) enter into their third party power purchase agreement subject to the conditions and provisions of the Pilot Utility's net energy metering program under § 56-594 or (ii) provide that electricity generated from the generation facilities subject to the third party power purchase agreement will not be net metered under § 56-594, provided that an election not to net meter under § 56-594 shall not exempt the third party power purchase agreement and the parties thereto from the requirements of this section that incorporate provisions of § 56-594; 3. 6. In lieu of adopting new regulations, the Commission may amend such existing regulations to apply to electric cooperatives with such revisions as are required to comply with the provisions of this section. A cooperative offering electric energy provided 100 percent from renewable energy pursuant to this subdivision that involves the retirement of renewable energy certificates shall disclose to its retail customers who express an interest in purchasing energy pursuant to such tariff (i) that the renewable energy is comprised of the retirement of renewable energy certificates, (ii) the identity of the entity providing the renewable energy certificates, and (iii) the sources of renewable energy being offered. 1. The role of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership in conducting the pilot program is to certify that up to three petitions within the certificated service territory of each Pilot Utility addresses the eligibility criteria for participation in the pilot program set forth in § 56-576 and in this section. In exercising its authority under the provisions of this section and under § 56-90, the Commission shall have no authority to regulate, on a cost-of-service basis or other basis, the price at which generation assets or their equivalent are made available for default service purposes. Just and reasonable net stranded costs, to the extent that they exceed zero value in total for the incumbent electric utility, shall be recoverable by each incumbent electric utility provided each incumbent electric utility shall only recover its just and reasonable net stranded costs through either capped rates as provided in § 56-582. 37, 599; 2016, c. 3; 2017, cc. However, any person subject to the requirements of subsection D that is also subject to the requirements of Chapter 5 of this title may be exempted from compliance with the requirements of Chapter 5 of this title. 3. "Supplier" means any generator, distributor, aggregator, broker, marketer, or other person who offers to sell or sells electric energy to retail customers and is licensed by the Commission to do so, but it does not mean a generator that produces electric energy exclusively for its own consumption or the consumption of an affiliate. I’ve been a Spark customer for several years. "Falling water" means hydroelectric resources, including run-of-river generation from a combined pumped-storage and run-of-river facility. If a Phase I or Phase II Utility serves customers in more than one jurisdiction, such utility shall recover all of the costs of compliance with the RPS Program requirements from its Virginia customers through the applicable cost recovery mechanism, and all associated energy, capacity, and environmental attributes shall be assigned to Virginia to the extent that such costs are requested but not recovered from any system customers outside the Commonwealth. Energy Regulation. An electric cooperative may publish and use its own forms, including an electronic form, for purposes of implementing the regulations described herein so long as the information collected on the Commission's form is also collected by the cooperative and submitted to the Commission. E. A transmission line project that is found to meet the criteria of subsection D shall be deemed to satisfy the requirements of subsection B of § 56-46.1 with respect to a finding of the Commission that the line is needed.

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